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 Prince Kunzite/ General Kunzite

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Sliver Crystal
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PostSubject: Prince Kunzite/ General Kunzite   9/25/2014, 11:20 am

General Information

Character Name: Prince Kunzite/ General Kunzite
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: August 15th

Used Cannons:
Manga, Anime, PGSM


Kunzite has extremely long, white hair had and periwinkle eyes. He is the tallest of the Shintennou, standing at 6’0 and has pale skin. He is muscular, like all the generals, and has a noble yet stoic face. When in his Shintennou form, his wears dark grey pants, black boots and a dark grey jackets with an light blue/grey accent. His formal wear is a grey/white jacket and pants with black boots and a grey accent along the edges. Kunzite likes to be comfortable when not in his uniform, preferring tennis shoes, jeans and a t-shirt.


He is the calm, cool and collected of the Shintennou. He operates well under pressure unlike Nephrite who tends to let his emotions get the better of him. In college, he is very mature, and finds it difficult to relate to some of his class mates. In the Silver Millennium, Venus had been able to make him laugh and relax, but with his betrayal, he’d lock that part of himself away. He loves planning and making lists, he loves to be organized, which his bosses love. He can be extremely strict and bossy at times with the other Shintennou, but he loves his comrades dearly and does not want to see them hurt, and tries to keep them in line. He tends to stay focused on the positive and doesn’t let little things get in his way. It is his sense of responsibility to protect his Prince that drove him to Beryl and to betray everyone he had ever loved or cared for.

He loves Minako deeply and truly regrets that he allowed Beryl to manipulate himself and the other Shintennou into betraying their Prince and betraying her. He hopes one day that he is able to make amends for his transgressions. He still feels terrible guilt about his actions no matter how many times his Prince tells him he is forgiven, but tends to not let it bring him down. Instead of focusing on the past, he looks to the future, to what he can do so his actions are never repeated.

One of his likes that has not changed from the silver Millennium was reading. He loved to do it then and he still loves to do it in his newly reincarnated life. He can easily allow himself to get lost in the pages of a book, only to be dragged out by his brothers, or the love of his life. One thing he misses is being able to horse back ride for hours on end. It's not so easy to do in the city, and these new modern cards don't feel the same, although Nephrite has become quite fond of the sports models, telling Kunzite that they go faster than any horse could ever dream of. Call him old fashioned, but he prefers horseback as a mode of transportation. He has become quite fond of the convenience of food and ways to cook food. No longer do you have to wait hours for food to cook. Now you can have a full meal in less than 5 minutes with this microwave contraption. When he is stressed out, Kunzite likes to go to a cafe to read and sip his coffee. He finds the hustle of the cafes soothing, reminding him of the bustle of his castle.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

Piano Playing: Is an amazing pianist.

Swordsman skills: Like all the Shintennou, he excels at swords play. He carries a sword that was crafted to fit only his hand during the Silver Millennium and is made of indestructible mtal. There is sacred text engraved on the blade and the hilt is pure black.

Energy Manipulation: Kunzite is able to create energy shields and manipulate energy in order to create blasts.

Fighting Skills:
He has extremely well honed fighting skills and excellent reflexes which normally give him the advantage in a battle. Combine that with his uncanny ability to be aware of his surroundings, Kunzite almost always walks away the victor.

Back in the Silver Millennium, Kunzite acted as one of the four guardians to Prince Endymion. Kunzite and the other guardians were very suspicious of the Moon and how the people there were always watching them. In their desire to protect their prince, they allowed themselves to be manipulated by a woman named Beryl, who was in love with Endymion, who brain washed the guardians to work for her. Firmly controlled by Beryl, they launched an attack on the Silver Kingdom. When Endymion was killed, all the generals expressed shock and sadness. He took it the hardest, blaming himself that as the leader, he should have not trusted this woman so easily.

When the Negaverse returned in modern Tokyo, Kunzite was the last general that the Inner Senshi faced before Queen Beryl. He faced the senshi several times, looking for the Silver Crystal before he was stopped by Sailor Moon. When everyone else reincarnated, Kunzite, with the other generals, were turned to stone and lived in Mamoru Chiba’s apartment, occasionally giving him advice.  

RP Sample:

Time passes differently as a rock. He really didn’t know how many years he had been stuck in this form, all he knew is that he had a lot of time to think about his actions. Mina-kun, his mind whispered. God, how he missed holding her, sneaking out to meet her, or when they both complained about how much their charge were reckless idiots in love. He missed how she would blush when he complimented her. What he wouldn’t give to be able to hold her again. He had betrayed her. There was no way even if he returned to being a man tomorrow and he saw her, that she would ever forgive him or let him touch her again. His heart and soul ached with how much pain he had caused his lovely Goddess. His train of thought cut off as a bright golden light filled his consciousness. What was going on? Was his Prince in trouble?

“Welcome back,” a familiar voice said. He could hear a small giggle coming from the same direction. He blinked, his eyes finally coming into focus. He…he had a body again. He looked in the direction he had heard the voices in and saw his Prince in full armour, and from he had been told, future King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. A small blonde girl, Usagi, Sailor Moon, future Neo Queen Serenity, his mind helpfully supplied standing beside him in her Princess dress from the Silver Millennium, silver crystal in hand.

“Thank you my Prince, Princess,” he said solemnly, nodding towards both of them. Perhaps this was a second chance and in this life, he could make things right.


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PostSubject: Re: Prince Kunzite/ General Kunzite   9/25/2014, 5:34 pm



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Prince Kunzite/ General Kunzite

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