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 Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion/King Endymion

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PostSubject: Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion/King Endymion   9/10/2014, 6:24 pm

Name: Mamoru Chiba
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 3rd
Age: 8-22
Birthplace: Tokyo City Japan

Physical Description:
Mamoru stands around 6'2. He has black hair and blue eyes. He often wears semi causal clothing, like jeans but with a nice jacket. He prefers to be comfortable rather than worry about the way he looks. He is fond of a horrid green jacket that he wears usually to cause Usagi grief. He can be seen in business clothes as needed, but prefers jeans and t-shirts most of the time. 


Prince Endymion
Prince Endymion is Mamoru's past life self, eons ago he was the crown prince of the Golden Kingdom of planet Earth who Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom was in love with, however this was forbidden love (in the anime because the two kingdoms were at war, in the manga because earthlings and moon people were forbidden from meeting) when the Dark Kingdom attacked the Moon Kingdom he stood against them and was killed, he was reborn on Earth in the late 20th Century.
When Queen Beryl brainwashes Mamoru and makes him evil in the latter half of the first season of the anime he forgets his love for the princess and that he was ever known as Mamoru Chiba and goes by Prince Endymion or Tuxedo Mask only (throwing a black rose instead of a red one).

Tuxedo Mask
"Tuxedo Mask" represents a disguise Mamoru created for himself in order to hunt for the Silver Crystal incognito and — later — to assist the Sailor Senshi in battle. In addition to his white mask, he wears a full-dress tailcoat (as opposed to the dinner jacket of an actual tuxedo) with a red-lined black cape, and in the anime and live-action series he carries a black cane which he uses like a sword. He takes the place of Sailor Earth.
The anime has him standing on poles, defying gravity, and acting as something of a "swoop-in" type. He appears less developed, and has no special powers or named attacks, but remains a constant force in helping the Sailor Senshi throughout the series when they are in trouble. At the beginning he cannot control the transformation and his body automatically (and painfully) transforms if Sailor Moon is in danger. By the end of the first story arc he can willingly activate the transformation; in a stylized henshin sequence, this is indicated by pulling a rose out of his pocket, which then changes colors, and his tuxedo and mask fly in.[2] Later in the series he is shown transforming instantaneously.
In the manga he starts out as an ordinary thief trying to find the Silver Crystal. Luna initially tells Usagi not to trust him, but relents when they begin to fall in love and his true identity emerges. His function goes beyond that of the rescuer portrayed so often in the anime – it is frequently Sailor Moon who goes to his rescue, and he lends her strength, support and guidance to use the Silver Crystal to defeat the enemies in return.
In the fourth story arc of the manga Helios reinforces Tuxedo Mask's role as a hero by revealing that he, as the Prince of the Golden Kingdom, Elysion, possesses a holy stone in the same way that the Princess of the Silver Millennium owns the Silver Crystal. This holy stone is the Golden Crystal, the Sailor Crystal of the Earth.

Moonlight Knight
The Moonlight Knight appears in the anime only for the first half of Sailor Moon R, the Makaiju arc. When Usagi wished to be a normal girl at the end of the first series, everyone's memories were magically hidden, including Mamoru's. However, Mamoru subconsciously still wanted to protect Usagi, so his memories separated from him and concentrated into the Moonlight Knight.[38] The Moonlight Knight could co-exist in the same space and time as Mamoru. As with Tuxedo Mask, Usagi thought every cute guy she knew was him, and was surprised when she discovered who he was. Once Mamoru recovered his memories, the Moonlight Knight disappeared and rejoined with Mamoru. Mamoru returned to being Tuxedo Mask once again after that point on. The Moonlight Knight mainly dresses in Arabian robes and carries a saber. He also throws white roses, instead of Tuxedo Mask's trademark red roses. Moonlight Knight may be a reference to Moonlight Mask, another Japanese superhero.

King Endymion
In the 30th Century he takes on the name King Endymion and ascends to the throne alongside his now wife Neo-Queen Serenity and rules over the planet Earth and the Solar System with her. Together they have a princess who they name Usagi Small Lady Serenity who is better known as either Chibiusa or simply Small Lady.

Mamoru's personality was very brash at first, especially toward Usagi Tsukino and, to a lesser extent, some of her friends, such as Makoto Kino. It was slowly revealed that his brashness stemmed from the fact that he was orphaned on his sixth birthday in a terrible car crash that left him with his first bout of amnesia, and therefore he had some trouble opening up to others on a deep level. He was often a target for the enemy, and suffered through amnesia many times between the first and second seasons of the anime.
After Usagi and Mamoru's relationship finally became stable in Sailor Moon R, Mamoru's personality became very calm and kind. He was generally supportive of the girls, and did his best to cheer up Usagi and Chibiusa when they were upset, though he also sometimes struggled to keep up with their antics.

Mamoru Chiba becomes the major romantic interest of Usagi Tsukino. The series often portrays him as stoic, steady and introverted. At a young age he lost his parents in a car crash. This blocked his childhood memories of his current lifetime and opened up the memories of his previous life as Prince Endymion. In the beginning of the series, dreams of Princess Serenity haunt Mamoru. Unaware of his dual-identity as Tuxedo Mask, he suffers painful headaches and visions whenever Usagi gets into trouble, and he transforms unknowingly into Tuxedo Mask. As Mamoru, he tries to piece together his strange dreams, and as Tuxedo Mask, he tries to remember his past and identity, while searching for Princess Serenity. Early in the manga he seeks the Silver Crystal in the belief that this will fully restore his memories. In the anime, he seeks it because Princess Serenity tells him to in a dream. Of all the characters, Mamoru gets brainwashed and captured the most throughout the series, probably because of his importance to Usagi.
Mamoru and Usagi become lovers during the series, although they hate each other initially. In the anime, Usagi and Mamoru don't know each other's shared histories, and don't know that they work together as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. In both the manga and anime he and Usagi feel antagonism towards each other and only develop romantic feelings later on. In the anime, Mamoru explains that when Usagi comes close, he doesn't know what comes over him, and for some reason he feels compelled to insult her. Their bantering sets up for a very passionate relationship. In the manga their feelings develop well before they discover their identities; in the anime such feelings emerge only shortly before the revelation of their true roles. Once they became a couple, they remain deeply devoted to each other and their love survives many trials. In the manga, they briefly show jealousy in Volume 8, Act 25. In the anime they break up in Episode 61 (55 in the English version) after King Endymion sends nightmares to Mamoru, making him believe if he stays with Usagi she will die. However, they re-unite in Episode 77. He is always addressed as Mamo-chan by Usagi throughout the series during this time period (Chibiusa also addresses him with this nickname later on). After dating for two years, Mamoru gives Usagi an engagement ring at an airport. Their wedding is shown at the very end of the manga. In the future, they become king and queen and have a child together whom they name, Small Lady, but is in the majority of the series known as Chibiusa.

Mamoru Chiba as seen in the anime. He dresses in casual clothing more frequently in the anime than in the manga, but usually retains a slight hint of formality.
The manga develops Mamoru more extensively, showing that the car-crash happened on his birthday, and it gives a glimpse of his parents. Mamoru also struggles with his identity and function throughout the manga, worrying first about his true nature, then later whether he gets in the way of the Sailor Soldiers. A fair amount of subtle characterization is made for Mamoru, and later extending his role within the manga as to who he is. He also is given the power of psychometry, which also showed up in the anime, but was not given a name. This manifests in his ability to see and read dreams (Such as Chibiusa's), heal people and monitor the status of the Earth. This was not fully developed until the Black Moon arc, and was used occasionally throughout the series. Mamoru also has his left ear pierced in the manga, a trait that does not carry over to his anime counterpart.
The anime tends not to develop Mamoru as much, but shows him as more social than his manga counterpart. He demonstrates interests in a variety of subjects and emerges as smart. The musical Kakyu Ouhi Kourin shows that he is aspiring to become a doctor.[9] He also "dates" Rei Hino for a short time before the revelation of all the past-life identities, though he believes they are just friends.
Tuxedo Mask plays a significantly more important role in the manga than in the anime. In fact, many of Sailor Moon's transformations and final victories come as a result of her and Tuxedo Mask fusing their powers together. In the final battle against the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metaria absorbs Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask into her body. However, they succeed in combining their powers through the Silver Crystal and destroy Queen Metaria from within. Tuxedo Mask also combines his power into Super Sailor Moon's last item in the manga with the rest of the soldiers using the Golden Crystal. In the Infinity story arc, he combined his powers with Sailor Moon to create the next scepter.
The manga tends to show Mamoru as quiet, studious, mysterious and stoic. The student body of his high school often admires him for these qualities. The anime also tends to make him appear in every episode to save Sailor Moon's life. He did have a few attacks that resemble what would seem like some of the attacks in the manga, but these are not given actual names within the anime.
The dub did not make many significant changes to Mamoru's character. He appears a little more extroverted than his original anime counterpart in the voicing.[citation needed] Darien was more likely to yell and get annoyed than Mamoru of the anime, who was often quiet and distant, even when he was annoyed. A line was also added to an episode in the dub that claimed Darien used to be a model, but this was never referred to again. The original line had Mamoru talking about the attractiveness of a girl's character being more important than physical beauty. It also invented karate as one of his hobbies, which was only mentioned in one episode and never mentioned in the original.

Special-ness that is Mamoru-

Even in civilian form, Mamoru demonstrates a variety of psychic powers throughout each series. In both the anime and manga he uses psychometry to read past, present, and future events through touch, and heals others' wounds through psychokinesis. Inconsistently, he is shown teleporting; just once in the anime, while under Queen Beryl's power, and several times as Prince Endymion in the live-action series.
Mamoru also demonstrates a spiritual connection with Usagi: he can detect when she has transformed into Sailor Moon. Early on in the anime series, before they become friends, this connection forcibly transforms Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask so that he can protect her. In later episodes, he seems to have control over his transformations, although he still shows up shortly after the start of most of the battles, no matter how far away from the developing situation.
On one occasion the anime gives Tuxedo Mask a stylized transformation sequence, with his tuxedo and accessories forming around him as he flings a rose. He does not shout any special phrase, although his voice-actor jokingly ad-libbed the line "Tuxedo Power! Make up!" He also acquires a joke transformation in the live-action series, using the same phrase, which is a part of an outrageous story he tells Usagi about how he became Tuxedo Mask. This transformation is initiated with a special band-aid, and the sequence consists of Mamoru pulling on his pants and coat with dramatic flair.
Once transformed, Tuxedo Mask displays additional powers. In the anime shows these as mainly physical, while the manga depicts them as rare and magical. His iconic mainstay in the anime involves the use of roses, thrown like darts to injure or distract enemies.[46] He can also twirl them or throw a wide array to block attacks,[47] or can throw many at a time to pin an enemy down.[48] He seems to have an unlimited supply of these roses, which are supernaturally strong and embed themselves in most any material, including concrete. In addition, when Mamoru takes on different forms or aspects, his roses change color accordingly. Tuxedo Mask's roses are red, the evil Prince Endymion's are black (and electrified), and the Moonlight Knight's are white.
Tuxedo Mask's secondary weapon, his cane, often serves as a sword, and he can extend its length, either to attack or to rescue people.[50] As both Prince Endymion and Moonlight Knight, he uses real swords of different styles.
In the manga, Tuxedo Mask can blast energy from his hand, crying "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!" He also has a combination attack with his daughter, Sailor Chibi Moon: "Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack." The musicals reproduce this attack.
Mamoru's most important magical possession in the manga, the Golden Crystal, serves as both his star seed and as the Sailor Crystal of the Earth. He uses it in combination with Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal to defend the solar system.[6] In the anime, although Mamoru has the "golden star seed" of Earth, it differs from the Golden Crystal, which instead is possessed by Pegasus and can be used by people with good intentions.

For the Lost Child RP
The story starts right after his parent's death and his adoption by the Generals. He'll be 8 years old and it will end with him in High School so around 17. 
RP Sample: 100 word minimum. Please use the character you're currently applying for in this.

Mamoru walked home alone again. He knew that they wouldn't be there to pick him up, but he still couldn't believe it. It had happened so fast. He wasn't able to come to terms with his parents being gone. They were here just last week, how could they be gone so fast? He was just a child, he didn't really understand but he knew that soon he would have to come to terms with the accident or he wouldn't get any where in life. He didn't see them as the waited for him to come home. They didn't say anything as they followed him into his home, nor did they say anything as he went about making dinner and getting himself ready for bed. They just watched. They always did. He didn't pay them any attention, because he knew the first slip up he made they would take him away to the orphanage and he wouldn't get out. Maybe he could stay at the school dorms, instead of at home. His forever empty home. He turned to the adults around him and looked up. "I think I would like to stay in the school dorms from now on. This place only hurts me more." that last part was a lie, being here in his home was like the last tie to his parents but he knew from the smiles on their faces and their approving nods that he had said the right thing. He went off to bed and his dreamless sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion/King Endymion   9/10/2014, 6:42 pm



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Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion/King Endymion

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