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 Lucina- guardian Cat

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Small Lady Serenity
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PostSubject: Lucina- guardian Cat   9/30/2014, 5:49 pm

Sailor Moon Profiles

General Information:

Age:in human form appears to be about 10, she is closer to 100.
Birthday:Oct 31

Lucina is very close in appearance to her mother and sister, though her coloring is some how Pink. She sports the crescent moon on her forehead and her eyes are odd, one being a brilliant blue and the other a vibrant green.
image for reference:

Like all the cats in her family Lucina can become human. As a human her appearance is akin to he mothers. With 4 oodangos on her head, and long hair hanging to her thighs. She sports vibrant pink hair and her eyes remain the same. She is still a child in her human form and as such she isn't very tall, some where in the 3 feet range. She is usually seen in a beautiful pale yellow or white dress, that is high in the front and low in the back allowing for more free movement of her legs. The top of the dress is closer to her mother's with random flare around the bodice. Lucina has been known to don jeans and a tee shirt if needed for any occasion.


Lucina is always trying to keep up with her sister, as such she is always trying to be more like Diana. Lucina is very smart and can play several musical instruments including the violin and piano. She takes lessons with Michiru and Haruka when they have time to teach her other wise she works on her own. She is a very good student and spends much of her free time in the library reading. She isn't quite Ami smart but she is quick to catch on and loves to learn. Lucina is very calm and collected she is blunt as well. She will say it like it is and doesnt always realize that could hurt someone. Aside from this Lucina is a usually care free girl who loves to learn and enjoys spending time outside. She also loves video games and her room is more like a shrine to all things gaming and fandom than it should be.


The second daughter of Luna and Artemis, Lucina has spent all her life in her imaginary pursuit of keeping up with her older sister. Lucina looks up to Diana and wants to be just like her big sister. When she was 4 Lucina followed her sister everywhere. As she grew Lucina started trying to be just like her and for a period of time between 5 and 6 she dressed just like her sister going so far as to wear her sister's clothes. Then Lucina discovered music and found a passion that was her own. She loves playing any music and is very talented, the Mau child has no trouble picking up any instrument a fact that was not lost on Michiru and Haruka. The two outer senshi began to teach the young Mau piano and violin, which Lucina took to like a fish to water. At 9 years old Lucina discovered the joy of video games and spent the next couple of years turning her room into a gamer's paradise, with the approval of her mother that is. Lucina loves to help Ami when she can and she loves to watch Mako cook. If you can't find the small pink moon cat she is most likely in the music room. Recently Lucina has taken up dancing and it is looking like she is finding her own person and no longer trying to be just like her sister.

Lucina is Guardian to Kausagi, Sailor Earth.


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PostSubject: Re: Lucina- guardian Cat   9/30/2014, 6:27 pm

Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Approved! :3


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Lucina- guardian Cat

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