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 Senshi: Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Uranus    Senshi: Sailor Uranus  Empty9/10/2014, 9:41 pm

General Information
Name: Tenoh Haruka 
Gender: Female

Birthday: January 27th
Age: 16
Birthplace:  Japan

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): 
Civilian Clothing: When not wearing her school uniform (where she choses to wear the male uniform), Haruka tends to wear more masculine clothing. This tends to lead people to assume Haruka is male, as seen with Usagi and Minako who thought the Haruka was male. She prefers the lose comfortable clothing that males wear than to the form fitting dresses, skirts and general clothing of women. For her it is all about comfort and practical use than having to conform to what girls her age should be wearing. Common, how practical is it to be wearing a dress while racing on a motorbike? 

Haruka herself has blue eyes and short blonde hair. She styles somewhat messfully, almost artistically so, giving her chosen masculine look a softer, feminine edge. Although style may be the wrong word to use as she really doesn't like to put a lot of effort into how her hair looks. It tends to do what it wants naturally. Neptune is always saying how jealous she is of Haruka's hair and how she never has to do a thing to it. She has a very athletic body and tends to do very well in any sports she does. She is also fairly tall so it lends to her masculine appearance. Simply put she has the body of a warrior.  

Haruka has a very definite masculine edge to her but with a soft femine touch. She loves to tease pretty girls, especially Usagi, but is completely devoted to her parter and lover Michiru. She will tell you what she thinks, not caring if feelings are hurt. She does what needs to be done, whatever the cost. 

Haruka is a very devoted individual; to whatever she puts her mind to, motocross sports, Michiru, protecting her Princess, or whatever mission she is currently assigned to. She is able to separate her emotions from her duty, but sometimes it becomes difficult for her to be able to do so. She can be rude sometimes but this for her is a way to protect herself, to keep her emotions from overwhelming her. She tries to keep them locked up at all times, only showing real affection to those she’s close to in private. Living the life of a soldier is not easy but it is a destiny she has finally given in to. She will complete her mission, no matter what. 

She can be somewhat arrogant at times, believing that her and Sailor Neptune do not need the help of Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. Maybe one day she will learn that sometimes teamwork can be a good thing.  

As she and the other Outer Senshi got to know the Inner Senshi and also found that Usagi, a.k.a. Sailor Moon, was the princess they had been looking for, they became must more friendly towards the others. Instead of standing completely separate from the inners, Haruka was more willing to help them out and be a team player. She would do anything to protect her princess, even if it meant spending more time with the inner senshi and be more willing to help. 

When Hotaru de-aged, Haruka became a very caring parental figure in the young girls life, making sure that the younger girl never lacked anything. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Sometimes gets dream premonitions and can hear warnings in the wind. She is also an amazing driver and loves motocross sports.  

Haruka use to be very involved with her junior high’s track and field team. She met Michiru through a mutual friend, Elsa Gray. Michiru had awakened some time before and was attempting to convince Haruka to accept her own destiny. However, Haruka refused, not wanting things to change. And so she ran, trying to escape. Funny thing with destiny is one can never escape. 

During her first battle with a youma, Sailor Neptune  came to save her and urged her not to pick up her transformation wand which had appeared as she did not want Haruka to have the same life she did. However, Haruka chose to transform into Sailor Uranus and save Michiru. It was from that point on, she reluctantly accepted her destiny and her mission. While she has lost her dream of becoming a motocross racer, she still maintains it as a very well loved hobby. 

When Haruka and Michiru first met the other Senshi, they wanted nothing to do with them. Harauka believed as the inner Senshi were weaker, they would only get in their way and stop her and Sailor Neptune from completely their mission. For her, the mission was to be completed at all costs and she didn’t care by what methods it was done by. Sacrifice was part of war, it was a huge part of being a soldier for her. She would sacrifice whoever was needed in order to met her goals, even her lover. Eventually she develops a slow relationship with the other senshi and shares a special bond with Usagi. 

During her and Neptune's search for the three talisman, it was discovered that she was the owner of one. At the same time, it was found out that Neptune was the owner of another. They had gone to meet the enemy and fell into a trap. Neptune died trying to protect her, breaking their promise of sacrifice. Uranus herself died in order to extract the talisman, telling Sailor Moon to find the third talisman. Pluto showed up, carrying the third talisman. Somehow her heart seed and Neptunes separated from the talismans and they were revived. She now posses the Space Sword to help her in her Senshi duties. Unfortunately with the three talismans in proximity, Sailor Saturn was awoken...

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus
Senshi Fuku: Her Senshi outfit on the other hand brings out her more feminine side. Her primary colour is navy blue, with her off colour being yellow, although the yellow only appears on the bow on her front, her back bow being navy like the rest of her Senshi outfit. Her gloves only come up to the middle of her forearm, and her boots, made of navy blue suede come up just past her ankles. 
Super Upgrade When the Senshi received their Super upgrade, Haruka's fuku changed as well. The bow on the back became longer. She received a heart shaped teal-blue coloured shape on the front bow. Her choker also now has a yellow star on it. The sleeve caps also became transparent. 

Henshin/Transformation: Uranus Planet Power, Make Up
Uranus Crystal Power, Make up

World Shaking- gathers energy from the sky that forms a giant yellow ball. She brings it down to the ground so it rips through the ground and hurdles towards the enemy at top speed. 
Space Sword Buster- A blade of aerial energy that blasts the enemy. This is her most powerful attack.
Space Turbulence  - does not use an item at all. Gathers energy at her hands and attacks in a series of beams. Quite powerful but cannot defeat all enemies. 

Weapons or Magical Items: 
Space Sword- one of the three magical talismans. A blade with crystals in it.
Transformation Stick- A stick with a ball on top that has the symbol of Uranus on it. This stick allows her to be able to transform into Sailor Uranus. 

Guardian: Does Sailor Neptune count? Very Happy  

RP Sample: 
She squeezed her eyes shut, remaining hidden. Bun heads was in danger and there was nothing she could do about it! The mission…it was so important and they needed to see if it was a talisman. If it was, she would lose the bright, bubbly girls she had come to like. She squeezed her eyes shut harder, as if doing so would block out the sounds of the younger girls pain. She wanted nothing more than to run out there and save her, but the mission needed to be completed no matter what. She could feel her heart breaking, every scream tearing another piece. She had vowed that the casualties wouldn’t matter, that she would do her duty no matter what the cost. She had promised that no price would be too high. She stands there wondering, listening to Usagi’s pain if she was wrong. Was there really such a thing as too high of a price? She hoped the girl didn’t have the talisman so she would live. She stood there, her eyes closed and prayed to whatever deity was listening. Gods help her, she didn’t want to lose bun heads.
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Uranus    Senshi: Sailor Uranus  Empty9/10/2014, 9:52 pm



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Senshi: Sailor Uranus

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