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 Knight: Zoisite (RFR)

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PostSubject: Knight: Zoisite (RFR)    9/10/2014, 7:14 pm

General Information

Name: General/Prince Zoisite
Gender: male
Birthday: June 3rd
Age: 19
Birthplace: Earth

Physical description:
Zoisite is about average height for man (5'10, the oracle refer to him as the same height as Jadeite). He has long wavy dirty blond hair. To control his long hair Zoistie will pull it up into a ponytail. He has long face, but has small lips and a small nose. His ears are also rather small and they're also pierced. He likes to wear small green round earrings. Zoisite also has huge light green eyes.

Zoisite wears a gray suit with a green trim and black boots. He also wears a pair long white gloves. For formal attire Zoisite wears white jacket golden trimmed piece with dark brown trouser and a brown cape.

Out of the four generals Zoisite is very effeminate. He keeps up with his hygiene and always has a clean appearance (He won't even allow his clothes to get wrinkled!). He gets grossed out very easily and cannot stand having dirt on his clothes or on his body. He also bit of a neat freak and has to keep everything in his room organize. Sometimes he can go on an OCD tangent if someone messes with his belongings. Zoiste has a youngest child mentality. He considers himself to be entitled to everything and tends to throw a fit if he doesn't get his way. Basically he can act as a spoil brat. Usually around other people can be very be very quiet and subdued. He feels he's above talking to normal people and tends to think he's better than them. He uses his quiet nature to his advantage by sneaking up on his opponent.

Zoisite is very intelligent. He's very good at problem solving and quick thinking. He can easily point out his opponent's weaknesses. Zoisite is also very loyal to his prince, Endymion. He'll do anything to ensure that his prince his safe. When it comes to protecting the prince, he becomes quite serious. He's also very loyal to Kunzite and views him like a big brother.


Zoisite was born to one of the four Kings of Terra. At young age his father took him to the celebration of the birth of Prince Endymion. His father gotten to an heated argument when the other three Kings of Terra arrived with their sons. The argument rose when the idea of bringing their own son was not original. Old wounds were open and the argument didn't end until Helios, the high priest of Elysian stepped in. His solution was to have sons be raised as a guardian for Prince Endymion. The kings anger toward each other demised knowing that their sons would be honored and well respected. Helios then suggested for the kings' sons to return to Elysian at the age of five (Kunzite was an exception to this since he was already of age ).

At the age of five Zoisite returned to Elysian to live with the three other Kings' sons, Nephrite, Kunzite, and Jadeite. He also lived with Prince Endymion. Zoisite was given a good education and since the age of five he was very intelligent. He would always impressed his teachers with his high intelligence. As Zoisite grew older he was train in combat to protect Prince Endymion and became the second lowest rank of the four generals. He was a quick learner by using his intelligence to his advantage. When he was not in his classes or at combat training, Zoisite would hang out with the Nephrite, Kunzite, and Jadeite. Occasionally Endymion when he was free from his own classes. The boys were boys they would often explore the areas around them and play adventure games. When Zoisite was alone, he would play the piano. He picked up this interest from his fine art classes. Zoisite's musical skills impressed his teachers and encourage him to preform for high officials. Zoisite agreed and preformed at many recitals which is how he became obsessed with his appearance. Becoming obsessed with his appearance made him get teased by Nephrite and Jadeite. However Kunzite would stand up for Zoisite which made the two of them became close. Zoisite admire Kunzite and respected him. He was like a big brother to him.

As then generals and the prince grew older tension was forming when their prince was seeing Princess Serenity. Zoisite grew very suspicious about their prince's relationship with the moon princess. The other generals also grew suspicious which grew even more when they met a woman name Beryl. She used their suspicious for her advantage and convinced Zoisite and the other generals to join her side to conquer the Moon Kingdom. On the night of attack of the Moon Kingdom Zoisite and the other generals meant their demise when Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal. The power of the crystal caused Zoisite's and the other generals' souls were sealed inside stones. Years later Zoisite found himself awaken by Beryl and she brainwashed him into working for the Dark Kingdom. He served her by stealing energy from humans and searched for the Silver Crystal. Near the end of the battle of the Sailor Senshi and Dark Kingdom Zoisite was killed in the line of action. He was choking Sailor Moon during a fight, he was sliced in half by Sailor V's boomerang. Later during the final battle of the Dark Kingdom Zoisite and the other generals were revived and returned to being stones once again and throughout the years Mamoru calls upon his spirit for advice.

Zoisite is a natural at playing the piano, some people call him a prodigy.

RP sample:

Zoisite was in his room one night sitting at his piano's bench. He was busy writing a new song to preform for Earth's governmental officials. He promised his teacher that he would write a new song, but he had massive writer's block. He glanced outside his window and noticed it looked like a nice clear night. Perhaps the cool air could help stimulate his brain. Zoisite rose from the bench and grabbed a coat from his closet. He then left the room and headed outside.

Before leaving the palace's ground, he grabbed a lantern from horses stable and lit the wick. He headed out of the stable and found a path that headed into a forest. He walked down the path and as he was walking into the forest he saw nothing but the trees and the moonlight lighting up the path. He came to a stop when the path lead him to a meadow. He looked around and saw no signs of life. Zoisite walked off the path and stood in the middle of the meadow. He then gazed up at the heavens and watched the stars and the moon. As he stood there watching the stars and the moon Zoisite heard a melody playing in the back of his head. He smiled softy when he realized the heavens helped his writer's block. He then made his way back to the palace before he forgot the sweet melody. Who knew that the moon could be so inspiring.
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PostSubject: Re: Knight: Zoisite (RFR)    9/10/2014, 9:21 pm



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Knight: Zoisite (RFR)

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