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 Senshi: Sailor Moon

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Moon   9/29/2014, 10:02 pm

General Information

Name:  Tsukino Usagi
Gender:  Female
Age and Date of Birth:  14-16 : June 30th

Appearance:  Usagi is always seen with her long, blonde hair tied up into two buns (odangoes) at the top of her head.  The length reaches down to her ankles.  Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, and she has a pale complexion.  When not crying or screaming in fear, Usagi is always smiling.  Her height reaches a short 4'11", and she has a thin figure.  Other than her typical red, white, and blue school uniform, her clothing style is rather girlish.  She likes to wear skirts, blouses, and patterned shirts, along with the occasional coverall getup.

Personality:  Usagi is often stereotyped as a clumsy crybaby.  She is constantly getting into arguments with Hino Rei, and doesn't like when things don't go her way.  She is rather nosy, and has a stubborn streak.  School is definitely not one of her strong points, and she is constantly arriving late and receiving detentions.  She doesn't like studying, and would rather spend her time reading manga.  Cooking is also one of her weak points.  Sleeping, eating, and going to the arcade are among her favorite things to do. She hates thunderstorms, and doesn't cope well with them on her own.  Despite all of her negative aspects, Usagi is one of the greatest friends you could ask for.  She will never turn her back on her friends, and she is always there for them to depend on.  The love she has for her friends and family is what pushes her to be brave and strong during battle.  When not whining or falling over herself, Usagi is always seen with a smile on her face.  She is always trying to see the good in others, and doesn't believe that all evil should be destroyed.  Usagi goes by the philosophy of evil being cured instead of killed.  This desire is granted by many of Usagi's attacks as a senshi.  To Usagi, everyone deserves a second chance, and she hates to see others unhappy or in pain.  She is sensitive, but knows that she always has her friends that she can count on.  She dreams of becoming the great Queen that her original mother once was, and hopes to lead her fellow senshi with grace and wisdom (although that doesn't always work out for her).  She is capable of making friends in the blink of an eye, and would never try and hurt the ones she loves.  When the moment arises, Usagi is capable of stepping up and fighting for what she knows is right.  As she grows older, her clumsiness and immaturity lessens, and she begins to grow into a much more intelligent and brave young woman.  The older she gets, the better she becomes at assuming her future title as queen.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:  Usagi is a very avid runner, because of her years of practice trying to get to school on time.  She is also a very advanced discus thrower, and a prime snorer.  She is also capable of consuming crazy amounts of food.  On the Moon, Usagi was one of the best ice skaters in the universe, and that talent seemed to carry with her on Earth.  She also posseses the ability to wield the Imperium Silver Crsytal - the most powerful item in the universe.

History:  Thousands of years ago, Princess Serenity lived on the Moon with her mother, Queen Serenity.  She was brought up to follow her mother's footsteps, so that she may one day rule as queen.  Her sailor senshi were all princesses of their own planets, and her lover was the Prince of Earth, Endymion.  This love was forbidden, and piqued the anger of one named Beryl.  With the aid of Metaria, Beryl turned Endymion's Shittenou against him and attacked the Moon, winning the battle easily.  Endymion died protecting his princess, and out of heartbreak, the princess had killed herself.  Knowing that their lives were not supposed to end in this manner, Queen Serenity used the Imperium Silver Crystal to send her daughter and everyone else who had perished to a much happier, brighter future on Earth.  She sealed away Beryl and her followers, but she knew that one day they would break free.  Because of this, Queen Serenity assigned two felines, Luna and Artemis, the task of finding the senshi and the Moon Princess so that they may defeat Beryl and Metaria. 
     A thousand years later, the reborn Princess Serenity existed as the fourteen-year-old Tsukino Usagi.  Usagi had been taking a nap after a long day of middle school when her guardian cat, Luna, woke her up.  The feline had claimed Usagi to be a Guardian of Justice, and had gifted her with a beautiful brooch.  Thinking it was all a dream, Usagi followed the instructions of the cat and yelled, "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!"  This allowed her to transform into Sailor Moon and save her best friend, Osaka Naru, from the wrath of an evil monster.  Unfortunately for Usagi, she discovered the next day that becoming Sailor Moon was not a dream, and it was her duty to find her fellow senshi and the Moon Princess so that they may protect her from the Dark Kingdom's clutches.  Since becoming a senshi, Usagi has also discovered that she is indeed the Moon Princess, and with the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal, she has defeated countless enemies.  These enemies include the Dark Kingdom, the Makaiju, the Black Moon Clan, the Death Busters, the Dead Moon Circus, and the Sailor Animamates under the control of Sailor Galaxia.  She has also discovered that she is destined to become Neo Queen Serenity of the 30th century, and that she is to marry Chiba Mamoru and have a child. 

Other Noteworthy Facts:  Usagi's blood type is O, and her star sign is Cancer.  

Senshi Information

Senshi Name:  Sailor Moon
Realm of Influence:  Light & Healing
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: 
Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!
Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up!
Moon Crisis, Make-Up!
Moon Eternal, Make-Up!
Senshi Fuku:  
Prism Sailor Moon - The basic colors of Sailor Moon's fuku are red, white, and blue.  The leotard is white, with a blue pleated skirt extending several inches down her thighs.  A red bow sits in the middle of the chest, with her circular Transformation Brooch in the center.  Another red bow extends from the back of her skirt.  Her collar is blue, with two white lines trimming the edges.  The gloves she wears extend to her elbows, and are purely white with a red trim on the elbows.  Her heeled boots reach up to her knees, and they match the red shade of her bows.  A white trim is at the top of the boots, and a golden crescent moon is in the center of the trim.  Her long hair is in its regular odango fashion, but while transformed, two red jewels trimmed in white are placed on each odango.  A golden tiara adorns her forehead, with an oval-shaped red jewel in the center.  Completing the golden ensemble, two crescent moon-shaped earrings hang from her ears, and a red choker with a golden crescent moon in the center surrounds her neck.

Crystal Sailor Moon - The same appearance as "Prism Sailor Moon," but with the circular Crystal Star in the center of the front bow instead of the Transformation Brooch.

Cosmic Sailor Moon - The same appearance as "Prism Sailor Moon," but with the heart-shaped Cosmic Heart Compact in the center of the front bow instead of the Transformation Brooch.  Also, the tiara on her forehead has a golden crescent moon in the center instead of a red jewel, and her choker necklace has a golden heart in the center instead of a crescent moon. 

Crisis Sailor Moon - The leotard of this fuku is white, with a white pleated skirt that is trimmed in a blue, with a yellow trim above the blue trim.  A golden belt trims the top of the skirt, and a replica of the Crisis Moon Compact is in the center of the front of the belt.  A red bow is placed at the center of the chest, with the real Crisis Moon Compact in the center.  A blue collar extends from the bow, with two lines of white near the edges.  The sleeves are made from three sheer white layers, and only reach about half the length of Sailor Moon's bicep.  The bow at the back of her skirt is ivory, and trails all the way down to her ankles.  Her boots are still red and knee-length, with a white trim and a golden crescent moon in the center of the trim.  The gloves are also the same, made from white fabric with red trim at the elbows.  The jewels on her odangoes remain, but with this transformation also comes two wing-shaped barrettes, one on each side of Sailor Moon's head.  Her tiara is gold with a golden crescent moon in the center, and her choker necklace is yellow with a red heart in the center. 

Eternal Sailor Moon - The leotard of this fuku is white, with a skirt that is made from three different pleated layers.  The top layer is yellow, the middle layer is red, and the bottom layer is blue.  A red belt surrounds the yellow layer, and a golden crescent moon is in the middle of the belt.  Instead of a typical bow in the center, a small pair of wings extend around six inches from the center of Sailor Moon's chest, and the Eternal Moon Article is placed in the center of the wings.  The sleeves are short, pink, and puffy, with a red trim on the bottom.  The blue collar extends from the miniature wings on Sailor Moon's chest, and has two lines of gold near the edges.  Replacing the typical bow at the back, two long red ribbons extend from the back of her skirt, reaching Sailor Moon's ankles.  A large pair of snowy white wings extend from Sailor Moon's backside.  The heeled boots are white, with a red trim and a golden crescent moon in the center of the trim.  The gloves are also white, with a red trim at the elbows and wrists.  The red jewels on her odangoes remain the same, along with the wing-shaped barrettes on the top of her head.  However, instead of having a tiara, Sailor Moon simply has a golden crescent moon, the mark of the Moon Princess, on her forehead.  The earrings are golden, and are shaped like a crescent moon with a star attached to the bottom.  The choker necklace is red, with a golden heart in the center.  A golden crescent moon is attached to the bottom of the heart.

Princess Serenity - The dress worn by her highness Serenity is made with two ivory-colored layers.  Both layers flare out and ruffle at the ends.  The top layer reaches the middle of Serenity's calves, while the bottom layer reaches the ground.  A line of gold beads trims the bottom of Serenity's bust, while a line of golden rings trims the square neckline.  The sleeves are short and puffy, and are designed to look like they are swirled.  A lilac bow is tied at the small of her back, trailing down to her ankles.  Serenity's hair is in its trademark odango fashion, with two white pearl barrettes on each side of her head.  Golden swirling earrings hang from her ears, and a golden pearl bracelet dangles from her wrist.  The mark of the Royal Moon Family, a golden crescent moon, is on her forehead.

Neo Queen Serenity - The 30th century queen wears a snowy white dress that is almost like a mermaid-style dress. The fabric clings to Serenity's torso and hips, then begins to fan out as it reaches the top of her knees.  Two lines of golden pearls trim the bottom of Serenity's bust, and a line of golden rings trim the top of the gown.  The gown is sleeveless, and there is a large lilac bow that resembles a pair of wings at the top of Serenity's back.  The bottom of the bow extends all the way down Sernity's dress, framing it in graceful waves.  Her hair is longer than in the twentieth century, this time reaching the floor.  It is in its trademark odango hairstyle, and a golden crown sits atop her head.  The crown is lined with glittering pink and purple jewels, and a large crimson jewel shaped like a heart is in the center.  The mark of the Royal Moon Family, a golden crescent moon, is on her forehead.

Moon Tiara Action! - This attack is used to "moon dust" enemies.  To activate it, Sailor Moon removes her tiara from her head, transforming it into a glowing white discus.  Saying the previously mention attack phrase, she hurls the tiara at the enemy, thus destroying it.  This is one of her attacks that actually destroy an enemy without healing it.  However, it is only effective against weaker enemies.  Available in every form except for Eternal Sailor Moon.

Moon Tiara Magic! - This attack is similar to "Moon Tiara Action," but instead of destroying the enemy, the tiara turns into a giant ring that traps the targeted enemy.  Only effective against weaker enemies.  Available in every form except for Eternal Sailor Moon.

Moon Tiara Stardust! - This attack is similar to "Moon Tiara Action," but instead of destroying an enemy, the tiara is used to release brainwashed individuals from the control of evil.  When thrown by Sailor Moon, the tiara spreads stardust over the inflicted victims and cures them of their memory loss.

Sailor Moon Kick! - A physical attack used to inflict temporary damage/shock to an enemy.  Shouting the phrase, Sailor Moon leaps into the air and delivers a powerful kick to her enemy.  Available in every form.

Sailor Planet Power! - This attack can only be used if Sailor Moon is with her senshi.  To perform it, the five girls join hands and focus their energy, aiming to destroy their target.  By combining their powers, the senshi send a burst of energy upwards so that it may strike their target with an immense force.  Available in every form.

Double Moon Kick! - This attack is identical to "Sailor Moon Kick," but this attack is done with the aid of Sailor Chibi Moon.  Available only when Sailor Chibi Moon is present.

Supersonic Waves - When Sailor Moon is in distress and resorts to crying, the jewels on her odangoes emit high-frequency supersonic waves that make it difficult for the enemy to attack.  Unfortunately, this ability also effects Sailor Moon's allies.  Available in every form.

Moon Healing Escalation! - Used by Queen Serenity to heal all of those who were harmed during the Silver Millenium, this ability allows Sailor Moon to heal those who are hurt or turned into youma.  Raising the Moon Stick into the air, Sailor Moon would shout the respectful phrase and move the stick in a wide, circular motion as it left a trail of glitter.  Because the Silver Crystal is attached, rays of light emanate from the stick when used.  Only available to Prism Sailor Moon.

Moon Princess Halation! - This attack is performed with the use of the Cutie Moon Rod.  By waving the rod in the air, Sailor Moon says the respectful phrase and swirls of crimson glitter emanate from the tip.  A large crescent moon flies out from the rod, making contact with the targeted enemy and ridding the world of its evil ways.  Available only to Crystal Sailor Moon.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack! - Using the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Sailor Moon spins at a very fast pace, almost like an ice skater would.  Lowering down so that her knees are fully bent, she finishes saying the attack phrase and stops spinning, landing with one knee on the ground and the other leg extended outwards.  The arm holding the Spiral Heart Moon Rod is extending upwards, and the rod releases a multiple swirls of hearts.  The enemy targeted is hit with one giant heart, which shatters once in contact with the enemy and causes the target to parish.  Available only in Cosmic Moon form.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! - Using the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Sailor Moon will perform the same procedure that she would with "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"  Only this time, upon landing, a stream of crimson hearts will pour from the Cutie Moon Rod, attacking the targeted enemy with more power than a Spiral Heart Attack.  Only available to Crisis Sailor Moon.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation! - This attack can only be used once Pegasus has been summoned.  Using the Kaleidomoon Scope, Sailor Moon releases a blast of energy that resembles shattered glass.  Available only to Crisis Sailor Moon, when Pegasus is summoned.  

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss! - This ability is one that is used to heal instead of to destroy.  Using her Eternal Tiare, Sailor Moon will call out the respectful phrase as she spins, raising the tiare above her head.  Bright pink light emanates from the crystal on top of the Tiare, and thus restores a Phage to their original human form. Available only to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss! - Sailor Moon's most powerful attack.  To activate it, an item resembling the Holy Moon Chalice appears, and soon the top and base of the item would disappear, leaving only a small, round, winged compact.  With a flurry of feather, Sailor Moon would then attach this compact to the bottom of her Eternal Tiare, causing the Tiare to extend to double its original length.  This transforms the Tiare into the Moon Power Tiare.  Sailor Moon takes the new Tiare and moves it to each side of her body, posing regally as she did so.  She then would hold the Tiare in front of her and begin shouting the respectful phrase.  As she did so, feathers would swirl around her as the Tiare began to flash with rays of golden light.  Upon reaching the finally word of the attack phrase, Sailor Moon would raise the Tiare above her head as golden light radiated in all directions.  It is used to defeat enemies of Galaxia's court.  Only available to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Silver Moon Crystal Power! - When shouting the respectful phrase, Sailor Moon's Moon Power Tiare extends to become a staff and releases an extremely powerful golden light.  Available only to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Weapons or Magical Items:  

Moon Tiara - This is the golden tiara that is placed on Sailor Moon's forehead.  She uses it to dust her weaker enemies with the phrase "Moon Tiara Action!" Available to all forms except for Eternal Sailor Moon.

Disguise Pen - This item looks just like any regular pen.  The main color is bubblegum pink, with a ring of gold about three inches from the tip.  Another ring of gold is at the opposite end, but this ring is attached to a small golden crown that holds a large crimson jewel inside.  This item allows Usagi to transform into whatever she desires.  Available any time.

Moon Stick - This item is bubblegum pink, and has a large crescent moon on top.  Embedded on the bottom of the crescent moon is the Imperium Silver Crystal.  

Cutie Moon Rod -  This rod is about the size of Usagi's forearm, and is shaded a light crimson.  At the top of the rod is a heart formed from gold, and within the heart is a large red jewel.  Behind this piece is a set of small golden wings, and on top of the piece is a large, golden crescent moon.  Small red jewels are placed within the gold of the crescent.  Attached to the inside of the crescent is a large, crimson sphere that makes it seem like it is physically a part of the crescent moon.  And on top of the entire item is a tiny crimson heart.  Available only to Crystal Sailor Moon.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod - A pink rod that extends to the length of Sailor Moon's forearm.  Two golden stars are etched towards the top of the rod, and above them is a separate section of the rod that is a golden color.  In the center of the small new section is a yellow crescent moon, and in the back is a matching yellow bow.  On top of this section is the main part of the rod:  a large red heart.  This heart is trimmed in gold, and has a oval-shaped diamond in the center.  A small golden crown rests on top of the heart, with a crescent moon carved in the center.  Available only to Cosmic Sailor Moon.

Kaleidomoon Scope - The handle of this powerful weapon is crimson, and has two crimson metal pieces coming out of the top forming a heart.  A golden sphere sits atop the handle, and carved into it is a crescent moon.  A pink jewel sits in the center of the sphere, with the crescent moon wrapped around it.  On the left and right side of the sphere are two pink chiffon wings.  Atop the sphere is a small golden crown, which holds the foot-long bubblegum-pink rod.  At the top of the rod is another miniature golden crown, and atop the crown is a bubble-gum pink sphere.  Available only to Crisis Sailor Moon.

Eternal Tiare - A spherical crimson jewel connects to a white rod with circles carved into the metal.  Halfway up the rod is a crimson chevron-shaped connector that attaches the bottom of the white rod to the top of the white rod.  At the top of the rod in a crimson pair of wings, and these wings hold the main part of the tiare: the large, spherical crimson jewel.  This jewel has another smaller jewel on top of it, and two golden pieces form a heart around the large jewel, holding it in place.  This rod is capable of transforming.  Only available to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Holy Moon Chalice - This item resembles a trophy.  The base is colored crimson, and is attached to a porcelain shaft.  On both sides of the shaft is handle-shaped porcelain that connects to pearl-colored wings.  In the center of the wings is a large circular pendant with a star in the center.  The rim of the pendant is crimson, and each point of the star is shaded so that it corresponds to the five inner senshi:  Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.  The center of the star is made of pink crystal.  At the top of the pendant is a miniature golden crown.  Available only to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Moon Power Tiare - This object is a combination of the Eternal Tiare and the Holy Moon Chalice.  The bottom portion of the rod resembles the Eternal Tiare's rod, and it is connected to the pendant found on the Holy Moon Chalice.  This pendant is connected to the top half of the rod, which is the same as the rod on the Eternal Tiare as well.  At the top of the rod is a crimson pair of wings with a crimson heart in the center, and connected to that is that trademark crimson jewel found on the Eternal Tiare.  Only available to Eternal Sailor Moon.

Imperium Silver Crystal - This crystal is the source of Sailor Moon's energy and power.  It is fed by the love she has for her family and friends, and grows stronger along with this love.  It takes on many different forms and shapes, including a sphere, a a star seed, a pyramidal crystal, and a lotus flower.  It typically resides within Sailor Moon's transformation item.  The only exception is Crystal Sailor Moon, in which the crystal is attached to the Moon Stick.  The silver color is a given.  It is the most powerful item in the universe, and can cause the death of Sailor Moon herself if she uses it to its full extent.  

Transformation Brooch - This is Sailor Moon's first transformation item, given to her by Luna.  It is made of gold, and has a crescent moon carved into its center.  A large bubblegum pink stone is placed above the crescent moon, and four colored gemstones line the edge of the brooch.  Each gemstone corresponds to each of Sailor Moon's inner senshi: red, blue, orange, and green.  It is activated by the phrase, "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!"  Used to transform into Prism Sailor Moon, this brooch is typically placed in the center of the bow on Usagi's school uniform.

Crystal Star - This compact is a bubblegum pink color, with a golden trim.  A large golden star covers the lid, and in the center of the star is a bubblegum pink jewel.  Surrounding the jewel is a golden crescent moon.  On each side of the crescent moon (top, bottom, left, right), there is a stone that corresponds to one of Sailor Moon's inner senshi.  Used to transform into Crystal Sailor Moon, this compact is typically placed in the center of the bow on Usagi's school uniform.

Cosmic Heart Compact - This compact is what Sailor Moon uses to transform.  It also houses the Imperium Silver Crystal.  It is shaped like a red heart, with a shining golden trim.  A tiny golden crown seems to be carved at the top of the heart, with a red jewel in the center of it.  Used to transform into Cosmic Sailor Moon, this compact typically sits in the center of the bow on Usagi's school uniform.

Crisis Moon Compact - This compact looks like a winged heart.  The trim of the heart and the wings are made of gold, and the heart is made of pink crystal.  In the center, a golden crescent moon surrounds a circular pink crystal.  A golden and pink piece resembling a crown on top of the heart, and a golden crescent moon is on top of the crown. Used to transform into Crisis Sailor Moon, this compact typically sits in the center of the bow on Usagi's school uniform.

Eternal Moon Article - Like the Crisis Moon Compact, this article resembles a winged heart. The wings are made of white porcelain, and are attached to the bottom of the large, golden heart. The trim of the heart is quite thick, and placed in equal distance from each other are nine stones, each colored to represent all of the inner and outer senshi.  The area of the heart inside the trim seems to be mad of golden crystal.  Replacing the "point" of the heart is a circular golden crystal surrounded by a golden crescent moon. Atop the heart is a small golden sphere, topped by an even smaller golden crescent moon.  Used to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon, this article is typically placed in the center of the bow on Usagi's school uniform.
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Moon   9/29/2014, 10:27 pm

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Senshi: Sailor Moon

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