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 Sailor Chibi Moon/ Chibiusa Tsukino/Princess Small Lady Serenity/Neo Sailor Moon

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PostSubject: Sailor Chibi Moon/ Chibiusa Tsukino/Princess Small Lady Serenity/Neo Sailor Moon   Sailor Chibi Moon/ Chibiusa Tsukino/Princess Small Lady Serenity/Neo Sailor Moon Empty9/10/2014, 6:19 pm

General Information
Name: Chibiusa Tsukino
Gender: Female

Birthday: June 30 th
Age: appears around 8 but is actually 900+ years old
Birthplace: Crystal Tokyo

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): 

Chibiusa stands at 3’5”. She has pink hair that she wears in something like the oodangos that her mother wears, but her buns look more like cones than actual buns. Her eyes are red. She has a small build as one would think a child would have even though she is much older. 

Chibiusa usually wears bright colors. Her favorite outfit being a blue skirt with suspenders, a while shirt, a blue collar and a red bow in the center of her chest were she wears her transformation broach. She can also been seen wearing jeans and a red stripped tee shirt. She prefers skirts over pants, and will try to always look like the future princess she is. 


Chibiusa loves to pull pranks. She is every strong willed and will voice her opinions. She often clashes with Usagi due to her being vocal about her opinions, and her innocent crush on Mamoru. Chibiusa is usually very upbeat, extroverted and outgoing. Though she started out socially awkward, she quickly became popular with her classmates. She once became president of her class. Her initial shyness could be attributed to the fact that she was teased in the 30th-century for not having any Senshi powers. She gradually matures, becoming more comfortable with herself and more confident with her Senshi abilities. Because her dream is to become a beautiful lady, her actions often are based around this. She tries to be a perfectionist and starts off trying to do everything alone and for herself. This view evolves as she realizes what maturity really is and what it really means to be an adult. 

Chibiusa's dream is to one day become a real lady, to have her own prince, and to be friends with everyone she knows. Meanwhile, she is a fairly ordinary little girl; she likes pink and red, pudding, pancakes, and rabbits. Her favorite school subject is drawing, while her least favorites are language classes. Her least favorite food is listed in the manga as carrots, just like Usagi, but they both eat them in the anime. Chibiusa hates taking care of the house and is afraid of such things as thunder and lightning, ghosts, vampires, dentists, and needles. She also likes to collect things with rabbits on them, and belongs to the Gardening Committee at school.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 

Chibiusa is a growing artist and loves to draw. She can often be found working on something. Chibiusa can use Luna-P to hypnotize people so they thing she’s someone she’s not. Like she did to the Tsukino family, when she first arrived in the present.
using the Key of Space-Time given to her by Sailor Pluto, Chibiusa can travel through time. She time-travels by holding up the key and shouting, "Time Guardian! Tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door to me! I call the true name of the almighty god of time, the time guardian's father! Chronos! Reveal to me the path of light!" Also Chibiusa does her hair by herself, getting hair into oodangos takes talent.


Chibiusa is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Mamoru. She is also the crown princess of Crystal Tokyo and the soul heir to the Moon Kingdom, the Earth Kingdom, and the entire universe! Isn't that cool! Anyway, she arrives at the docks and lands on top of Uasgi and Mamoru in the middle of their kiss. Chibiusa then COMANDS that Usagi give her the Silver Crystal, after Usagi refuses Chibiusa pulls out a gun on her. When Mamoru discovers that the gun is just Luna P in the shape of a gun, Chibiusa runs off saying she’ll get the Sliver Crystal one way or another. 
Later on when Usagi gets home she discovers that Chibiusa is posing as her cousin from out of town she even had Luna P make some fake pictures in an album of her last visit. So after all the frustration Usagi goes up to her room for a nap. When she gets there she discovers that Chibiusa trashed the place looking for the Silver Crystal.
So after the scouts "defeat" Rubeus, Chibiusa agrees to take them to the future where Usagi and Mamoru find out that Chibiusa is their daughter. 
Chibiusa returns and saves Rei and Usagi from Eugeal's monster. At this point she's already Chibi Moon.
When Chibiusa first meets Elios he came to her in her dreams in the form of a beautiful pegasus/unicorn. This is also the episode where she gets herand her Super Sailor Chibi Moon transformation. Nehelenia gets sealed inside of a dream mirror and sent back to the Dead Moon.
In the first arc of Sailor Stars she plans to return to the future. However, she is delayed because of Nehelenia, so she must stay in they 20th century a bit longer. Nehelenia (who seems to be jealous of Chibiusa's life) kidnaps Mamoru and kills him. This puts Chibiusa in a time paradox and she starts to disappear. The scouts go to confront Nehelenia and hopefully revive Mamoru and save Chibiusa, who went with them because she thought she should at least get to fight her "final battle". On the way there Nehelenia traps each of the scouts in a mirror one-by-one in pairs.
So Sailor Moon gets to Nehelenia and somehow purifies her, turning her into a sweet little child who was just having a bad dream. Mamoru is revived by the Silver Crystal. So after all this Chibiusa returns to the future, although we never see it, we know it is true, because she appeared Serenity’s dreams telling her she'll see her when she's truly her daughter. That's the last we see of her.

Friends of Chibiusa’s

Momoko Momohara was Chibiusa's best friend outside of the Sailor Senshi. They both hung out with fellow classmate Kyuusuke Sarashina. Kyuusuke Sarashina was a classmate and friend of Chibiusa and Momoko Momohara. Although the three of them were friends, he had a tendency to bicker with the two girls, and he was very athletic. In the manga, Kyuusuke lived in a shop that sold soba, his favorite food, and he had an elder sister, Kotono Sarashina, who made a Sailor V button for him. When Chibiusa admired the button Kyuusuke refused to get her one, but after the two of them helped defeat the vampire Lyrica Hubert, he had his sister make a Sailor Moon button for her. He was also friends with Sorano, and he seemed to think Sorano should be more athletic. He also visited Lyrica Hubert's house in the anime, and was targeted for his Dream Mirror by JunJun, but not before she helped him overcome his fear of the box horse. Sorano was a friend of Kyuusuke Sarashina. Kyuusuke seemed to think Sorano should be more athletic

Forms of Chibiusa

Black Lady
After being infected by the power of the Black Crystal, Chibiusa becomes the Black Lady and tries to get rid of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask because she said that they don't love her. Black Lady is an evil grown-up version of Chibiusa. She was corrupted by Wiseman (Death Phantom). Chibiusa goes to the Door of Space-Time after remembering how everyone in Crystal Tokyo teased her and how she met Sailor Pluto. But seeing Pluto so happy, she thinks that no one really needs her in Crystal Tokyo anymore. So, as she tries to get back to the 21st century, she, unnoticing this, then drops her key near the Door of Space-Time.
Since you can't get in any time period from the Door of Space-Time without the Space-Time Key, this shows you only a warp to be never seen or heard from again if you are warped in this hole. This is when Chibiusa realizes that she left her key behind. Wiseman then appears and pretends to be her ally, and comforts her by saying that he needs her. Wiseman then takes Chibiusa’s hand, and a major space-time storm occurs after Chibiusa takes his hand. Pluto knows that this was caused by Chibiusa being in a major transformation.
Later in the next act or so, a adult-like woman who strongly resembles Chibiusa appears next to Wiseman as a shadow. She is often seen giggling evilly. She discards Luna-P, regarding it as a foolish toy. She attacks with black power and also hypnotizes Tuxedo Mask to be on her side.
How She Revives Back to Chibiusa 
After a long and hard fight, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask convince Black Lady that she is loved and that she has misunderstood her parents' actions. Black Lady is then turned back into Chibiusa and Luna-P is too; their crescents return to normal. Chibiusa then joins Sailor Moon to kill the Death Phantom.
In the manga, Sailor Pluto helps Sailor Moon stops Dimande from merging the two crystals together with her Time Stop attack. Unfortunately in doing so, she dies and believes she had failed to protect Chibiusa from the Black Moon Clan. Black Lady snaps out of it and mourns for her friend's death. This triggers her transformation into Sailor Chibi Moon.

Small Lady
A name used by her family and close friends Chibiusa is known by this name in the 30th century.

Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibiusa's Senshi identity, this was the form Chibiusa took on after she transformed for the first time.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon
This is Chibiusa's second Senshi uniform in the anime and manga that she transforms by using the Holy Chalice.
Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon 
This was an manga exclusive transformation of Chibiusa's. This form was unnamed but was similar to Eternal Sailor Moon albeit without wings.

Princess Lady Serenity
The Princess form of Chibiusa. In the anime version, her dress was the same as Usagi's when she's Princess Serenity, her dress is pink and has ruffles.

Storyline Specific Information

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Chibi Moon; Super Sailor Chibi Moon; Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon
Senshi Fuku: 
Sailor Chibi Moon, she had a heart-shaped insignia on her choker and also had her transformation brooch in the center of her front bow. Her dominant color was pink (collar, skirt, boots, gloves, and choker) and her accent color was red (bows). Her boots were knee-high pink with a white border at the triangular top. The gem in her tiara was red. Her collar had two white stripes. Her earrings were simple pink studs. She wore two white-bordered red circular accents on her oodango, with pointed white fittings resembling a rabbit's ears. In episode 111 she gained two wing-like barrettes in her hair when Sailor Moon obtained the Holy Grail. Sailor Chibi Moon's shoulder and elbow pads were unique, in that they only had two bars instead of three.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon, her fuku almost completely changed, in many of the same aspects as those of Sailor Moon. She was then known as Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She still wore her barrettes. Her choker became yellow with a red heart. The stripes on her collar were yellow. Her shoulder pads were translucent and shaped more wing-like. The back waist bow was long, white, and billowy. She gained crescent moon insignias on her boots. The top of her skirt was adorned with a yellow belt and duplicate heart-shaped brooch, and the most obvious change by far was that her skirt was no longer pink, but was instead white with a yellow and pink border at the bottom.

Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon, When she transformed into Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon, her tiara gem changed into a pink five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads were translucent pink puffs with two pink patches of fabric attached to them. The length of her gloves extended to her upper arms. Her brooch was shaped like a pink five-pointed star. Her belt consisted of two pink ribbons, one pink and one light pink, with two long, thin back ribbons clipped together by a golden five-pointed star. Her back bow was light pink. Her skirt had two layers - one of them was the same color as her standard uniform, and the other was a lighter shade of pink. Her boots were knee-high and white, and each had a V-shaped pink border at the top, with a golden star attached to the center of it. Her earrings were pink dangling five-pointed stars.

Henshin/Transformation: "Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"(Sailor Chibi Moon) and "Moon Crisis, Make-up!"(Super Sailor Chibi Moon), “Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up” Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon


Abracadabra Pon was a magic phrase used by Sailor Pluto and Small Lady/Chibiusa. She used Luna-P with this command.
Sailor Pluto taught the phrase to Chibiusa when she secretly went to visit her while she was guarding the Space-Time Door, after she was teased by citizens of Crystal Tokyo.
Sailor Pluto told Chibiusa to say the magic phrase "Abracadabra" whenever she was sad, and it would enable her to perform magic. Chibiusa used the phrase conjure various object using Luna-P, such as an umbrella and doves. When Sailor Pluto used it, she pointed her Garnet Rod at Luna-P, making many flowers appear out of it.

Luna P Henge was the command Chibiusa used with Luna-P in order to transform it into any object she desired. Chibiusa could use this ability not only in her civilian form, but also as Sailor Chibi Moon. 

Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache is a combination attack performed by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon in the manga using their Spiral Heart Moon Rod and the Pink Moon Stick respectively.

Pink Sugar Tuxedo  Attack was an attack which Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask performed together. It was performed with the Pink Moon Stick

Twinkle Yell is an attack that is used by Sailor Chibi Moon in order to summon Pegasus using the Crystal Carillon. However it cannot be used in any other way, and only allows Sailor Moon to perform Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack! Chibi Moon is able to use this attack in conjunction with her Moon rod, or the Pink Sugar Rod.  It often lacks sufficient range to hit a monster or fails to initiate at all. The damage it deals can be strong enough to shatter glass.

Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss is an attack performed by Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. It freezes near by enemies allowing the Senshi to attack or escape. In the manga is was used to freeze the vines holding, Eternal Sailor Moon,  Princess Kakyuu, and Sailor Chibi Chibi.

(the following attacks are all preformed with Sailor Moon)
Double Sailor Moon Kick was a flying kick attack done by Sailor Moon in unison with Sailor Chibi Moon.

Double Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is the upgraded form of Moon Spiral Heart Attack that Sailor Moon used to destroy monsters (mainly Daimon Heart Snatchers). She can only use it while in her Super Sailor Moon form. The effect looks virtually the same when the monster is destroyed.
Sailor Moon also used this attack to destroy all of Telulu's Venus Heart Traps, plants of her invention to snatch Pure Hearts. She also defeated Byruit by damaging her bracelet, the nanocuff, with this attack, which caused it to turn on her and destroy her.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation is the attack Sailor Moon uses to destroy monsters. She uses a scepter called the Moon Kaleido Scope to use this attack. She mainly uses this attack on monsters called Lemures, of the Dark Moon Circus. She can only use the attack when Sailor Chibi Moon uses Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus.
The effect shows an image of the lemures frozen in place, then shattering to pieces, then the monster's shadow vanishing.

Double Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss was an attack used by Eternal Sailor Moon. Its counterpart is Silver Moon 
Crystal Power Therapy Kiss. It is one of Sailor Moon's most powerful attacks. She finally taps into this power when all the senshi put their power into Sailor Moon's brooch and she temporarily turns into Eternal Sailor Moon.
It was used mainly to heal a Phage back to human form. In the Nehelenia story arc of Sailor Stars, it was used offensively to destroy the Mirror Pallais Dollies sent by Queen Nehelenia, even though without a name.

Weapons or Magical Items:  

Luna-P is a mechanical object (strongly resembling Luna, much to the real cat's alarm) which ChibiUsa regards as her closest friend and which acts as her guardian. It can be used as a communication device, particularly with Sailor Pluto, and can be transformed into other objects Chibiusa may need by use of a special phrase—"Abracadabra Pon" in the manga and "Luna-P Transform" or "Luna-P Kitty Magic". Luna-P can chance into various objects like the toy gun she pulled on Usagi when she demanded the Silver Crystal. Luna-P has also changed into the umbrella Chibiusa used to hypnotize the Tsukino's into thinking she was their cousin from out of town. Luna-P has since become Sailor Chibi Moon's Moon Rod that she uses to perform her attacks.

The Prism Heart Compact was Chibiusa’s first transformation brooch, in which she used to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. It also refered to as the Pink Sugar Compact.

The Pink Moon Stick is Sailor Chibi Moon's first weapon as a Sailor Senshi. She used this item to perform Pink Sugar Heart Attack and the manga only attack, Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack, which was used with Tuxedo  Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon. She was seen already having it in the anime. In the manga, wanting to help Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon's Luna P transformed into the Pink Moon Stick
The Pink Moon Stick has a pink rod at the bottom with a pink star in a darker shade. On top of the rod is a red crown with wings. On top of the crown is a pink crystal heart with a golden border. On top of the heart is a red star with yellow circles on the tips. The Pink Moon Stick resembles the Sailor Moon's Spiral Heart Moon Rod.
The Chibi Moon Compact is the brooch that Chibiusa uses in order to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon with "Moon Crisis, Make Up!" It is her second compact, and appears first in episode 130. It is very similar to Usagi's, except that the center jewel is a heart instead of a circle, and the outer ribbon design pattern is slightly different. Like Usagi's compact, she received it from Pegasus.

"Crystal Carillon" a bell that summons Pegasus so that Super Sailor Moon can use her "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" attack. The Crystal Carillon has a dark pink handle shaped like a heart with yellow stars on it. Attached to the handle is a pink crown with a yellow star below it with pink wings on it. Attached to that is a golden bell with light pink heart on it.

The Pink Moon Crystal is the evolved form of Chibiusa’s Silver Crystal.
The Pink Moon Crystal helps Chibiusa transform into her "eternal" form, which can help her do a great powerful attack.

Moon Kaleido Scope, or Kaleidomoon Scope, was a weapon given to Sailor Moon by Pegasus. In the anime it was an upgraded version of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and in the manga Pegasus transformed two mundane kaleidoscopes. She used it to perform the Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack.
Super Sailor Chibi Moon also had a smaller version of this weapon called the "Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope".  She acquired a smaller version of the weapon which materialized from thin air, and with that weapon she and Super Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation to defeat Queen Badiane.
This rod was pink in color, whereas in the manga it was made of glass, rendering it clear and sparkly like a true kaleidoscope. In the fifth season, it was upgraded to the Eternal Tiare.

(Neo) Sailor Moon:
Her dominant color was blue and her accent color was pink. Her outfit also had a crescent motif. She wore pink knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top which had a crescent moon at the middle. She wore a golden tiara with a pink gem in the middle. Her collar on her leotard was blue with two white stripes. Her earrings were golden with dangling crescent moons. She wore two white-bordered red circular accents on her oodango, with pointed white fittings, she also wears the barrettes she gained when the first Sailor Moon gained her Super Sailor Moon abilities. She also wore a choker with a golden crescent moon on it. Her earrings were dangling five-pointed stars with crescent moons beneath them. 

Attacks: (Neo) Sailor Moon takes on several of her mother's attacks when she becomes Sailor Moon. She looses the ability to perform any of the attacks she had with her mother, and she can no longer use any of the attacks she used as Sailor ChibiMoon, but she still retains the power she had gained as Chibimoon, thus making her new and still relatively weaker attacks stronger than when her mother first preformed them. 

Moon Frisbee was Sailor Moon's first attack. Sailor Moon would remove her tiara, whereupon it became a frisbee-like disc that she would throw at an enemy.

Moon Tiara Action is the attack Sailor Moon to destroy the youma from the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon takes her tiara, turning it into what looks like a glowing white energy disk, says "Moon Tiara Action!", and throws it at the enemy. The enemy will usually be destroyed, disintegrating into moondust.

Moon Twilight Flash: Sailor Moon used the gem in her tiara to reflect moonlight at the enemy., when Sailor Moon received a new tiara (in place of the one which had burned up while attacking Jadeite) and used its powers to destroy Nephrite's shadow.

Moon Healing Escalation is a command that Sailor Moon used to heal people who had turned into a Youma. Sailor Moon held up her Moon Stick and, as it emanated a trail of glitter and mist, moved it in a wide, circular motion and drew the outline of a circle around her body. The Youma then yelled "Refresh!" as it turned back into a human. Once the Imperium Silver Crystal was revealed and attached to the Moon Stick, rays of light and balls of white energy emitted from it after the circle was formed.
This attack was also used by Queen Serenity in episode 44 to cleanse the Dark Kingdom after Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were killed.

Moon Princess Halation is the main attack Sailor Moon uses to destroy monsters. She executes the attack with the Cutie Moon Rod that she received from Queen Serenity while fighting the Cardian, Reci. She says "Moon Princess Halation" and shoots an energy beam at the enemy, who will then disintegrate.
Two types of monsters fell victim to the attack: Cardians and Droids. The Cardians would disintegrate/vanish, leaving only their card (which would go blank), not unlike the Cardians that were destroyed in any other way (even Moon Tiara Action), and the droids' outside color would shatter into pieces, turning them a light blue color and causing them to crumble into dust and vanish, leaving only a gem they had placed on some part of their body, which would turn colorless.

Weapons and Items:

The Moon Stick was an item used by Sailor Moon . She used this item to perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack. The Moon Stick became more powerful after the Silver Crystal was attached to it. The previous owners of the Moon Stick were Queen Serenity and Neo Queen Serenity. The Silver Crystal is no longer attached to the Moon Stick, and it is at the time unknown if (Neo) Sailor Moon will attach her Pink Moon Crystal to the Moon Stick or not. 

The Cutie Moon Rod was the weapon used by Sailor Moon to perform the Moon Princess Halation attack. It was given to her by Queen Serenity.(Neo) Sailor Moon inherited the Rod when her mother passes away. 

Pink Crystal Star: Just like her mother's crystal Star brooch this is what (Neo) Sailor Moon uses to transform into her Senshi ego. the cover of the brooch is the same as it was for her mother, but the crystal inside is a pink crystal heart instead of a round silver crystal. 

Transformation Phrase: 
Pink Moon Prism Power Make Up! 

Guardian: If applicable. A guardian is not required. 

Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis as well as the Guardian of Chibi Usa. In the anime, she appears from the future. Apparently, she has come to the present in order to not only keep an eye on Chibi-Usa, but to gain real-life experience. Diana appears to be small, sometimes timid but at the same time brave and smart. Her being Chibi-Usa's Guardian, she is also very wise and is often very reasonable. Despite her parents mentioning that she doesn't know very much about the 20th century and what she shouldn't do (such as exposing to other human beings that she has the ability to speak), she is well aware of the rules of being in society.
Tin Nyanko says they are creatures from the planet Mau. Diana, along with her parents, Artemis and Luna, can take human form due to Sailor Moon's power. In her human form, Diana's hair looks similar to Chibi Chibi's.
After Pluto dies, Diana keeps watch of the Time Gate.

The Sailor Quartet were four Sailor Senshi who were to awaken as Chibiusa's bodyguards when she took on the role of Sailor Chibi Moon.
They represented four of the asteroids in the Solar System's asteroid belt that were at one point in time classified as planets. Their names were Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta. While they waited for Sailor Chibi Moon to take on her role, they slept in the Amazon stones.
They were prematurely awakened from their stones in the Dream Arc of the manga by the Dead Moon Circus and recruited as the villainesses CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, and VesVes (the Amazoness Quartet). After their defeat they revert to their stones, Sailor Saturn gathers the stones and gave them to Neo-Queen Serenity. After the Dead Moon was defeated, their true Senshi forms were revealed. 

RP Sample: Must be at least 100 words.

Chibiusa wanted to stay. She knew she couldn’t but she wanted to stay with her new friends, and Hotaru. She really didn’t want to go but she knew that she would see them all again when she returned home again. That thought made her smile. Maybe it wasn’t just a good bye but more like saying see you later. She liked that idea better than anything. They would be waiting for her, like they always were. 

So on to her new life and the end of her old on with the people she loved. She would have to ask Mamma about what happens after she left her. She wanted to know what all of the Senshi had been up to after she left them. All of them were her closest friends. 

She would miss them all but she wouldn’t let it show. No that would just make everyone sad, and she wanted to see happy faces when she left. 

Walking slowly she held Usagi and Mamoru’s hands. She knew without a doubt that they were going to be her parents. She hoped they understood her a little better or maybe her parents had always been understanding of her and she never knew why. They had reached the park where she would go home. Everyone was gathered around, some holding back tears, Usagi however was on her knees in front of the little girl. 

“I know we started off on the wrong foot, but I am going to miss you, you little brat.” Usagi said pulling Chibiusa into a hug.

Her voice full of tears, Chibiusa returned Usagi’s hug and said.
“It’s ok, just try to lay off the sweets and get better grades, Meatball head.” 
Laughing they let go of each other. Chibiusa turned to each Senshi in turn and hugged them and said her good byes, no not good byes, see you laters. Yes she would see all of them sooner than they thought. 

Once her farewells were said she turned and raised her crystal key to the sky and said the incantation that would take her back to Crystal Tokyo. “Time Guardian! Tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door to me! I call the true name of the almighty god of time, the time guardian's father! Chronos! Reveal to me the path of light!"

The light engulfed her and she was soon on her way back, Diana close at her heels. Soon she was standing on a hill over looking the crystal city. A smile crept across her face as she heard the call of her friend’s voices. Yeah this was great. She ran as fast as she could to hug her mamma and papa.
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