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  Carnation Dreams

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Parallel Moon Crystal
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PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    10/1/2015, 10:57 pm

Sakura woke up early Monday morning so she could finish decorating a cake. Last night she decided to bake a cake to surprise Syaoran and Tomoyo. It was her way of saying thanks for their help Saturday night. Once decorated, she cut it into three slices and placed the pieces into a box. She then made her lunch.

After making her lunch, Sakura made her way to school. She couldn't help, but giggle to herself along the way. She couldn't wait to see the look on her friends faces, when she showed them the cake. She never made a cake with a raspberry filling before. Sakura hoped it turned out all right. Once she reached school, she stopped in her place to greet Syaoran. A few minutes later he joined her. They greeted each other and he mentioned he wanted tell her something at lunch. Sakura just nodded her head and they went inside. 

At lunch time the three friends found a secluded spot to eat their lunch. They sat down on the ground and Sakura wanted to show them their surprise right away.

"I made you guys something to say thank you for your support," she spoke and grabbed the box. She opened it up and let out a scream. Kero was inside and he ate all the cake. 

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!" Crystal yelled and came out of Syaoran's lunch box. Sakura, Tomoyo, Kero just stared at her.

"Syaoran who is this..?" Sakura asked her boyfriend. She had a feeling this what he wanted to talk about. Meanwhile Tomoyo sat there with an amusing face.


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Pure Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    10/4/2015, 10:38 pm

It took all of Syaoran's discipline to keep a calm expression and not jump backwards as Crystal burst from his lunchbox. How did he not realize she was there? The faint moon-based aura should have been a good clue. Then again, he wasn't used to having a magical guardian around...

Syaoran let out a calming breath before answering Sakura, "This is Crystal. The storm Saturday night blew her into one of our windows just as I was coming home from helping with the spirit. She ran away from her master because he was using her as a slave, so I told her she could stay with me for a while. I didn't realize she sneaked into my lunch..."

He looked down at Crystal who was now looking at the others. "Crystal, these are my friends: Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji. Keroberos is Sakura's guardian."
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Parallel Moon Crystal
Parallel Moon Crystal  Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    10/7/2015, 10:53 pm

'Kinomoto! So this is the girl...' Crystal thought to herself as she observed Sakura. She then eyed Kero. She could sense quite a bit of a power from both of them. Why didn't either them hide it?

"It's nice to meet you, Crystal," Sakura spoke with a cheerful smile.

"Yes!" Crystal spoke sheepishly. "It's nice to meet you too! Sorry for that outburst. I am bit jumpy." She then looked at Syoaran. "Sorry for tagging along. I was curious about this thing you call school."

"Crystal!" Kero said cheerfully. He was happy to meet another guardian beast. He took her paw and shook it. "Like the kid said I am Keroberos! I am the Guardian Beast of the Seal! Protector of Sakura Cards!" He explained all this with a cool pose.

Sakura just laughed. "We call him Kero for short."

Crystal let out a pretend gasp. Tricking them into believing that she did not recognize Kero and Sakura right away. "Sakura cards!? Do you mean you're the Sakura Kinomoto!?"

"The one and only!!!" Kero shouted with pride. 

"Now, Kero..," Sakura spoke in embarrassment.

"I over heard my old master talking about you," Crystal spoke in awe. "You were able to capture Clow's cards and transform them under your own magic. Not many well established magicians can do that."

"She did that all in cute clothes too," Tomoyo added giggling. She loved it when Sakura was embarrassed. She looked too cute.

"I didn't do it all by myself...Syaoran helped too.." Sakura spoke. Her face was now a shade of pink.

"And me!!" Kero chimed in.

"Yes, you did too.."

"So, Sakura what did you make for us?" Tomoyo asked her friend returning to their previous conversation. There was no need to continued the current one.

"Oh, well a cake.." Sakura replied and glared at Kero. "I left some at home for you."

"I..couldn't resist!!" Kero cried fake tears. "The aroma of the cake hypnotize me. I was going to wait, but right before lunch I cave in. Before I knew it I ate it all."

"Cake..?" Crystal spoke up.

"Sakura makes the best cakes!"

"Man..I never had cake before..I would of love to tried it."

"What!?" Kero yelled in disbelief.

"Yeah my old master never let me eat sweets.."

"This is blasphemy!!"

As the two guardians talked Sakura looked down at her cake box. She wished that somehow the rest of the cake would appeared. She looked back at the two guardians and then heard a popping noise. She glanced back down at the box and saw that rest of the cake appeared. She stared at it in confused.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" her friend who noticed her plight right away.

"The cake..," Sakura replied and showed her friends the box. "The rest of it appeared somehow."

"Yes!!" Kero cheered and tried to go for it. Sakura just moved the box out of the way.

"No, you already had your share."

"Man.." Kero just sat down on the ground and pouted.

"Well, whatever happened it's here. So let's eat," Sakura said with a smile. "Crystal you can have a slice too."


"Yes." Sakura then sliced the cake into pieces and handed them to her friends. Crystal looked she died and went to heaven, when she took her first bite.


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Parallel Moon Crystal
Parallel Moon Crystal  Founder

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Age : 28
Location : La La Land

PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    11/14/2015, 8:55 pm

The cake was truly magical. Crystal slowly ate every bite so she could savor it. When she finished eating it, she heard a bell going off. It was coming from the school.

"Kero, lunch is over so you need to go back home."

Kero pouted. "I miss coming to school with you, Sakura."

"Kero," his mistress spoke his name a stern voice.

Crystal held back a laugh. She found their relationship quite amusing. Claire would not tolerate this kind of behavior. She glanced over at Syaoran for a second. He would probably make her go home as well. Then an idea hit her. She could have Kero show her around the town. This would allow her to study the guardian. 

"Um, Kinomoto," Crystal spoke up.

Sakura turned her attention to Crystal. She gave her a smile. "Please call me Sakura."

Crystal stared at Sakura a moment. She felt something strange, but quickly shook it off. " Oh, okay. Um, Sakura would it be okay if Kero showed me around the town?"

Sakura nodded her head. "Sure. Just be sure to stay out of trouble." She then turned to Syaoran. "Is that okay?" Even though Crystal didn't belong to him she felt that she needed his approval. Her boyfriend just nodded her head.

"Awesome," Kero replied. He was all for this. It was better than going back to empty an house. "Crystal, I promise you this will be best the tour you ever been on!"

Crystal couldn't help, but giggle. "I'm sure it will be." The two guardians then took off.

They flew over the whole town. Kero took her to many sites where they captured the Clow Cards. He told Crystal how they were capture and how he aid Sakura. Crystal was actually amazed by the stories Kero told. She was impressed that a child was able to defeat such magic. They continued their tour. Kero took her Tokyo and they stole some potato pancakes from a food stand. They ate their food on top of Tokyo Tower.

"Isn't Tokyo neat?" Kero asked her.

Crystal nodded her head. "It's so big. I've never been to a city before."

"Really?" Kero looked at her shock. "Cake, potato pancakes and now this? Man you're master sounds like a stick in the mud." He then dug into his food.

Crystal looked down at her potato pancake and frowned. Claire wasn't a stick in the mud. She was just disciplined. So it made sense for her guardian to be the same way. 

"You okay?" Kero asked her with food his mouth. She seem upset to him.

Crystal looked at him and saw that face was covered in crumbs. She burst out laughing. "No! I'm fine. You got something on you're face!"

"Ahh!!" Kero quickly wiped off the crumbs.

Crystal then took a bite of her food and fell in love. This was just as heavenly as the cake! She ate it slow as well while Kero devour his in a second. After Crystal finished eating, Kero told Crystal this was the place where Sakura took on Yue and became the new master of the cards. Again Crystal was actually impressed. She couldn't help wondered if Claire felt threaten by Sakura. Clow was stronger than her. So he must have wanted someone just as strong to take ownership of his cards. 

"And that's it! The tour is over!" Kero spoke as he stood up. "I hoped you enjoyed it."

Crystal nodded her head. "Yes and it was the best tour ever."

The guardian beast couldn't help, but grin. 

"Thanks, Kero. I'll see you later," Crystal floated up into the air.



"How long will you be staying with the kid?" Kero asked her. During the tour he grown a little attached to the little guardian. He hoped he could make friends with her. 

"Not sure," Crystal replied. "He said I could stay with as long as I like. Why?" She found herself confused by his question. Why did that matter to him?

"Well, I was hoping we could hang out more."

"Oh," Crystal spoke in shock. Never in her life she met someone who wanted to be friends with her. "Well, I guess I could stick around for awhile."

"Great!!" Kero shouted happily. He floated up next to her. "Tomorrow let's have lunch! I'll pick you up at the kid's place." 

She nodded her head. "Sounds good." Crystal then flew off and made it back to Syaoran's home. Wei let her in through a window.

"Good to see you, Miss Crystal," Wei spoke to her, when she entered the apartment. "Syaoran should be on his way from school. I'll go put on some tea." He then walked away. Crystal flew on the dinner table and sat down. 

"Did you sneak off with Syaoran this morning?" Wei asked her, when he returned with the tea.

"Yes. I wanted to see what school was like," Crystal replied and took a sip of her tea. "I then met his friends and Kero. He took me on a tour of Tomoeda and Tokyo."

"How nice." Wei sat down and made himself a cup of a tea. 

"His friend Sakura brought a cake at lunch," Crystal went on."It was so good."

"Yes, Syaoran told me about his girlfriend's cooking skills. He said she was quite a chef."

"What!? He didn't tell me she was his girlfriend!"

Wei chuckled. "Syaoran can be quite shy about his feelings."

Crystal laughed as well. She then heard the front door open up.

"Ah, Syaoran must be home."


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Pure Heart

Posts : 136
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PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    1/18/2016, 9:37 pm

Syaoran entered the apartment with an "I'm home," and dropped his school bag near the coffee table before heading to the dining area. His day had been a little nerve wracking after Crystal left. Two magical guardians could get in quite a bit of trouble unsupervised, and Kero was enough of a troublemaker on his own for both of them.
"Welcome back, Syaoran. How was your day?" Wei asked as Syaoran sat down and poured some tea into the empty cup that was waiting for him. Syaoran smiled in relief when he noticed Crystal had made it home okay. 
"Good. I have a lot of homework tonight, though," he answered. The extra homework meant less magic study for tonight. He'd have to spend a little extra time on it tomorrow morning.
Wei nodded, "I'm sure your mother would understand if you skipped tonight's practice. She can't expect you to do well in school if you have not time to finish your assignments."
"Yeah." Syaoran turned to Crystal as she was taking a sip of tea. "Did you have a good time today?" he asked.
Crystal nodded with a big smile on her face and told him and Wei about her day with Kero. Syaoran nodded as she spoke, happy to hear she was enjoying herself. "Sounds like you and Keroberos get along well."

"Yeah. We're going to have lunch tomorrow." Crystal paused for a moment before an impish glint appeared in her eyes. "So how was the rest of your day? You didn't tell me Sakura was your girlfriend."

Syaoran felt the blush wash over his face and Crystal grinned, excitedly. "It was fine. We don't really get to talk a lot during the day other than the few minutes between classes.  And I didn't think you'd care about my relationship status.." Crystal just looked amused by his comment.

After a little more teasing from her, Syaoran headed to his room to start on his homework.
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PostSubject: Re: Carnation Dreams    

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Carnation Dreams

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