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 Guardian Luna/Cat and human

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PostSubject: Guardian Luna/Cat and human    9/10/2014, 6:16 pm

General Information
Name: Luna 
Gender: Female 

Birthday: November 22
Age: 29 
Birthplace: Mau

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn):

Luna stands about 5’5. Her hair is long and black and hangs to her knees. She wears two sets of the odangos that sit on top of her head. Her eyes are a clear blue. Her dress is usually a yellow over dress that is long in the back and short in the front with at shear purple/black under dress that is also long in the back and short in the front. She wears a crescent moon pendant on a long gold chain that hangs to her midsection and a gold anklet with a small gold crescent on it on her left ankle. Luna wears a gold bracelet also sporting a gold crescent moon. Luna also wears a gold crescent ring on her left ring finger as a symbol of her love for Artemis.  She always wears a yellow ribbon tied around her neck. The crescent moon on her forehead is gold in color. She can be seen from time to time in jeans and a tee shirt if she isn’t on official duty. Even in causal clothes she holds herself like a lady of the Moon Court would. 

In her cat form Luna is a small black house cat. Her eyes are clear blue as they are in her human form. She has a gold crescent moon on her forehead. She can usually been seen with a yellow ribbon tired around her neck in a bow. Other than the ribbon she doesn’t wear a collar. In her cat form Luna carries herself in a regal manner befitting a lady of the Moon Court. Since her ability to change from cat to human Luna's cat form, her cat form has a white band of fur around her front left paw and her left back paw. There is a gold fur ring around a toe on her front left paw that is the cat form of her ring. 


Luna is kind at heart and loves to have fun, but she can when needed be the voice of reason to others around her. She is strong willed and doesn’t usually give up. She follows through with what she starts and does her best to advise her princess Serenity in the best way she can. She gets annoyed with the princess from time to time and often has to play the bad guy and squash her fun. Luna doesn’t really enjoy being a killjoy. But getting a princess future or present to study was never an easy job for one person to handle, especially when they sneak off to places they shouldn’t be going. 

When she’s off duty she is a great mother to Diana and a loving partner to Artemis. She loves to spend time with her family and she is always after Diana to help Small Lady in anyway possible. Luna when she is along loves to read and dance, when she thinks no one is watching. She strives for the best in her life and the lives of those around her. Luna isn't hard to anger but when she does get angry she is vicious when dealing out her punishment, as both Artemis and Usagi know. She won't always admit when she is wrong but when she sees that she is she will say so. Luna usually keeps a level head in high stress situations and prefers to do her fretting and worrying alone, so she doesn't worry the others around her. Luna is quick to act when needed, and sometimes this saves the Senshi's hides in a fight.

Luna loves tuna in both of her forms and tuna is the food offered when wanting to get on her good side. . Other foods she likes are ice cream, earl grey tea, carrots and cookie dough. Luna doesn't care for spicy foods, beans, bitter foods, or squash. Luna always loves to be in the sun on a clear afternoon and can often be found in the park, either reading in her human form or sleeping in her cat form. Luna has a thing for heights. She feels that she can get a better view from higher up and often will attempt to reach a higher vantage point in battles to help the Senshi as best she can. 

Luna wants Diana to become a proper lady and attempts to teach her the ins and outs of life. She dreads the day when Diana won't come to her with questions anymore.  Luna wants Diana to become She is protective of her daughter and she will do anything to keep Diana safe from all harm. However she will become fixated on any one that would mean harm to her daughter and she will bring the fight to them if she has to. Luna is very protective of all her friends and would do whatever she can to keep them from harm. If she could she would fight in their place so that they would never have to suffer the pain of battle again. She wishes for peace with all her heart and longs for the times when she can watch Diana chase butterflies in the gardens or parks.

Luna still carries a great sadness in her heart for Queen Serenity. She never lets anyone see, her sorrow but when she's alone on full moons she cries. She can sometimes be heard talking to the Queen like she was still alive. When Luna talks to the former queen, she gushes about Usagi and how much she's growing. She doesn't care if her words are just for her ears, because Luna has a feeling that Queen Serenity can hear her, and that helps ease Luna's heart.[/color] 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 

Luna can change from cat to human at will now thanks to a gift from the Silver Crystal. When she changes the crescent on her forehead glows a bright golden color and that light washes over her, changing her form. In her cat for she is fast and she has really sharp claws but she is no bigger than a house cat still. In her cat form Luna can talk and is always willing to give her opinion, even if it wasn't asked for. She is a skilled climber in her cat form. Swift and graceful she can scale trees to get to the best position to give feedback on the battles for the Senshi. 

Luna is wicked good at digging up information and often works close with Artemis when they need information fast. She has vast amounts of knowledge and she is willing to share it with anyone who asks. She can work a computer well and she can find ways around systems to get the information she needs. Her goal is to be the greatest help she can be when the scouts are in battle, since she can’t fight herself. From her higher vantage points she usually can pick out the weak points of the lesser enemies that the Senshi fight, helping them in battle. 


Luna was born under the rule of Queen Serenity’s mother. She grew up side by side with the young princess Serenity and they were friends. Luna was so happy when Serenity became Queen. When Queen Serenity told Luna that she was expecting a child Luna couldn't have been happier. Luna meet Artemis when they were assigned to protect and guide two young princesses, Luna was to guide Queen Serenity's daughter and Artemis was to guide the young princess of Venus. She fell in love then with that strange white cat. Luna watched Princess Serenity grow and tried to guide her on her path to become Queen.

The peace of that had lasted for so long was shattered when Queen Beryl attacked and Queen Serenity used her Silver Crystal so that they could all be reborn in the future. Luna's tears that day were for the loss of a dear friend. With her duty in her thoughts she entered the light of the Silver Crystal to be reborn. When she later was reborn on Earth, and there she found and guided again the Princess of the Moon with the Queen’s words in her ears. “Watch over her Luna, in my stead.” 

Luna took these words to heart and tried to do just that but it was harder that she expected it to be. Usagi was just as hard headed as she was in her last life. This is bothersome to Luna and she has to play the bad guy. Once Luna found a love away from Artemis and she then gained the power to change her form, she didn’t know it would be a will till later. 

When Luna first met Usagi she wasn’t sure she was Sailor Moon but she soon discovered that she was. Luna entered Usagi’s room and gave Usagi her first compact. With Luna’s guidance, Usagi found the other Sailor Senshi. First Mercury, then Mars, and lastly Jupiter. Luna guided them in their battles and helped them to over come, not only the enemies they faced but the tests as well. 

Usagi was in trouble and she had left her compact at home. Luna couldn’t carry the compact as a cat, it was too heavy for her, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She fought with the compact and when she was utterly fed up with it, a bright gold light fell around her. When it dissipated she was human and easily able to carry the compact to Usagi. After that she practiced in secret and found that she was able to call the power at will. 

Luna has been serving Usagi as guardian and teacher in both forms since then.

Storyline Specific Information:
None yet

Sailor Luna
While she is in her Sailor Luna form she still has many of the traits of a cat. She can only keep her Senshi form for short times and if she is knocked out she looses the transformation and returns to her cat form. If she can keep herself together, she maybe able to keep her human form after battle till she falls asleep or she really freaks out and looses her grip, thus returning her to her cat form. When out of battle and in human form, she looks very much like her normal human self, long black hair, barefoot and wearing a yellow dress. She will if needed don other outfits in oder to find out what the enemy is up too, such as a school uniform, normal civilian clothes like blue jeans and t-shirts, or skirts and flowing tops. 
she wears very little if no make up at all in her human form. 

Senshi Information for Sailor Luna:(Some Canon Some Made up)
Sailor Luna's front bow was yellow with a white/silver bell in the center, while her back bow, collar, and boots were purple. Her gloves and boots were trimmed with white fur. Her choker was yellow with a golden crescent moon dangling from the gold gem in the center, and had a string-tied bow in the back.(Similar to her ribbon from the anime) Her skirt was yellow with a lacy purple petticoat underneath. Hertiara gem was purple. She also had a crescent moon in the center of her belt. Her earrings were dangling crescent moons with five-pointed stars underneath. Her hair takes on the odango appearance of Usagi's but retain the length of her usual human form(really long pig tales), and a tail under her skirt. 

Weapons and Items:

The Moonlight Stick was Sailor Moon andSailor Luna's weapon inPretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It resembled theMoon Stick of the anime and manga, but the crescent moon was made of crystal. 

Disguise Pen: to be given to Usagi by Luna, so she could disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily. While she looks like the person she wants to be, she also apparently gains the knowledge of whoever she changes into. For Sailor Luna and Tuxedo Cat, Luna was unable to find Usagi and took up the fight herself by using the Disguise pen to become Sailor Luna. She places her paw on the pen and calls out "Luna Prism Power, Make up!" to become Sailor Luna after her first transformation. For her first transformation she begs the pen to grant her the powers of a senshi. 

Luna Sucre Candy: an attack performed bySailor Luna.  For this attack, she used her Moonlight Stick to bombard her target with sweets and candies. 

Kitty Cat Scratch: For this attack Sailor Luna literally just claws at who or whatever she happens to be fighting at the time. This attack causes moderate damage to the enemy in question. 

Moon Cat Bash: Sailor Luna's Moonlight Stick, changes shape and becomes a large, hammer with a cat head(resembling her own head) instead of the hammer head. She then proceeds to bash the baddies into defeat. This attack causes moderate to sever damage depending on how many time a baddie was hit. 

Moonlight Kitty Flash: This attack is more for getting away when the fight is lost. A bright flash will emit from the jewel on Sailor Luna's tiara thus blinding the enemy and allowing her to get away from the fight. She can also perform this attack if she is knocked into her cat form, which instead of her jewel lighting up her crescent does. 

RP Sample:

Luna was enjoying the noonday sun on her back. She was in her cat form, because she always enjoyed the sun on her fur. She was careful not to use her power too much, for she knew that it bothered Artemis when she did, and she felt it was unfair as well and had been in the library looking for a way to give him the same power. She had spent all night there looking through all the books she could find on the subject, and she had turned up nothing. In her heart she knew that there was a way she just had to find it. 

Luna heard the tinkling of a bell before she saw the small grey kitten, no she was almost a cat in her own right, come into her field of vision. Luna smiled. Diana was her pride and joy; she loved spending time with her daughter, and wondered at the maturity of her. She was still so young and she was largely untested but where it counted Diana was just as strong as her father. 

Yes Luna thought that Diana took after her father in that regards. Luna was never that strong but she was determined. “Hello darling.” Luna said. “How are you?” She nuzzled Diana’s face and licked her cheek. She would never really get over seeing her so grown up. After a few words of greeting and a touching moment, Diana curled up beside her mother. This was where she wanted to be most of all. She felt the pressure of another on her other side. She turned to see Artemis, and she smiled. They nuzzled each other and then he too curled up next to her. This was a prefect day after all. “I promise I will find a way.” She muttered as she fell back to her sun backed sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Guardian Luna/Cat and human    9/10/2014, 6:45 pm



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Guardian Luna/Cat and human

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