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 General/ Prince Nephrite

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PostSubject: General/ Prince Nephrite   General/ Prince Nephrite Empty9/10/2014, 9:36 pm

General Information

Character Name: Prince Nephrite/ General Nephrite
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 28 

Used Cannons:
Manga, Anime 

Nephrite is a lean man with long wavy chestnut hair, which he prefers to keep loose. However, if his hair gets in his way during a fight, he will tie it back into a low ponytail.  Nephrite is fairly tall, standing at 5”11 with captivating blue eyes.  When in his Shintennou form, his wears dark grey pants, black boots and a dark grey jackets with an orange accent. His formal wear is a grey/white jacket and pants with black boots and an orange accent along the edges. Nephrite is a bit vain, preferring to wear expensive slacks, with a t-shirt and a sports jacket when not wearing his Shintennou wear. 

Nephrite can be very emotional, which can lead him into trouble as his hot-headedness and stubbornness can get the better of him at times. However, his emotions can be a leading force for him as after Jadeite was banished into an eternal sleep, Nephrite channeled his emotions into a driving force to seek revenge against the Sailor Senshi. 

He also feels deeply which was seen with his feelings for Naru. He demonstrates compassion and passion both with Naru and when Jadeite was banished into eternal sleep. Nephrite also acts overly proud of himself possibly due to his abilities. His sense of responsibility is what drove him to Beryl in his need to protect Prince Endymion. He wanted so badly to protect him and do what was right, even if it meant siding with someone he was not sure of.  He cares deeply about the other General, working with them in order to keep their prince safe. When they were working for Beryl, they constantly competed for her love and attention, but also held a deep respect for each other.

Nephrite loves the stars and anything related to it. He’s used mysticism with the stars on many occasions to aid him in his tasks. He will put a great deal of energy into learning about things he cares about. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Astrology: is incredibly knowledgeable about astrology and astronomy and can use the stars to predict the future. 

Sword Ability: due to intense training with the other 3 kings, Nephrite has become an amazingly skilled swordsman. 

Back in the Silver Millennium, Nephrite acted as one of the four guardians to Prince Endymion. Nephrite and the other guardians were very suspicious of the Moon and how the people there were always watching them. In their desire to protect their prince, they allowed themselves to be manipulated by a woman named Beryl, who was in love with Endymion, who brain washed the guardians to work for her. Firmly controlled by Beryl, they launched an attack on the Silver Kingdom. When Endymion was killed, all the generals expressed shock and sadness. 

In the present day, Queen Beryl and her Four Kings of Heaven are reborn. All four of the guardians feel as if they need to find their real master and aid him although they have no memory of their previous life. Nephrite was the second General to be sent against the Senshi after Jadeite was sentenced to the Eternal Sleep by Queen Beryl for failing him too many times. 

Nephrite believed that he would be able to gather more energy using one person at a time instead of big groups like Jadeite. He thus used his mysticism with the stars to pinpoint people who were at the peak of their energy in order to drain them. While on earth he disguised himself as Masato Sanjouin, a wealthy businessman and socialite. This allowed him greater movement to be able to seek out those he needed to drain energy from. 

During the course of his search for the Silver Crystal and his quest to destroy the Senshi, Nephrite met a young girl named Naru. He believed her to be Sailor Moon as the Black Crystal he had created to track down the Silver Crystal was reacting to her. However, what he did not realize until later was that the Black Crystal was reacting to Naru’s love for him. He eventually comes to love her in return and saves her from Zoisite at the cost of his life. He died defending her from Zoisite and his minions. 

RP Sample:

Sample 1
Naru-san, I hate to think that I am lying to you once again. I know that I am dying. I will not be able to take you for chocolate parfait as I promised you moments ago that I would. I can rest in peace knowing that you are safe and that you are still living. This brings me peace in my final moments despite how much it aches to see you hurting so. I want you to be happy, Naru-san, please move on for me. Find love; find someone who will make you happy. I regret that this cannot be me. I do not have much time left on this earth and that is one thing I do regret. I love you Naru-san, forever and always.

Sample 2

He could feel himself slipping further and further away. He was dying. He knew it yet all he could think about was the girl holding him, crying. He loved her, he realized, regretting that he had to leave her so soon, that he wasn’t able to spend more time on this earth in order to get to know her, to make her happy, to eat chocolate parfait with her. He felt a peace settle over him knowing that she was safe and would go on living. Please be happy Naru-san. Please move on and be happy. Find love, he thought desperately as he felt himself slipping further away.  I will always love you, forever and always.
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PostSubject: Re: General/ Prince Nephrite   General/ Prince Nephrite Empty9/10/2014, 9:52 pm



General/ Prince Nephrite Ccs10
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General/ Prince Nephrite

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