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 Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review

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Mistress Moon
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PostSubject: Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review   9/26/2014, 12:04 am

Sailor Moon Profiles
General Information:

Name: Mamoru Chiba/ Tuxedo Kamen/ Prince Endymion/ King Endymion
Age:18 (but in this story he’s 22)
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 3

Appearance: Mamoru stands tall at about 6’2’’ He has black hair and blue eyes. Mamoru typically wears dark pants with a black shirt and a green jacket. In the manga his left ear is pierced. Mamoru is also know to wear many 90’s fashion hits. The shirts with the rolled up sleeves, and a long sleeve shirt with a purple are also some big hits.

Tuxedo Kamen

Tuxedo Kamen wears a white button down shirt, a white vest, and a black jacket. He wears a white bowtie, and in the manga and crystal he has a neck brooch that is shaped like an fancy plus sign. He wears black pants and black dress shoes. He also wears a black cape with red on the inside, a black top hat and a white mask. In SMC and the manga he also has the star locket watch that shows the phases of the moon.
Prince Endymion
Prince Endymion wears navy blue pants, with a long sleeve navy blue shirt with a silver pattern on the front. His cape is navy blue and red on the inside. His black boots come up to his knees. He also wears shoulder gear and carries a sword.
King Endymion
King Endymion wears almost all lavender. His cape is lavender with white lining. He no longer wears the top hat but still wears the mask. His hair is also more purple than black.


Mamoru was very guarded at first and was quite brash and rude to Usagi in the beginning. In the manga though he was more teasing, not as bad as in the anime. His emotions are mainly caused by his past, and the death of his parents. But as time goes by he is able to open himself up more, and once he and Usagi start dating, Mamoru becomes more open and warm to those around him, especially Usagi, he is also very protective…hence his name mamoru (protector). When Chibiusa is introduced, he is also very attached to her and enjoys being with her. Mamoru is very studious and hopes to be a doctor one day.


Mamoru lost both of his parents in a car crash on his sixth birthday. Afterwards, Mamoru suffers from amnesia, unable to remember anything about his past. Later in life he starts having these dreams about a princess, and how he needs to find the legendary silver crystal. Little does mamoru know this is his past self, prince Endymion trying to awaken him. Mamoru is not in control of his ability to transform into tuxedo kamen, but whenever sailor moon is in danger, it triggers the changes for him to change to tuxedo mask.

Once his memories are awoken he is in more contol of his ability to transform, but first he will be captured and brainwashed by Queen Beryl. His memories are gone again and in a brainwashed rage he tries to kill sailor moon. She is able to save him through her love and the locket that in a way binds them together from the past life to the present.
Mamoru loses his memories again, and his “soul” is incarnated as the moonlight knight who acts as the same role as tuxedo mask until Mamoru regains his memories at the end of the doom tree arc. After this Mamoru is having bad dreams sent by his future self, that if he and usagi stay together bad things will happen. Mamoru breaks up with Usagi, and a new friend comes, Chibiusa, who later is revealed to be King Endymion’s and Neo Queen Serenity’s daughter.
Mamoru continues to be easily influenced by the enemy, but in the Stars arc before he leaves to America, he in essence asks Usagi to marry him and wait for his return, but his star seed is taken by Galaxia, and we don’t see him again until the final episode.
Special Abilities: Psychometry. He is able to read into the past and the future through tough. Mamoru has the ability to heal. He also has a link with Usagi and can sense when she transforms into sailor moon. Mamoru also has a link with the earth and if the earth is in distress so is mamoru.

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information (Do you not need to include this for civilian characters)

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Tuxedo Mask/ Moonlight Knight
Transformation(s): Pulling out a red rose to transform.
Powers: Tuxedo la smoking bomber
Weapons or Items: Roses- more of a distraction tool, but can also pierce, Mamoru’s black roses electrocuted Usagi when he was brainwashed.

Cane- can extend and is similar to a sword
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Small Lady Serenity
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Pink Moon Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review   9/26/2014, 5:09 pm

Ok looks good! Approved


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Mistress Moon
Golden Dream Mirror

Posts : 339
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PostSubject: Re: Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review   9/26/2014, 5:11 pm

thanks Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review   

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Endymion/ Mamoru/ Tuxedo Kamen- Ready for Review

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