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 Sailor Venus/Minako Aino/Sailor V/Princess Venus

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PostSubject: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino/Sailor V/Princess Venus   9/10/2014, 6:25 pm

Name: Minako Aino
Gender: Female

Birthday: Oct. 22
Age: 13-16
Birthplace: Tokyo City, Japan

Used Canons:
Anime and Manga

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn):Minako Aino has blue eyes and blonde hair, preferring to wear her hair down with a simple red bow in it. Her school uniform is a long blue skirt with a white top. The top has a sailor collar to it and she wears a red scarf around her neck, that hangs down the front of her shirt. Minako can be found in the latest fashions, but also whatever she finds comfortable. She like skirts and tank tops. 

Forms of Minako
Sailor V
Sailor V's uniform is mostly blue and red, and includes shoulder-armor, quarter-length sleeves, and broad stripes of color. She wears a shirt rather than a leotard, as well as her characteristic red mask. Some of the details vary between version to version; in the manga and live-action series the shirt had sleeves and smooth gloves, but in the anime it was sleeveless with ring-topped gloves. The anime added a second layer to her shoulder guards, omitted the crescent Moon that is normally visible on her forehead, and added a second stripe to her collar.[9] In the live-action series, the bow on Sailor V's chest was made dark pink, like the red parts of Sailor Moon's costume, but her mask and hair bow are red.

In both the anime and manga, Minako was shown to have both silly and serious sides. In the manga, Minako's serious side manifested more often when she was Sailor Venus (as was true for many of the Sailor Senshi), but she was still strongly devoted to her friends and her duties as a Senshi. Similar to Usagi, she was an academic underachiever, and would refer to Usagi at times as her "make-up tests partner." She was, however, much more athletic than Usagi, especially when it came to volleyball.
In the anime only, Minako was shown to be competent in speaking English (or at least more so than Rei, Makoto, and Usagi). This was best demonstrated in episode 108, in which she was able to converse with relative fluency in English at the party. It was possibly because of the time she spent as Sailor V in London in the anime.
In the anime, Minako was a very silly character at times, but she could be more serious; this was especially true in the first season in general, and specifically in episodes 42, 100, and 109 (wherein she worried that she did not have a Pure Heart and tried to prove she was pure hearted in some very bizzare ways). She was also infamous for using mixed up proverbs in the anime, and sometimes referred to herself as "The Goddess of Love," a title which she used to try to solve others' love woes.

History: Minako is first introduced in the Codename: Sailor V manga, of which she is the lead character. She is awakened as a Senshi by the white cat Artemis when she is thirteen years old and instructed that she has a duty to become the beautiful warrior, Sailor V. Artemis explains that Venus and Earth are "twin planets" of about the same size and weight, that Venus is her "mother star", and that she must protect Earth from its enemies. He shows her Magellan Castle orbiting around Venus and says that it is hers, although the existence of these castles is not revealed to the other Senshi characters until late in the Sailor Moon series. She first dons her red hair bow during the first chapter of the story, on the recommendation of a handsome villain character that she defeats, and is almost never seen without it again.
Minako is depicted as athletic, cheerful, romantic, resilient, and clever.[citation needed] She is very versatile acting very elegant, intelligent, and refined at times[citation needed] and irrational, boy-crazy, and over-ambitious at others. When Sailor V was enough of a hit to earn its own anime adaptation, Takeuchi was asked to expand the concept to include more girls, and when she did, she placed Usagi Tsukino as the protagonist, with Minako as a part of the team. Minako is a Buddhist by her teaching when she was in Codename: Sailor V.

Minako as depicted in manga, drawn by Naoko Takeuchi. The bright colors and teasing expression are characteristic of her personality and portrayal; her uniform is different from the other girls' because she attends a different school.
In the anime, Minako is given a slightly different backstory, having spent some of her time as Sailor V in England, where she met a young Interpol officer named Katarina who taught her English and acted as a big sister, and a young man called Alan, with whom she fell in love. After Sailor V was caught in an explosion and believed to be dead, she saw Alan and Katarina together and realized that they, without her knowing, had become a couple. She moved back to Japan shortly thereafter. She is also widely traveled in the manga, having visited Greece and China.
As a result of her past battles, when Minako meets the other Senshi she has a relatively serious personality, and is very focused on their mission as Sailor Senshi. In the manga, she even tells them she is the princess they have been searching for, although in fact she is merely serving as a decoy to protect the real princess, Usagi. Throughout the first story arc she has by far the strongest memories of their past life during the Silver Millennium. After the first story arc concludes, she becomes a more excitable, even goofy character, and her adventures frequently involve overconfidence, enthusiastic determination to come out on top, and slapstick humor. In the anime, her speech is peppered with malapropisms and fractured proverbs. In the English-dubbed anime, "Mina's" personality is adjusted somewhat further; she adopts a valley girl dialect, and in the latter two seasons is rewritten as being sarcastic or mean-spirited in places where she had not been in the original Japanese.
Artemis lives in Minako's home and is one of her closest friends. Minako lives with both her parents, although references to her family life are few in the Sailor Moon series. Her family, like Usagi's, is based on Takeuchi's own family. For the first several story arcs, Minako attends a different junior high school from the others, Shiba Kōen. When the characters enter high school, she joins Usagi, Ami, and Makoto at Azabu Jūban. One of her greatest loves is volleyball, as shown from the beginning of the first Sailor V chapter[citation needed] and throughout the rest of the series — she even considers quitting the Sailor Senshi to become a professional, and in high school joins the Volleyball club. Her favorite class is Physical Education,[citation needed] while in the manga her least favorites are mathematics and the English language.[13] In the anime, having lived in England for some time, she is skilled at the language (in one episode it is shown her skills are more refined than Ami Mizuno's), and Usagi begs Minako to teach her.
Minako's other greatest love is pop culture. She desperately wants to be an idol, and so makes a hobby of chasing them and attending auditions in acting, dancing, and singing whenever possible. She takes her role as the "Soldier of Love" literally, and enjoys regaling friends and acquaintances with advice about romance. Despite her declared expertise, Minako herself has little personal experience in relationships (aside from a brief and ill-fated love in the Sailor V manga), but is enthusiastic about romantic opportunities — even to the point of two-timing a pair of the series' villains. She has a crush on Yaten Kou throughout the Sailor Stars anime storyline, and in one episode the sinister idea of herself as a cat with Yaten gives her a nosebleed — a common symbol of sexual arousal in anime. In the manga, by contrast, Minako suspects Yaten of being an enemy; while confronting the Starlights, she and Rei reaffirm that they do not need men because they have dedicated their lives to their duty of protecting Usagi.
Minako enjoys Oolong tea and her favorite foods are given as curry rice, ramen noodles, and stuffed dumplings with her least favorite food being shiitake mushrooms. Her favorite colors are listed as red, pink, orange, and yellow and she likes birds, the flowers orange dandelions and orchids, and the gemstone topaz. She is stated as having trouble with her mother and the police.

Storyline Specific Information: This section is for you to detail information about your character that is specific to a certain storyline(s). Fill out this section with each separate storyline, so you don't have to send multiple character profile applications for the same character. 

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor V, Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus, Eternal Sailor Venus
Senshi Fuku: 
Sailor V
Sailor V's uniform is mostly blue and red, and includes shoulder-armor, quarter-length sleeves, and broad stripes of color. She wears a shirt rather than a leotard, as well as her characteristic red mask. Some of the details vary between version to version; in the manga and live-action series the shirt had sleeves and smooth gloves, but in the anime it was sleeveless with ring-topped gloves. The anime added a second layer to her shoulder guards, omitted the crescent Moon that is normally visible on her forehead, and added a second stripe to her collar.[9] In the live-action series, the bow on Sailor V's chest was made dark pink, like the red parts of Sailor Moon's costume, but her mask and hair bow are red.

Sailor Venus'  dominant color was orange (choker, collar, center of front bow, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, shoes, and earrings) and her accent colors were blue (front bow) and yellow (tiara gem and back bow). Her collar had one white stripe near the edge of the collar (not at the center), and her shoes were orange heels with ankle straps.
After the "Super" upgrade (SuperS, Stars), her earrings were the same shape but darker in color, her choker had a yellow star attached to it, her collar had one white stripe down the center, the center of her front bow was an orange heart, the bottom of the shoulder pads was translucent, and the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened.
After the last upgrade in the Stars arc, her choker was V-shaped and the center of her front bow was an orange five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads were large yellow puffs with two patches of orange fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves became longer, reaching to her upper arms. In artbook illustrations, she had orange V-shaped wristbands with golden five-pointed stars on them, but they were not present in the manga. Her belt consisted of two ribbons - one orange and one yellow, with two long, thin back ribbons, clipped together by a golden five-pointed star. Her back bow was yellow. Her skirt became two-layered, the top layer being orange and the bottom layer yellow. Her boots were knee-length and white, and each had an orange V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem was an orange five-pointed star and her earrings were orange, dangling five-pointed stars.

Sailor V- Moon Power, Transform - Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor V.
Crescent Moon Power, Transform - Used her compact to transform into any disguise she wanted.

Venus Power, Make Up - Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor Venus.
Venus Star Power, Make Up - Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Venus.
Venus Planet Power, Make Up - Used the planet powers granted to her by Neo-Queen Serenity to transform into Sailor Venus.
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Venus Crystal to transform into Eternal Sailor Venus.

Sailor V
Crescent Beam - She reflected a beam of light from her compact at her enemy and destroyed it.
Crescent Boomerang - Sailor V attacked by throwing her compact at the enemy.
Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower - Sailor V used her compact to make a rain shower pour down and melt her enemy.
Crescent Super Beam - A more powerful version of Crescent Beam, again perfomed with her compact.
Crescent Slender Beam - An attack performed with her compact, which destroyed the enemy.
Venus Sulfur Smoke - Created a pungent sulfurous cloud of smoke that overwhelmed the enemy.
Ultimate Attack: Diphenhydramine Dispersal - Used against Chuu-Chuu.
Venus Brand: Mosquito Incense Typhoon - Used against Chuu-Chuu.
Venus Ten-Billion Volt Rockin' Rouge - Used the Venus Mike to create a sound wave that destroyed her enemy.
Venus Love Megaton Shower - Created a powerful shining light that destroyed the enemy.

Physical Attacks
Sailor V Kick - Sailor V kicked her enemy.
Sailor V Chop - Sailor V karate chopped her enemy.
Rolling Screw Sailor V Punch - She punched her enemy.
V-chan-style Kneading Sailor V Chop - Another karate chop.
Venus Iron Muscle Punch - She punched her enemy.
V-chan's Sword - Sailor V struck her enemy with an uchigatana.

Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus and Eternal Sailor Venus
Crescent Boomerang - First attack used by Sailor Venus, in which she threw her compact at her enemies.
Sailor V Kick - Sailor Venus kicked her enemy.
Venus Love-Me Chain - Sailor Venus used her chain to hit or grab the enemy.
Rolling Heart Vibration - Used only in the manga, live-action series, and numerous video games. Sailor Venus sent forth a rolling heart to damage the enemy.
Venus Wink Chain Sword - Used only in the manga.  Sailor Venus used her chain as a sword to damage the enemy.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Sailor Venus gained this power after transforming with the Venus Crystal. She used her Love Whip to attack her enemy.
Venus Love and Galactica Shock - This attack was used by Sailor Venus when she was under Sailor Galaxia's control in the Stars arc.
Akuryo Taisan - This attack was used only once by Sailor Venus, in "Exam Battle 3," to destroy the Genius loci that was attacking T·A Academy for Girls.


RP Sample: Must be at least 100 words. Please use the character you are applying for in this role-playing sample. 
Minako walked around the park. She wasn't looking for any thing she was just walking. She wanted a little time alone. She wasn't sure where her future lies. Not anymore. She wanted more than what was in front of her. She knew that she would protect her friends in the future and she knew that she was destined to be Sailor Venus for a long time but wasn't there more for her? 
Wasn't she allowed to be an idol too? Or was that out of the question for her? She pondered this as she sat on the swings and let the wind blow through her hair. She didn't have the best test scores and she wasn't as smart as Ami, but she could still be something other than a senshi right? 
With these thoughts plaguing her mind she sat there till well after the sun was down. Her mother would be looking for her. Sighing she stood and grabbed her bag and started back home. She would have to figure this out at some point. She would have to think about all this soon. Was there more to life than being a Senshi and protecting her dear friends? What if she just left it all behind? What if she packed away her transformation pen and her communicator and just walked away for a normal life? Would that be so bad? Yes, she decided. They would need her, even if she was ditzy and a little dumb, but she was their leader after Usagi. She would stay and not think about what would be in the future. There could very well be a man and kids in her future or the career as an Idol she wanted so badly. It wouldn't hurt to be a senshi at the same time. It might help her, but how would she fight if she had an image to maintain? Shaking her head she came upon her home. Her mother was standing the the front yard. Minako put on a smile and started to say she was sorry for being so late. Her mother just hugged her. "It's ok dear." her mother said. "I just worry about you." she said as they walked into their home, to the smell of dinner ready to eat. 
Yeah the future could wait a little longer. For now, Minako would try to be as normal a girl as she could. Yeah that sounded like a good plan.
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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino/Sailor V/Princess Venus   9/10/2014, 6:42 pm



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Sailor Venus/Minako Aino/Sailor V/Princess Venus

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