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 Civilan Queen Serenity

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PostSubject: Civilan Queen Serenity   9/10/2014, 6:26 pm

Name: Queen Serenity
Gender: Female

Age: 642 looks around 18
Birthplace: The Moon

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): Please include at least two paragraphs of description.

Serenity has silver gray hair like the color of moonlight on the water that she wears in 2 buns on top of her head with long pig tales that falls to her knees. Her eyes are deep pools of liquid silver, almost like someone used glass with silver metal in it for her eyes.She has pale skin as she rarely leaves the Moon Palace. Serenity is around 5 feet tall. Her frame is small, and slender. Her movements are always fluid and graceful.  There is a gold crescent moon on her forehead. Typically she doesn’t wear a crown. Her crown when she does wear one is a simple gold circlet that sports a gold crescent moon with a large white crystal in the middle of it. She only wears this for special occasions. The circlet sits on top of her head, instead of her forehead.

Her dresses are usually white or sliver and fall to the floor. The dresses are usually sleeve less or off the shoulder, clinging to her collar line. She is always dressed to impress and is always seen in her best. Her favorite dress is a silver floor length gown that has pearls sewn onto the fabric. She likes the sound it makes as she moves. Another that she can been seen in often is a long sleeved dress that is a pearl color that shines in the light. The collar hangs off her shoulders and comes to a tapered point at the end of the sleeves. The dress is floor length, with a sheer sliver over dress that covers under the bodice and is open in front, this too is floor length.

Personality: Please include at least two paragraphs of description.

Serenity is a kind hearted woman. She rules with a fair and just hand and always listens to her people. She is very gentle and dislikes fighting. However she will fight if she has to defend her people. She is very protective of her people and her child.
Serenity is a strong willed woman who is used to dealing with men of politics. She is well educated and feels that education is important. She is very loving and will go out of her way to help where she can. She takes her duties as queen seriously.

Serenity is a courious person and she still is. Learning new things is something she always takes pleasure in and she is constantly on the look out for something new to learn. She is very playful when she can be and loves to laugh. She always strives for her court to be a play of not just work but fun too. She seeks to make everyone no matter their station in life feel comfortable. Serenity is easy going and wants to be loved by her people. She is hard working and always tries to be fair, even if it's someone she loves greatly. She gets the giggles easily. She loves to smile and she loves to see other smiling too. She wants to make the peace that she has now last for all eternity.

Serenity loves sweets and usually always has some near or on her person at all times. She usually gives these out to the children when she's out among the people. She loves green tea. She hates fighting and violence of any kind. She tries to stay away from potentially volatile situations and when she can't avoid them she does her best to find a solution that will allow everyone to walk away happy. Serenity is a compromising person and feels that most anything can be settled if all parties involved would sit down and talk about it.
Serenity always loves to sing. She likes flower and surrounds herself with them. Her favorite flowers are the peace lily and the white rose.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Serenity has the ability to control the Silver Crystal that she gained from her mother. She has a lovely singing voice and she is a very diplomatic politician and ruler.

History: Please include at least two paragraphs of description.

Serenity was born in a time of peace, to the Moon Goddess Selene and the Moon Prince. She was loved and celebrated. She came to the power of the sliver crystal through her mother and she was taught to use the power she possessed for peace and the protection of her people, as she would one day become queen of the moon kingdom. She knew that some day it would fall to her to keep that peace. She wanted more than anything to be a good and deserving queen for her people. She pushed herself hard and learned everything she would need. She practiced speaking, as she was a shy speaker in her early years.  She grew into a confident and strong willed young woman, who had a bit of a wild streak when she was a teen. She too often sneak out to places she shouldn’t just to see what life was like in other places. She wanted to know. Serenity’s passion for adventure was quelled when she became queen and she satisfied herself with books and descriptions from others, as she knew a queen shouldn’t be so reckless.

Serenity was close to her mother. She would often be seen with her in the gardens. The relationship Serenity had with her mother is what drives her to have a close and loving relationship with her child. She decided that no matter what some day she would be a mother that a child would love and wish to be close to, like she was with her own mother.  

Serenity came to age and stopped physically aging when she was around 18. She took to the throne soon after and ruled the Moon Kingdom justly for hundreds of years. Serenity’s court is small, consisting of a few select people and her closest advisors. She was greatly loved by her people and she became the queen she wished to be as a child. She works hard to make sure her people have everything they need and she is always looking after them like they were her children.

Powers: Silver Crystal. Serenity can use it to protect her people or to help in major battles. Sometimes the Crystal gives Serenity dreams of the future. Sometimes she can know before the happen if they happen at all. The future sight she has is more of a, what may come to pass.
Weapons or Magical Items: Moon Scepter. She uses this to channel her silver crystal’s power. This makes it easier for her to control.

RP Sample: Must be at least 100 words.

Serenity walked the empty halls of her palace, headed to her rooms. She was tired and she wanted to rest. She had a long day of petitions from the people and all she wanted was to hold her little one tight and sleep. She always hated that during her days she couldn’t be the one to pick the child up and calm the crying she always heard from the garden.

It pained her that she had to sometimes be a queen first and a mother second. She wanted to be there like her mother was for her, but her mother didn’t have the demands of the kingdom to see too. She thought back to her childhood and how her mother was always there. She missed her mother. Selene had gone to the Cauldron when her father died. Life even for them was finite. Her mother’s passing and her father’s death were almost to much for the young princess. No she was a queen then. She pulled through, somehow. Maybe the thought that some day she could be a mother was what did it. Now that’s what bothered her. She was more queen that mother. She decided that she would cut her time in the public eye so she could be with the little one more. Maybe it was time for the kingdom to meet its heir. Yes that would work. Her child was old enough for brief moments out in the eye of the kingdom and everyone knew she had given birth.

Yes it was time that the little future ruler met their public and started learning to play the part they had be dealt. Serenity just hoped that the child didn’t get her wanderlust. That could prove to be a hassle if it came that the child had. Oh well she would deal with that if the time came. A smile crossed her face as she heard the most wonderful sound in all the moon. Her baby’s laugh. She picked up her skirts and ran the rest of the way to her rooms, not caring who saw her. She threw open the door and scooped the baby up into her arms.
“Hello there my Little one. Have you been good today?” She asked kissing the child on the cheek. She loved this child and she hoped beyond all hope that her child never had to fight the battles she saw in the future through her dreams. She wanted her baby to grow up in peace like she did. She never wanted anything bad to happen, and she wanted to be there for every step. Still smiling she sat down and started rocking gently back and forth. Singing a quite song to the baby.
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PostSubject: Re: Civilan Queen Serenity   9/10/2014, 6:41 pm



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Civilan Queen Serenity

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