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 Sakura Kinomoto

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Parallel Moon Crystal
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PostSubject: Sakura Kinomoto   9/3/2014, 6:19 pm

General Information:

From what series?: Cardcaptor Sakura 
Is the character original?: No

Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Age: 10-16
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 1st 

Sakura has short honey brown hair and emerald eyes. As child she wears her hair slightly up in pigtails with part of her hair down. As a teenager she wears her hair completely down. Sakura is average height as preteen girl and a teenage girl.

child appearance on the left, teenage appearance on the right:

An example of her childhood hairstyle:

Sakura wears variety of outfits. She tends to wear cute dresses and skirts. She loves to wear matching hats to go with her outfits. Her best friend Tomoyo loves to make her outfits for hunting Clow Cards or filming her with her camera. 


Sakura is an energetic and cheerful girl. She loves to laugh and smile. Sakura is optimistic and trustworthy. She never doubts a friend and always eager to help a friend in need. She is very kind, loving and gentle.  Sakura is known to have an invincible spell, "everything will be alright." This spells helps her over come any obstacle at hand. She is very athletic. She is on the cheerleader team both in grade school and high school. Sakura can be naive at times and clumsy. She is really innocent and sometimes doesn't notice what's going in her surroundings.  At times she can have short temper especially if someone is teasing her. 


When Sakura was 10 years old, she discovered a strange book in her father's study. It was making a strange sound and the moment she held it the latched unlocked. When Sakura opened the book, she discovered cards. The first card on top was a strange looking woman and its name was Windy. Sakura read the card's name aloud causing a gust of wind to appear. It blew all of the other cards away and released a small plush like cat named Cerberus. It turned out the cards were magical and were created by a sorcerer named Clow Reed. The gust of wind caused the cards to be set free. Cerberus (also known as Sakura) gave Sakura the task of finding these cards and to seal them back to their card forms. The next day Sakura's best friend Tomoyo found about the cards from a video that she filmed the night before. She saw Sakura flying in the sky. Together they track down the cards. Along the way Sakura formed a rival Sayaoran Li, a boy from China. Sayoran came from a family who was a distant relative of Clow Reed. His goal is to capture the rest of the Clow Cards. The two eventually became friends and fell in love with each other.

After capturing all of the Clow Cards, Sakura became the new master after defeating Yue the second guardian of the cards. Right after becoming the master Sakura was put under a huge trail from a kid named Eriol. He made strange events happened around her hometown causing her to transform the cards under her own magic. They became known as Sakura Cards. After transforming all of the cards, Eroil raveled himself as the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He then explained to Sakura that Clow planned Sakura to be the new master all long.

Magical Girl Information (Do you not need to include this for civilian characters)

Magical Name: N/A
Transformation(s): N/A

But her best friend Tomoyo makes her outfits for hunting cards:

Examples of her outfits:

Powers: Sakura has various magical abilities. She can use her magical staff to summon the powers from magical cards (Known Clows Cards then later known as Sakura Cards). She can sense the presence of magic, detect spirits/ghosts, and create her magical cards. She can also see the future in her dreams.
Weapons or Items: Sakura has two staffs to perform her magic. The first is the Sealing the wand which was used to seal the Clow Cards and to summon the capture cards' powers. The second one is her Star Wand which she created herself after she became of the new master over the Clow Cards. She uses it to transform the cards under her magic and summon the cards' powers.  Both wands look like keys when not in use. Sakura uses a chant to to summon her wands.

Sealing Wand:

Star Wand:

Sakura uses Clow Cards later known as Sakura Cards in series. Each card is named after its ability. The powers range from many different abilities. Elemental, flight, ect.

Clow Cards:

Clow Book/Sakura Book is a special book that holds the cards.


Cerberus (also known as Kero):

The Guardian Beast of the Seal. His duty is watch over the cards and pick the next potential candidate to become the next master over the cards. His powers are based on the sun. He has two forms. His first form a plush like cat and his true form is a lion with wings. In both forms he can fly and sense Clow Cards. In his true form he can breath fire and create energy barriers. Kero is a very egoistic. He likes to show off abilities and thinks he's the coolest thing since slice bread. Kero loves to be in lime light especially with Tomoyo is filming Sakura's adventures. He has a huge sweet tooth and will often steal food. He is very demanding and can be bossy at times. Despite being full of himself Kero is vary caring and loves Sakura deeply.


Yue is the second guardian over the Clow Cards/Sakura Cards. His purpose is to judge the candidates for the master over the cards. He has two forms. His first form is a human named Yukito who is Sakura's childhood crush and her brother's friend. His main form his a man with wings. Yue's powers are based off the moon.  He can create shields, create crystal shards to throw at the enemy, and create a bow and arrow. Yue on the outside is aloof and serious. But on the inside he is very kind and gentle. He was very close to his former master Clow, but learns to love Sakura.
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Parallel Moon Crystal
Parallel Moon Crystal  Founder

Posts : 523
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Kinomoto   9/5/2014, 11:53 pm


Since I'm the only on staff. I made sure I followed the profile skeleton.


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Sakura Kinomoto

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