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 Senshi: Sailor Mercury

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Mercury   9/29/2014, 8:46 pm

General Information

Name: Ami Mizuno
Age: 14-25
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 10th

Appearance: Ami is typically identified by her short, blue hair.  Her big, knowledgeable eyes match her hair, and her skin is the color of porcelain.  One of the shorter members of the Sailor Senshi, Ami stands at a small 5'2".  Her hair parts at the left side of her head, and only reaches the middle of her neck.  When not wearing her Juuban Municipal school uniform, Ami maintains a practical, modest sense of fashion.  She likes to wear crisp blouses and cute vests, along with pencil skirts and sophisticated pants.  She tends to suit more for comfort than for style when it comes to shoes, and typically chooses regular tennis shoes over the hottest pair of boots.  She also wears small, blue studs on her ears 24/7, even as a senshi.  Occasionally, she will wear wire-rimmed glasses to assist her with reading and studying.

Personality: Known for her extreme intelligence and maturity, Ami tends to be very anti-social and introverted.  She would rather work alone than with a group, study silently instead of read aloud, etc. etc.  She likes large, quiet areas, and tends to stay away from crowds.  A lover of books and the beauty of knowledge, she spends most of her free time studying or reading.  Adjusting to new people and large crowds is difficult for her, and she has trouble trusting others.  A patient girl, Ami is a fantastic friend, and will never let her friends down when they need her.  She is very selfless, and is constantly putting the needs of others before herself.  Because of this, she has a tendency to forget about her own happiness along the way.  She longs to satisfy others, especially her mother.  Ami is very good at coming up with strategies and staying calm in stressful situations.  Handling pressure is easy for her, and she doesn't get nervous when required to speak in front of a crowd.  If it means furthering her education, Ami will do it flawlessly.  She dreams of becoming a world-renowned doctor, following the footsteps of her mother.  However, Ami would never let her own goals get in the way of her duty as a sailor senshi.  She fears large crowds and doesn't really believe in relationships.  She tends to stay away from those who may hurt her, men being at the top of that list.  Despite Ami's mature, sophisticated aura, she is secretly a typical fangirl.  She reads fanfiction, romance novels, listens to the popular Japanese boybands, practically everything Usagi and Minako do.  She just isn't very vocal about her secret fetishes.  Since meeting Usagi and the other Inners, Ami has come out of her shy, insecure shell and allowed herself to open up more to other people.  Her IQ and analysis skills are off the charts, and she uses all of these skills on a daily basis, whether as a student or as a senshi.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Ami is very skilled with computers, and most other forms of technology.  She also happens to be very good at chess, and is a very advanced swimmer.  Although talented in many ways, Ami is most-known for her IQ of 300 and her indescribable intelligence.

History: During the Silver Millennium of a thousand years past, Ami was Sailor Mercury, the Princess of Mercury and the guardian of the Moon Princess, Serenity.  She fell in love with a handsome general from Earth, but that love turned into turmoil, and she was betrayed.  Hurt and forced to fight to protect her princess, Ami was killed in the legendary battle between the Moon and the Dark Kingdom.  Reincarnated by Queen Serenity, Sailor Mercury adopted the name of Ami Mizuno and was mainly raised by her mother.  In her early years, Ami's parents got divorced.  She lived with her mother, after her father decided to travel abroad for his art.  Throughout her life, Ami spent most of her days alone, struggling under the pressure her esteemed mother placed on her.  A talented surgeon, Ami's mother expected nothing less than perfection from her daughter.  As she grew older, Ami learned how to handle pressure, and her grades exemplified that.  She was always at the top of her classes, and never received less than a 100 on any assignment.  She devoted her life to her studies, spending any time she could at home studying or at the library.  Her mother's lack of presence in their sophisticated household grew customary, and Ami became adapted to a life of loneliness.  Everyone she knew would always look at her in disgust, thinking that she was pompous and arrogant.  But in fact, Ami was just desperate for one person she could go to every day when she needed a friend.  That person didn't come until junior high, when Usagi Tsukino crashed into her life.  Soon after their meeting, Ami was introduced to video games, which she was surprisingly good at.  Luna, Usagi's feline guardian, discovered that Ami was a sailor senshi, and gifted her with a transformation pen.  At the time, Ami attended the Crystal Seminar, a computer school for the elite and intelligent.  The school was run by Dark Kingdom enemies, and Ami was their prime target.  With the pen, Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury, and since then has assisted Usagi and the other senshi in defeating countless enemies.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Ami's blood type is A, and she is a Virgo.  Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is sandwiches.  She is also fond of her birthstone, a sapphire, and takes a particular liking for water lillies. 

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Mercury
Realm of Influence(s): Water and Intelligence
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Mercury Power, Make-Up! (Age 14)
Mercury Star Power, Make-Up! (Age 15)
Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up! (Ages 16+)
Senshi Fuku: As always with Sol Senshi, Sailor Mercury's leotard is white.  The collar is dark blue, with two white lines along the trim.  The sleeves of the leotard are white, shaped like two rings.  Attatched to the collar is a light blue bow, with a dark blue orb in the center, holding it in place.  The short, pleated skirt of the fuku matches the collar in color, and her knee-lemgth boots are dark blue with white trim.  On the top of the skirt in the back, there is light blue bow.  On her arms are elbow-length white gloves, with two rings of dark blue trim at the elbows.  A dark blue choker necklace adorns her neck, and blue studs are on her ears.  These studs, when pressed, will form a clear blue visor over Sailor Mercury's eyes.  Completing the ensemble, a golden tiara with a dark blue jewel in the center is on Sailor Mercury's forehead.
When in her super senshi form, the bow on Mercury's back extends in length, and the orb in the middle of the bow on her chest is shaped like a heart instead of a circle.  Also, a golden star appears in the middle of her necklace, and the second ring of her sleeves becomes sheer.
Mercury Aqua Mist - Streams of thick, foggy mist protrudes from Sailor Mercury's hands, obstructing the sight of her enemies.
Shine Aqua Illusion - To perform this attack, Sailor Mercury summons a drop of water out of thin air.  This drop falls to the ground, creating ripples in a puddle of water.  The water then rises up, entering Mercury's control.  She then pushes the water at the enemy, engulfing it in the freezing liquid.
Shine Snow Illusion - This attack is quite similar to 'Mercury Aqua Mist,' because they both create a sort of smokescreen.  To perform this attack, Sailor Mercury summons a flurry of icy snow, which she launches at her enemy.  The sharp snow serves as a thick obstruction of one's line of sight, and can also cut the skin/clothing of anyone within the blizzard.]
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody - To perform this attack, Sailor Mercury forges a harp out of water, and plays a beautiful tune that summons even more water, which she then blasts at her enemy.  It can cause dreadful damage, and has the possibility of freezing an enemy.
Mercury Aqua Mirage - Sailor Mercury summons a globe of water in her hands that separates in powerful streams, forming in a larger globe around her enemy.  This globe spins at a powerful rate, and can burst and destroy whatever is inside.  It requires a lot of concentration and energy.
Sailor Planet Power - To perform this attack, Sailor Mercury must collaborate with the other Inner Senshi.  By holding hands, the four (or five) Inner Senshi would combine their unique planetary powers, creating a powerful beam of energy that can be directed towards an enemy.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Virtual Reality (VR) Visor - This translucent blue item appears over Sailor Mercury's eyes when she touches one of her earrings.  It can be used to analyze, calculate, and compute enemies, strategies, and mysterious phenomena.  
Communicator - This item resembles a watch with a large blue circular piece replacing the timepiece.  The mark of Mercury is on the front, and once opened, the voices of anyone who contacts Ami can be heard.
Super Computer - This computer is disguised as a blue compact, but when opened, there is an array of buttons and switches.  Ami/Sailor Mercury uses it to analyze data, find weaknesses, and gain information.
Transformation Pen - A blue pen with a golden cap.  At the top of the cap is the symbol of Mercury.  It is thrown away by Sailor Mercury during the battle against Queen Beryl.
Star Power Stick - This small stick is mostly blue, with a crown on top.  The bottom of the crown is golden, while the top is blue.  Protruding from the crown is a golden star with the symbol of Mercury in the center.  This transformation item is used all the way from the defeat of the Dark Kingdom to the appearance of the Dead Moon Circus.
Crystal Power Stick - The "stick" part of this item is bubblegum pink, with a handle on the side.  A golden pair of wings extends from the top of the small stick, and attached to the wings is a spherical blue orb.  Inside of the orb is the golden symbol of Mercury, and on top of the orb is a small golden star.  This transformation item is used from the beginning of the Dead Moon Circus (given to Sailor Mercury by Pegasus) to the end of time.


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Mercury   9/29/2014, 10:33 pm

Lovely! Approved! :3


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Senshi: Sailor Mercury

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