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 Senshi: Sailor Mars

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Mars   Senshi: Sailor Mars Empty9/10/2014, 9:35 pm

General Information

Name: Rei Hino
Age: 14-16 
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 17
Rei is a beautiful young woman with long dark hair reaching to her waist that appears to be purple when the sun hits it, and gorgeous, expressive purple eyes. Her school uniform consists of a grey skirt, with a long sleeved white blouse. She has a red bow on the front which connects to the collar of her uniform, which is the same grey as her skirt. The collar has a red stripe on it. She wears white knee high socks with black shoes. As she is a Miko priestess at a Shinto shrine. Her outfit consists of a pair of red hakama, and a white haori. When she is not wearing her school uniform, her miko outfit, or her Senshi outfit, Rei prefers to dress comfortably while still paying attention to the fashions of the time. 

She is hot blooded, strong-willed and at times can be bossy but she always means well. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, especially Sailor Moon/Usagi. She is incredibly determined and has a strong sense of justice. She bickers with her friends and loves to tease them. Sailor Mars is also incredibly capablof being a stoic, serious individual when the situation calls for it. She does not involve herself from men, going so far as to swear them off for life. This may due in part to her estrangement from her politician father. She can also be reserved at times, not wanting to worry her friends with her problems. She also shares a strong bond with Minako, both of them relying on each other for emotional support and the desire to protect their princess. 

Rei lives at a Hikawa Shrine, a Shinto shrine, where she works as a priestess after school and on weekends. She attends T.A Private Girls School, an expensive and elite school. Her mother died when she was young and her father is a famous politician, who is more concerned about his career than he is with her. 
When her powers awoke when she was 14, she made close friends with the other inner senshi, who she loves and continues to be friends with to this day. She has a special bond with her princess, Usagi, in which they do bicker and fight, but love each other dearly. She also shares a close bond with Minako, the two girls relying on each other emotionally to be able to get through the hard times. 

Special Abilities
Psychic Powers Perhaps due to her being a Shinto Priestess, Rei is able to do fire readings, use Ofuda Scrolls to vanquish evil, and receive premonitions of things to come. She is also very spiritually aware, perhaps more so than even Sailor Neptune.
Archery As with most Mikos, Rei is excellent in archery and uses this skill in one of her attacks, Mars Flame Sniper. 
Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Mars

Mars Power, Make up!
Mars Star Power, Make Up!
Mars Planet Power, Make Up!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!
Sailor Mars’s colours are a red with purple for the front bow. There is a red round button on her front bow.  Her gloves are white, with a red cuff at the end, which ends at her elbow. Her shoes are red with small heels on them. She wears red star earrings. 
Super Upgrade: Her colours remain the same with her super upgrade. She now sports a yellow star on her choker. The button on her front bow is now a heart instead of a circle and the bow on the back is longer. Her earrings remain the same. 
Eternal Upgrade: Her tiara has changed, where she has a red star instead of an oval gem. Her earrings have remained the same. The star on her choker has remained the same, however, her boots are now knee length and white, with the top of them have a star with a red rim, and she wears a red belt with a star that connects to the top of her skirt. Her collar now has a gold strip instead of a white one. Her sleeves are transparent pink, forming a puffy circle, which ends in a 2-tier cuff. Her gloves have remained the same. There is now a red star on her front bow and her back bow has shortened and is now pink in colour, and now has long red ribbons that extend from it. Her second tier of her skirt is the same pink as her back bow. 
Weapons or Items:

Transformation Pen- Allows her to transform
Communication Device- allows her to communicate with the other senshi. 
Ofuda Scrolls- she uses these both in her civilian form and in her attacks as Sailor Mars to help vanish evil. 
Guardian (if needed): Luna and Artemis
History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight
In the Silver Millennium, Rei Hino was Princess Mars. She was the ruler of the planet Mars and one of Princess Serenity’s guardians, tasked with the job of protecting her. When the Dark Kingdom attacked, she along with everyone else died. However, Queen Serenity was able to send them to the future to be reincarnated and have a second chance of life. 
Rei like the others lived her life until she was 14 with no memories of her past life and with her powers dormant, with the exception of her psychic powers. When Jadeite was kidnapping people on a bus route that was close to her shrine, she had gone to try and save them. In the other dimension with Sailor Moon, her powers awoke and she was able to transform into Sailor Mars for the first time. She quickly became friends with the other senshi and continues to battle evil with them.  

The Shrine- In the 90s anime, the Shrine was owned by her family and she helped them run it. In the manga, she was sent there to live by her politician father, and she works there as a priestess. 

Personality- In the manga, Rei is a lot more composed and serious, where in the 90s anime, she is extremely hot headed and gets into fights with Usagi all the time, though in both they have a close bond. 
RP Sample:
Rei sat in front of the fire in the shrine, eyes closed in concentration. “Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen,” she murmured, making the appropriate hand signs while she chanted. She could sense evil was near, and was hoping that by consulting the fire, she would be able to see what was coming, what new kind of threat she needed to protect her princess and future queen from. They never seemed to be able to catch a break. They were almost finished high school, and in the years since they defeated Shadow Galactica, they had only had minor times of peace. They had been lucky so far that no big enemies had come to earth, and it had so far only been minor enemies, but still. She knew that all of them needed a break. She couldn’t help but wonder when the event that caused the creation of Crystal Tokyo would occur. When they had met Neo Queen Serenity in the future, she seemed to be in her late teens, early 20s physically. Rei couldn’t help but worry that any new threat that she sensed could be the one that caused the world to freeze and for Usagi to change and became her future self. 

“Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen,” she said again, when the fire remained stubbornly silent. Perhaps she wasn’t meant to see what the threat was just yet, or perhaps the threat was simply passing by and it would skip earth all together. She could only be so lucky to hope that the second option was true.  A knock on the room door drew her out of her musings. 

“Come in,” she called softly. She was obviously not going to get anything tonight; she may as well take a break. She stretched her arms over her head as she waited for whomever it was to make themselves known. 

“Have you learnt anything?” Minako asked, her feet making soft noises as she made her way over to Rei and sat down beside her. 

“No, and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not that I can’t see anything in the fire,” the Shinto priestess responded, frowning.  

“I’m sure you’ll be able to see it when the time comes,” the blonde-haired woman assured her friend, smiling. “Perhaps you can’t see anything because it’s not a threat to us?”

“I had been thinking the same thing,” Mars admitted quietly. “I still cannot help but worry. We desperately need a break, we’ve been through so much these last few years.”

“The lets go out and have a girl’s night!” Minako suggested, clapping her hands together in excitement. “We haven’t gone out as a group and had a girl’s night in forever, and besides, it’s Friday night, we can probably even drag Ami-chan out with us!”

“You should probably call her then and let her know now. You know how she hates being dragged away from her studies last minute unless it’s an emergency,” Rei said smiling, remembering the last time Minako had tried to convince Ami to go out with them and hadn’t given her enough warning to wrap up her studies. Ami had refused, citing that she was in a good place for studying and simply could not stop now.  “I’ll be out in a moment,” she added, when she saw her friend hesitate when it looked like Rei wasn’t getting up with her. Minako nodded in understanding, silently making her way back to the door, closing it silently behind her. She stared at the fire for a few more moments, hoping that it would reveal its secrets to her before sighing, and getting up. She was getting too frustrated and that never helped. She glanced at clock that ticked away quietly in the room. It was time to get ready for Minako’s girl’s night out. She left the room and headed to her own, determined to allow herself to relax and have fun tonight.
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Senshi: Sailor Mars

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