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 Sailor Venus

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Sliver Crystal
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PostSubject: Sailor Venus   Sailor Venus Empty9/19/2014, 11:19 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Minako Aino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 13-16, October 22

Used Canons: 90s Anime, Crystal, Manga and a tad of PGSM.

Minako is very similar to Usagi, as she is chosen to play a decoy to the Princess if it is ever required. She has long blonde hair that she puts up in a part ponytail, complete with a red bow, the rest hanging loose.  Her eyes are a beautiful blue which compliments her long blonde hair. She is pale, but also slim and fit as she loves to play sports. She may be short, standing at 5’2, but she is mighty. When Minako is not wearing her school uniform, she loves to wear the newest fashion for clothing, wanting to someday become a pop idol.
Minako is incredibly energetic, as well as ditzy, adorable, hilarious and spunky. She is a big dreamer as she dreams one day of becoming a pop idol. She is always smiling and always trying to get others to smile as well. She is incredibly determined, almost stubborn at times and won’t let anyone get in her way when it’s something she really wants, whether it’s love or that last gyoza. Minako is the type to believe she is always right…even when she’s not. She takes her duty as the Senshi of Love and Beauty very seriously; especially the love part as she always tries to set people up, convinced they would be great from each other…even when they’re not. It comes from the goodness of her heart however and she means well. She is also a giant flirt.
Being into sports has allowed her to be very athletic, with high agility and flexibility, which helps her on the battlefield. When she is the leader of the Senshi, she takes this duty very seriously. She is always strategizing and trying to make sure that everyone makes it out alright and the enemy is defeated. She has an amazing ability to think on her feet and strategizes, an ability that rivals Sailor Mercury’s. She puts others before herself, always willing to be the sacrifice.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
She is incredibly good at sports, especially volleyball. She is also an amazing singer and dancer. As she is Sailor Venus, she can also see ties between Soul Mates.
In the Silver Millenium, Minako Aino was Princess Venus, sworn protector of Princess Serenity and part of the inner senshi group that protected her. It has been said that she and Kunzite, a Shintennou of Prince Endymion fell in love and had a passionate romance. When it came to light that he had seemily betrayed her, Princess Venus swore that she would never love again. In the final attack upon the Moon Kingdom, Princess Venus died along with everyone else. She was reincarnated on modern Earth as Minako Aino.
At the tender age of 13, she was awoken by Artemis to become Sailor V, a year before the other Senshi were awoken. Her task was to find the Princess while making the bad guys think that she was the Princess. Video games, movies and mangas are made about her. She remained a very public figure in her search. She is eventually united with the rest of the inner senshi and took up the mantle of Sailor Venus. They became fast friends, and defeated many enemies together.
Other Noteworthy Facts:
Favourite Food: curry, ramen, gyoza
Favourite Colour: yellow and red
Other Likes: sports, physical education

Storyline Specific Information:

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Venus
Realm of Influence(s): Love and Beauty
Henshin/Transformation Phrase:
Moon Power, Transform!
Venus Power, Make up!
Venus Star Power, Make Up!
Venus Planet Power, Make Up!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku:
Sailor V- her fuku was a white shirt with a dark blue skirt with a red trim on it. The collar was blue with a red line. She had a front bow in a red colour with an orange gem on it and the back bow in the same dark blue. Her gloves were white, elbow length with red trim on top. She had shoulder pads coming out from under the collar. The collar on her neck was white, with a yellow crescent moon on it. She also had the same colour crescent moon on her forehead. She wore a red trimmed mask to conceal her identity. Her shoes were the same style as she wears as Sailor Venus but are the same blue colour as the rest of her outfit.
Sailor Venus’s colours are orange with navy blue for the front and yellow back bows. There is a orange round button on her front bow.  Her gloves are white, with an orange cuff at the end, which ends at her elbow. Simple kitten heels with a small wrap around the ankle, orange in colour. The fuku skirt, collar and choker are all orange, which is also the same as her boots and the orange on her gloves. She has a red bow which she wears on the back of her head keeping her hair in a half ponytail.
Super Upgrade: Her colours remain the same with her super upgrade. She now sports a yellow star on her choker. The button on her front bow is now a heart instead of a circle and the bow on the back is longer. She now has a small orange earring in both ears.  
Eternal Upgrade: Her tiara has changed, where she has a orange star instead of an oval gem. She now sports orange star earrings. The star on her choker has remained the same. Her boots are now knee height and are white. The top have a yellow star with a orange rim and she wears an orange belt with a star that connects to the top of her skirt. Her collar now has a yellow/gold strip instead of a white one. Her sleeves are transparent yellow, forming a puffy circle, which ends in a 2 tier cuff of orange. Her gloves have remained the same. There is now an orange star on her front bow and her back bow has shortened, but now has long orange ribbons that extend from it, the second tier on her skirt is yellow.

Crescent Beam- Two crescent beams appear on Venus’s forehead, which she then touches with her right index finger. She aims at her target, and shoots a beam of light in their direction.
Crescent Beam Shower- Instead of shooting one beam, multiple beams come from her fingers.
Venus love-me Chain- Using the chain around her waist,  it grows to tremendous lengths. Directing it at a target, it can deal damage or bind them
Sailor V Kick- Kick that dealt damage to foes
Venus Love and Beauty Shock- Blowing a kiss and winking at her enemy, a golden heart forms in her hand. She flings her arm out to the other side of her body which creates a trail of golden hearts that surrounds her. The trail springs until it turns back into one heart which then flies and attacks the target.
Rolling Heart Vibration-  Calling upon the power of Venus, a burst of heart-shaped energy is released, by harming/pushing back a foe to protect someone.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Transformation Pen- allows her to transform into Sailor Venus
Communication Device- wristwatch which allows her to communicate with the other senshi.
Chain- She wears a pink, heart shaped chain that is around her waist, and is used for multiple purposes such as attacking an enemy.
Holy Blade- used in the Silver Millenium, it was a sword made of stone. It is capable of cutting anything, including diamond. It was crafted for the purpose of protecting the Moon Princess.
Guardian: Luna and Artemis act as the inner senshi’s guardians although Artemis resides with Minako.

RP Sample:
“Noo, noo, nooo!” Minako cried as she watched Sailor V die on the screen. Sometimes it felt a little weird to be controlling herself in a video game, sometimes it felt awesome, but she always hated seeing herself die. “I was so close! Why did I have to die?” she moaned, looking dejectedly at the screen. She could hear Rei snickering at her in from the counter where she was drinking her tea. “I’d like to see you do any better!” she challenged, getting up from the seat and walking over to where her friends were. At least she console herself about her character dying with a chocolate milkshake![/b]


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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Venus   Sailor Venus Empty9/19/2014, 11:40 pm

Approved! Very Happy


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Sliver Crystal
Sliver Crystal

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Sailor Venus

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