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 Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino/Neo Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity

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PostSubject: Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino/Neo Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity   9/10/2014, 6:11 pm

General Information
Name: Usagi Tsukino
Gender: Female

Birthday: June 30th
Age: 14-16 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo Japan

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): 

Usagi  stands 150 centimeters (4 ft 11 in) tall. She is said to be the shortest of the Senshi. She has big blue eyes and blonde hair that she wears in two pigtails with buns at the top. Her pigtails fall past her knees. Her skin tone is pale like she was kissed by moonlight. 

She loves to wear bright colors and can usually been seen wearing pinks and blues. Her favorite outfit being white skirt with a 3/4 sleeve top pink top and matching pink shoes. Uasgi can also be found wearing jeans and bright colorful tops. She also loves dresses and can seen in a flowing pale pink sun dress. Usagi loves any piece of clothing with a bow on it. Aside from her promise ring Usagi wears what ever jewelry that fits her fancy at the moment. It could be a necklace with a large cresent moon pedant or earrings, or nothing at all. It depends on her mood, but she always wears her promise ring. 

Usagi wears a lightish blue middle school uniform, which has a blue sailor collar with two white stripes. She has a red ribbon on the front of her uniform, which she ties her locket to. She has a white school top with blue sleeves which have white stripes on like the collar. She has a blue pleated skirt with a blue ribbon on the back. She usually wears white socks and black shoes.

Her High School uniform has a navy sailor collar and red stripes. Her bow on the front of her uniform is navy with blue sleeves, red stripes(like her collar) and a white top. Her skirt is a blue pleated skirt that comes to her knees. Her shoes are black flats.

When Usagi is Princess Serenity she looks much the same however her hair is sliver white in color and she wears a long flowing gown. Her gown in white with gold interlacing circles around the top of the bodice over her bust. It has white poofy sleeves that don't seem to be connected to the dress.

As Neo-Queen Serenity she wears an altered version of the dress she wore as a princess, with the shoulder pieces omitted and a large, wing-shaped bow replacing the smaller one of the princess outfit. . She also wears a crown and new earrings. The crescent moon is always visible on her forehead, just as it was with her princess form. Her face and facial expressions are drawn to look more mature than the 20th century Usagi, but her iconic hairstyle is retained but her hair is the same silver white of Princess Serenity's.

Usagi was a bit selfish and very much a crybaby, and was lazy, clumsy, and an academic underachiever. She was also a terrible cook. She could be jealous and possessive of Mamoru. However, it was shown that she cared very deeply for her friends and family. She was very trusting, and believed that everyone had a better nature; this could be both a character strength and a character flaw at times. She did not believe in killing innocent humans, even when they had been transformed into vicious monsters, and always sought ways to heal them instead.

Usagi loves sweet foods and how easily they distract her. She loves ice-cream so much that it appears to be her hobby and her favorite subject is listed as Home Economics. She is also said to dislike carrots, and is terrible at both English and mathematics. In addition to being a genuine friend, Usagi is extremely good at brown nosing when it's needed and, of course, crying to get what she wants. She is afraid of dentists, ghosts and lightning, and her greatest dream is to be a bride. Usagi loves rabbits as well as the colors white and pink, and is apparently a member of the Manga Drawing Club at school, though her skill level varies widely. She also often appears bad at writing using Kanji to the point that even as Neo-Queen Serenity she still has problems.

Usagi lives with her family: Kenji (father),  Ikuko (mother) and Shingo (little brother). Her parents are caring and loving to both Usagi and her brother. But they can be strict on Usagi at times, like when it comes to her grades in school, they only want the best for her. Usagi and Shingo have a relationship like most siblings do; they are forever picking on each other, but despite their fighting and teasing, they do care for each other. Usagi loves her family and would give anything to protect them. She often seems to be at odds with her little brother but she loves him and won't stand for someone else to pick on him.

Twice she has had to deal with "little sisters" first Chibiusa and then ChibiChibi. Both of which tricked Usagi's family into thinking that they were part of the family. After a while Usagi got to the same place she is with her brother. The younger girls annoyed her but she loved them and would do anything to protect them, and no one better pick on them but her. 

Usagi was in a steady relationship with her past-life lover and future husband, Mamoru Chiba, whom she loved very deeply, even though they did bicker a lot before they started dating. The two later became the parents of Chibiusa in their future incarnations Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion.
At the beginning of the series Usagi had a rather large crush on Motoki Furuhata. It also appeared that she was attracted to Haruka before knowing her true gender, though this was more pronounced in the manga than the anime. Kou Seiya was attracted to Usagi and even managed to take her out on a date in the anime, but Usagi was always oblivious to Seiya's affections.[/color]

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:. [color=blue]Being able to get her hair into the odangos. (With hair that long it really is a talent) Usagi can also use the sliver crystal but she can only really control it when she is Sailor Moon

While running to school, Usagi accidently steps on a cat; she then removes a bandage on its forehead, revealing a crescent moon (which Usagi first thought to be a "bald spot"). She then hears the bell and continues to hurry off to school. Later, she sees the cat again at the Game Center Crown staring at her. Feeling awkward, she goes home. After waking up from a nap, she sees the cat again. It reveals itself as a talking cat named Luna who tells Usagi that she is Sailor Moon. Thinking that it's part of a dream, she goes back to sleep. Luna then gives her a brooch and Usagi takes it. The brooch starts to glow and Usagi is told to say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up." By doing so, she transforms into Sailor Moon. After this, she goes to save Naru and the jewelry store.

Usagi lives in Azabu Jūban (a real district of Tokyo) with her mother Ikuko Tsukino, her father Kenji Tsukino, and her brother Shingo Tsukino. Out of all the Sailor Senshi, only Usagi and Minako Aino live in conventional nuclear families. Usagi is also the only one known to have a sibling.
Usagi does not perform well at school, and often seems unintelligent (especially in the anime), though the storyline generally attributes this to naïveté and laziness rather than to stupidity. She spends her time daydreaming, eating, gossiping, playing video games, reading comics (including RunRun, which published the Sailor V manga in real life), shopping, and sleeping rather than studying. She is often portrayed as a character that is better at art than science, as with her inability to answer that apples fall from trees because of gravity.

Usagi has a boyfriend named Mamoru Chiba. Mamoru and Usagi's relationship forms an important part of Usagi's life, as well as of the series. The love they share helps Usagi make it through many challenges. Mamoru becomes Usagi's boyfriend after many trials, and they date for a long time during the series. Mamoru gives Usagi a promise ring in a shape of a heart at the airport just before he leaves for America. The ring represents a promise to Usagi that they will eventually get married.
A number of connecting episodes at the end of the first series reveal one of the biggest secrets about Sailor Moon: she realizes that she is Princess Serenity (the "Moon Princess" of the Moon Kingdom) reincarnated. In the second series, Usagi learns that she will give birth to a daughter (Chibiusa) by her boyfriend and future husband. Usagi will also become a "Sovereign of the Earth", known as Neo-Queen Serenity, by the 30th century.

Mamoru gives Usagi the nickname "Odango" (a kind of rice dumpling), based on her distinctive hair-style. At first this is always accompanied with the suffix -atama, meaning "head", but as time goes on it is left off. Usagi hates the name at first, but as they become close it develops into a sign of affection. Later on, other important male (or androgynous) figures in her life, Haruka and Seiya, adopt the name as well. Because there is no North American equivalent to odango, the English dub almost always uses "Meatball Head," once "Donut Head," and, somewhat incongruously, "Moon Face." In the English manga, Mamoru calls Usagi "buns," which is both an approximation of odango and short for Bunny.

Forms of Usagi:
Princess Serenity

Princess Serenity lived in the Moon Kingdom during the age of the Silver Millennium as the daughter of Queen Serenity, who ruled the Silver Millennium and watched over the Earth. Princess Serenity's guardians and closest friends were Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, who were princesses of their own respective planets, but lived on the moon with her at times.
Princess Serenity often explored Earth to see real greenery, even though forbidden to do so. On one of her visits, she met the crown prince of the Earth, Endymion, and they fell in love.
During the attack which caused the Moon Kingdom's downfall, Prince Endymion died protecting Serenity. In the manga, she committed suicide out of grief, while in the anime Queen Metalia killed both of them. Serenity's mother, the Queen, was able to seal away the evil which had inspired the attack, but everyone involved was killed. Before her own death, the Queen used the Silver Crystal to give her daughter and others another chance at life, hoping in particular that, this time, Serenity and Endymion could find happiness together. In the live-action series, it was Princess Serenity herself who destroyed the Moon Kingdom, after Endymion was killed during the war to keep the two apart.
Eventually, Serenity reincarnates as Usagi Tsukino in the 20th century. Usagi occasionally takes the form of Princess Serenity during the meta-series, often at climactic moments when more strength is needed than Sailor Moon can access. Usagi discovers her identity as a princess.
At climactic moments, Usagi as Serenity sometimes gains a pair of functioning angelic wings. She does this during the final battles, for exmaple after she jumps off a tower to save Chibiusa and the two of them collide with Pegasus while falling. It also happens during the fight with the fully possessed Galaxia when she grabs the Sword of Sealing. It remains unclear if this power comes from her past life, if it belongs to Usagi herself, or if it came from Pegasus and the Sword of Sealing.

Sailor Moon

Usagi's Senshi identity is Sailor Moon,  the Soldier of Love and Justice, and once as the "Soldier of Mystery". Her personality is no different from when she is a civilian, although certain powers are unavailable to her in that form.Sailor Moon's attack names center around the moon, love, mystery and light. She starts out as a frightened, reluctant girl, and others often have to bail her out, but she gradually comes to accept her full identity. She eventually becomes the most powerful Senshi in the galaxy, but her capacity for caring about other people is frequently shown to be more powerful still. As she grows stronger, Sailor Moon gains additional powers, and at key points her appearance and title change to reflect this. When she obtains the Holy Grail and becomes Super Sailor Moon. Her powers are increased; at first she is unable to take this form without the Grail, and is weakened when its effects fade. Near the end of the S series, she takes this form using pure desperation and the powers of the other Senshi after the Grail has been destroyed. Some time later, Pegasus' power enables her to transform without the Grail.
Sailor Moon receives her third and final form; the combined power of the other Sailor Senshi transforms her into Eternal Sailor Moon, whom Diana says is the closest in power to Neo-Queen Serenity.
The general storyline of Sailor Moon has numerous occasions of asynchrony, including another form of Sailor Moon. ChibiChibi is a young girl who comes from the future to Sailor Moon. Like Chibiusa, she hypnotizes Usagi's family into believing that she is part of their family. ChibiChibi, as it turns out, was actually a future form of Sailor Moon that came back to aid Eternal Sailor Moon in her fight against Sailor Galaxia. In the manga, ChibiChibi transforms into Sailor Cosmos. It is implied that Sailor Cosmos is Sailor Moon's ultimate form, but Sailor Cosmos admits that she is a coward that ran away from one of her battles and could never match Eternal Sailor Moon's final show of courage and power.

Neo-Queen Serenity

It is revealed that Usagi, as Serenity, will eventually become the queen regnant of a new Silver Millennium called Crystal Tokyo, which will already exist in the 30th century. Usagi learns that she will be given the title "Sovereign of Earth," and Mamoru will become King Endymion alongside her. It is stated in the anime that she becomes Neo-Queen Serenity after warding off a second Ice Age, though the specifics of this are never discussed. This incarnation is shown to be more mature than the present day Usagi, though she still has her moments, Chibiusa gives the Senshi a letter from the future, in which the Queen asks them to train her — the letter is simplistic and contains almost no kanji. Also, Diana says that the King and Queen would sometimes play sick to get out of things. Letters she sends though the Door of Space-Time to Chibiusa are sometimes signed with a drawing of herself, (and sometimes King Endymion,) instead of a name.
According to Diana, Neo-Queen Serenity is Usagi's most powerful form; Eternal Sailor Moon is second in power only to the Queen. However, in the manga, Neo-Queen Serenity addresses the present-day Guardian Senshi, stating that after she became queen, she lost her power as a Senshi. However, this could simply mean that she is no longer able to transform into Sailor Moon, for she does still demonstrate a considerable amount of power (e.g.: reviving the citizens of 30th Century Tokyo with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and bestowing the Senshi with "Planet Powers" and her own past self with new "Cosmic Powers"). Furthermore, in the second arc of the anime she does not transform into Sailor Moon despite the fact that the other Senshi have already transformed, and that her kingdom was under attack. However, she is still seen showing great powers in a flashback where King Endymion of the future describes to the present day Senshi and Tuxedo Mask the great feats of Neo-Queen Serenity during the time she brought about peace. Sailors Uranus and Neptune refer to her as the "Messiah of Peace" or the "True Messiah" standing opposite the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9.
She wears an altered version of the dress she wore as a princess, with the shoulder pieces omitted and a large, wing-shaped bow replacing the smaller one of the princess outfit. Neo-Queen Serenity's dress is similar to her past form's outfit. She also wears a crown and new earrings. The crescent moon is always visible on her forehead, just as it was with her princess form. Her face and facial expressions are drawn to look more mature than the 20th century Usagi, but her iconic hairstyle is retained.
This form is the one that Chibiusa considers as truly being her mother, while Usagi of the past is regarded as more of a big-sister figure, and many characters often mistake them for sisters. 

((Information of the story just lightly touching the other arcs. I did this not so much from Usa's point of view cause that was harder for me right now but as if someone watching. I hope that's ok and I only did from R to Stars cause that what was asked for.))( also i tired to reorder this so in went in order but it got really confusing for me so I'm just adding this in here at the end of the history.)

Sailor Moon faces the Dark Kingdom, an enemy group that wants to take over the Earth. The Dark Kingdom consists of Queen Metallia, Queen Beryl, and the four generals: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite. Sailor Moon's mission is to protect the world while finding the Moon Princess whom she is sworn to protect. She finds allies in Tuxedo Kamen, a mysterious masked man who assists her in her fights but has his own agenda (and whom Usagi/Sailor Moon has a huge crush on), and the other Sailor Senshi that she gradually discovers in four other girls: Mizuno Ami/Mercury, Hino Rei/Mars, Kino Makoto/Jupiter, and Aino Minako/Venus.

Usagi's main relationship crisis throughout the season consists of her problems with Chiba Mamoru, an attractive but annoying college student who constantly teases her. He is really Tuxedo Kamen, but he (and the Sailor Senshi) don't discover this fact until much later.

The Dark Kingdom's first job is to gain energy for Metallia by draining the life forces of humans. Later on, however, they begin to look for the ginzuishou ("mystical silver crystal"). Eventually this leads them to go after the seven rainbow crystals sealed inside seven people who were originally the Dark Kingdom's seven original youma. When brought together, the rainbow crystals create the ginzuishou. Thus the new priority of the Sailor Senshi is to find the seven rainbow crystals before the Dark Kingdom does. The Dark Kingdom, the Sailor Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen all vie for the crystals. Eventually because of the crystals, Usagi and Mamoru discover each other's identities when they are trapped together by Zoicite. Usagi is the true Princess of the Moon, and Mamoru is her lover, Prince Endymion of Earth. Usagi receives the ginzuishou, but Mamoru is kidnapped and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom.

The Dark Kingdom and evil Prince Endymion/Tuxedo Kamen try to get Sailormoon to hand over the ginzuishou, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, and Makoto must confront the Dark Kingdom, learning about their pasts on the moon in the process. In episode 45, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all die trying to protect Sailor Moon. Mamoru, as evil Prince Endymion, tries to kill Sailor Moon, but before he can finally do so, Sailor Moon revives his memories. Mamoru then dies trying to save Sailor Moon from Queen Beryl. Sailormoon then defeats Beryl and Metallia as Princess Serenity using the ginzuishou and the other Sailor Senshi's powers, then dies, since that is the consequence of using the full power of the ginzuishou. Usagi's last wish is to live a normal life as a normal girl, so her wish is granted, and at the end of the episode, all the girls and Mamoru come back to life without their memories.

Usagi regains her memories after Luna revives them when a new enemy force shows up to attack Naru. The enemies are Ail and Ann, two aliens who take energy from the humans on Earth to feed the Makaiju, the tree that is their life source. Ail and Ann, lovers, pose as two students, Ginga Seijuurou and Ginga Natsumi, brother and sister, at Juuban Junior High School. The plot becomes strange as Ail falls in love with Usagi and Ann falls for Mamoru.
The other Inner Senshi regain their memories after Luna restores them while the enemy is fighting Sailor Moon, but Mamoru still doesn't, much to Usagi's horror. Instead of Tuxedo Kamen, Tsukikage no Knight, a new ally, appears to save the girls. Sailor moon gets her powered-up transformation when her first season powers prove too weak to fight the new threat on Earth, receiving the ginzuishou back in the process. The other Inner Senshi eventually gain powered-up versions of their old attacks.
The Makaiju finally lashes out after being fed so much energy and getting some of Usagi's: it attacks Ail, Ann, Mamoru, and Usagi. This is where Usagi reveals her identity to the aliens, and Mamoru remembers his past when she tries to protect him. The Makaiju reveals its past and that of Ail and Ann, who discover what love is after Ann dies protecting Ail from the tree, and then Sailor moon heals the Makaiju. The Makaiju revives Ann, and then she and Ail then go off into space to start a new life with a Makaiju sapling. Tsukikage no Knight also reveals his true identity as being a part of Mamoru's soul.
In the second arc, Chibiusa arrives from the future to find the ginzuishou to save her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, in the 30th century. She stays with Usagi's family having hypnotized them into believing that she is a family member. The new enemies are the Black Moon Family, consisting of the Ayakashi Sisters and the main family members: Rubeus, Esmeraude, Safiru, Demando, and Wiseman. Usagi and Mamoru break up in this arc, thanks to visions Mamoru receives from his future self, King Endymion, warning him that he must stay away from Usagi or else she will die.
The Black Moon family is after Chibiusa and the ginzuishou in order to take over the future Earth. However, the Ayakashi sisters fail at this task, and they are healed by Sailor Moon after they are betrayed by Rubeus. Chibiusa eventually discovers the Sailor Senshi's identities, and Usagi and Mamoru get back together. Chibiusa then takes them to the future to save her mother. There, they meet another new Senshi, Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time.
To make everything shorter, the Sailor Senshi find out that Chibiusa is the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru in the future. The Black Moon are actually exiles from Crystal Tokyo, the Utopia of the future, which Usagi and Mamoru's future selves are the leader of as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The Black Moon desires to take over Earth so that their people may live there. However, they are unknowingly being manipulated by Wiseman, or Death Phantom, for his own purposes. After running away from the Palace upon Sailor moon being unable to awaken her mother, Chibiusa is kidnapped by Wiseman who warps her mind and causes her to transform into Black Lady. Usagi transforms into Neo-Queen Serenity and with Tuxedo Kamen's help, she manages to get Black Lady to remember her true past. Chibiusa then discovers that she had the ginzuishou all along (it was sort of absorbed into her), and she and Usagi combine the power of their two ginzuishou to defeat Wiseman.

The new Sailor Senshi are Tenoh Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Kaioh Michiru (Sailor Neptune). Haruka and Michiru are extremely dedicated to their mission, willing to sacrifice anyone, including each other, in order to find the Talismans and prevent the destruction of the world from occurring.
The villains are called the Death Busters. Led by Tomoe Souichi and Kaolinite, they are basically mad scientists (in a sense) bent on finding the Talismans, which are sealed in certain pure heart crystals that some people possess. They use daimon eggs to create daimons to attack people and take the heart crystals.
Rei receives visions of the Silence, which is the event that will happen if the Talismans fall into the hands of the Death Busters, which Haruka and Michiru want to prevent. The Sailor Senshi come into first contact with the Death Busters and the heart crystals. Usagi's powers also become ineffective, but with the power of love between her and Mamoru, she gains a new powered up brooch and rod. The Inner Senshi also for the first time meet two new Sailor Senshi, Uranus and Neptune, who remain shadowed. As Outer Senshi, Uranus and Neptune do not wish to have the Inner Senshi interfering with what they consider their business. They also correctly believe that the Inner Senshi do not have what it takes to save the world; when a person's heart crystal is removed, the person dies, so the three Talisman carriers will die when the Talismans are extracted.
Most of the episodes following involve the development of the relationships between Haruka and Michiru and the other girls as well as Uranus and Neptune with the Inner Senshi. Each heart crystal extracted fails to deliver any of the Talismans; even Usagi's, which shines extremely brightly because of her purity, does not have it. Usagi and the Inners receive a shock when Chibiusa reappears in S to save Moon and Mars as Sailor Chibi moon, the pretty sailor suited soldier-in-training. Though her antics annoy Sailor Moon, Chibiusa does play a much larger, important role later in the season.
The Outers and Inners discover each others' identities which creates a major strain on their relationship. Eudial, one of the Death Busters, also learns of their identities, and using this information, she finds out that Haruka and Michiru are carriers of the Talismans. They almost die, but Meioh Setsuna, Sailor Pluto, arrives announcing that she has the third Talisman and saves the other Outer Senshi. The Holy Grail is formed, and upon touching it, Sailor Moon temporarily transforms into Super Sailor Moon.
Tomoe Hotaru, the daughter of Tomoe Souichi, becomes friends with Chibiusa. She has been cultivated by Tomoe to have an entity, Mistress 9, live inside of her. The other Outer Senshi soon discover that Hotaru is actually Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of destruction who is destined to destroy the world, and they attempt to kill her. However, the Inner Senshi intervene, and Hotaru is whisked away before anything can happen. Hotaru does not become Saturn, as the Outers fear though; after swallowing the kidnapped Chibiusa's heart crystal, she transforms into Mistress 9, a Death Buster. This leads to the final confrontation between the Sailor Senshi and the Death Busters.
The three Outer Senshi attempt to infiltrate the school, Uranus and Neptune being the only ones who manage to get inside due to Pluto's sacrifice. Inside, they use their Talismans to destroy the daimon that had possessed Tomoe. They then try to kill Mistress 9 as well but Sailor Moon takes the attacks, claiming that Hotaru is still alive. Mistress 9 tricks Sailor Moon into giving her the Holy Grail and uses its power to draw Master Pharaoh 90 to Earth. This destroys the Holy Grail. Mistress 9 is triumphant until Master Pharaoh 90 blasts her. Because of this, Hotaru eventually overcomes the weakened Mistress 9 with her own inner strength, becoming Sailor Saturn. Saturn returns Chibiusa’s heart crystal to the girl before going off to battle with Master Pharaoh 90. Sailor Moon, distraught, uses the power of the other Sailor Senshi to transform into Super Sailor Moon and goes after Sailor Saturn. In the end, they destroy Master Pharaoh 90 and return peace to the world. Hotaru is reborn as a baby and returned to her father. Haruka and Michiru, after battling Usagi and acknowledging her as their princess, leave.

Pegasus comes to Chibiusa, asking him to help her. The new enemies want him, the Dead Moon Circus, for his horn. Pegasus has the Golden Crystal in the horn, which the Dead Moon Circus, composed of Zirconia, the Amazon (ian) Trio, Amazoness Quartet, and Nehelenia, want in order to take over the world. The first villains to appear are Zirconia and the Trio.
The Pegasus gives Chibiusa and Usagi new brooches to transform directly into their super forms, as well as powers that they can apparently only use when they call him. He also eventually gives the Inner Senshi the abilities to transform into their super forms as well. The Inners don't get their new attacks until after the Amazoness Quartet shows up, however.
Pegasus is hiding in the Dream Mirror of a host, and in order to find him and take his crystal, the Trio is ordered to search the dream mirrors of the people of Tokyo. They do so, failing each time, except that Fisheye finally discovers that Chibiusa is Pegasus's host. However, after talking to Mamoru and Usagi, he realizes that he has no dream mirror, and it's eventually revealed by Zirconia that the Trio isn't human. They are actually animal spirits in human-like bodies. The Trio are ordered to attack Usagi (who Zirconia thinks is the host), but while doing so, a lemure is sent to kill them. The Trio helps Usagi after her Dream Mirror is broken, giving up their lives to do so. (Fortunately for them, they have a happy ending. Pegasus gives them dream mirrors, making them human, and places the dream mirrors where they can remain in peace.)
The Amazoness Quartet appears after that with the same mission, only this time targeting the Golden Mirror, which is a bit more specific and indicates that Pegasus is hiding in it. After more searching and failing to find it, the Inner Senshi and Quartet confront each other after the Quartet decides to do mass Dream Mirror gathering. The Senshi then invade the Dead Moon Circus, and Chibi moon is kidnapped and Pegasus finally captured, his Golden Crystal taken. The Sailor Senshi manage to appeal to the Quartet, who realizes that Nehelenia has used them all along. The Senshi then have it out with Nehelenia. Moon and Chibi moon gain possession of the crystal thanks to the Quartet, who switches it with a pineapple when Nehelenia isn't looking. Chibi moon calls upon the power of the children of the Earth and invokes the crystal's power. However, Nehelenia has not yet lost, kidnapping Chibi moon again, Moon following. Nehelenia throws Chibi moon off the cliff (they're on a floating piece of the circus headquarters in the air), and as Moon jumps off to rescue her, Nehelenia seals herself into a mirror to remain beautiful forever and leaves. Moon manages to wake Chibi moon up just as they're falling past buildings of Tokyo, which causes Pegasus to arrive and save them.
The season ends with Pegasus, who the Senshi discover is really Elios, guardian of Elysion and Endymion, leaving, and the Quartet becoming normal girls.

Nehelenia returns to seek revenge on Usagi and the Sailor Senshi for thwarting her plans. Breaking her soul mirror, the pieces fall to Earth and enter people's eyes, brainwashing them. This of course happens to Mamoru. The Outer Senshi return to fight as Haruka and Michiru are attacked by Nehelenia's minions, and Pluto brings baby Hotaru too since she says they will need her help. Hotaru, using her powers, gives the Outers all power-ups, and she grows rapidly until she remembers her previous life and can transform into Sailor Saturn. When reunited, the powers of all the Senshi combine to give Sailor Moon her final form, Eternal Sailor Moon.
Because of the mirror part in his eye, Mamoru becomes brainwashed by Nehelenia, and she kidnaps him. This throws Chibiusa into a time paradox because with her father gone, she will not be able to be born and thus starts to fade. The Sailor Senshi all go to confront Nehelenia and rescue Mamoru; however they all become separated along the way, and each becomes trapped by Nehelenia in mirrors. Usagi finally manages to reach Nehelenia. It turns out that Nehelenia really wanted a friend and was lonely by herself, so she gained beauty from a mirror to gain admiration from others, but once she discovered that she couldn't remain beautiful forever, she turned evil. Usagi feels deep sympathy for her, as do the other Sailor Senshi (all of them are crying), and they break free of their mirrors. Mamoru is freed from Nehelenia's spell, Chibi Moon returns, and then Sailor Moon returns Nehelenia to her home to start over, where she wakes up as a small child having a bad dream.
The second arc introduces Galaxia and the Animamates who are after the star seeds of the Sailor Senshi. The Animamates target people who they think will have the light of the star seeds, but they always fail. All of them discover the identities of the Senshi, but all of them die before they can actually reveal this information to Galaxia.
The Three Lights, an idol rock band, appear in Tokyo at the same time as the Animamates. Their true identities are the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Senshi from a different galaxy. Their goal is to find their Princess.
Mamoru leaves to Harvard for a year or so in a plane, but it turns out that while in flight, Galaxia came and took his star seed. In the meantime in Tokyo, Chibiusa has gone home to the future, and in her stead, Chibi Chibi arrives, posing, as Usagi's little sister after brainwashing Usagi's mom. She has the incense-burner(where Kakyuu is sleeping), which she uses to help Princess Kakyuu come to Earth. She also gives Eternal Sailor moon her new power-up and is revealed to be a Senshi.
Most of Sailor Stars focuses on the Three Lights interacting with the Sailor Senshi and the search for the star seeds. Seiya has a crush on Usagi, but Usagi does not feel the same. The Outer Senshi are extremely hostile to the Starlights because they feel they do not belong on Earth. Eventually the Starlights find their princess, Princess Kakyuu, who saves Usagi and Chibi Chibi from Tin Nyanko. However, Galaxia soon kills her after her star seed is extracted from her.
The Inner Senshi and the Starlights confront Galaxia, but Galaxia merely kills off the Inners, taking their star seeds as well. She then starts to do massive star seed collecting all over Tokyo, taking any and every one from all the people. The Outer Senshi go by themselves to fight Galaxia, but they are also ineffective. Uranus and Neptune then agree to give up their star seeds to work under Galaxia, killing Pluto and Saturn to prove their loyalty. They also attack the Starlights and Sailor moon, but when given their final order to destroy their former allies, Uranus and Neptune turn on Galaxia, trying to take her star seed. Since Galaxia doesn't have a star seed, this doesn't do much, and she kills them instead.
Sailor moon, Chibi Chibi, and the Starlights are left, and actually the Starlights do pretty little in the battle except to protect Sailor moon. Chibi Chibi finally reveals her nature- she is the hope of Galaxia's star seed who was released when Chaos entered Galaxia's body, turning her evil. Chibi Chibi transforms into a sword for Sailor moon/Princess Serenity to destroy Galaxia, but Sailor moon refuses to use it. Sailor moon finally wins the battle by reaching towards the goodness left inside of Galaxia, and Galaxia becomes good again once Chao leaves her body. She releases all the star seeds, and then she leaves. The other Sailor Senshi, Kakyuu, and Mamoru return to life, and then the Starlights leave with their princess as life returns to normal.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon

Senshi Fuku: 

Sailor Moon: Her dominant color was blue and her accent color was red. Her outfit also had a crescent motif. She wore red knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top which had a crescent moon at the middle. She wore a golden tiara with a red gem in the middle. Her collar on her leotard was blue with two white stripes. Her earrings were golden with dangling crescent moons. She wore white-bordered red circular hairpieces on each of her odangos. She also wore a choker with a golden crescent moon on it. Her earrings were dangling five-pointed stars with crescent moons beneath them. 

Super Sailor Moon: As Super Sailor Moon, her uniform almost completely changed. She wore two wing-like barrettes in her hair. Her earrings were no longer dangling moons, but were simply crescent moons affixed to her ears. Her choker became yellow with a red heart. The stripes on her collar were changed from white to yellow. Her shoulder pads became translucent and more wing-like in shape. The back waist bow was long, white, and billowy, and wore a yellow belt on her waist. However, the most obvious change by far was that her skirt was no longer blue, but white with a yellow and blue border at the bottom. There are some more noticeable changes in the manga. Her collar was blue in the front and yellow in the back, with the colors blending into each other over her shoulders. Instead of two different-colored stripes at the bottom of her skirt, the colors seemed to blend into each other, creating a subtle transition from yellow to blue.

Eternal Sailor Moon: In this form, her fuku has the most radical change. She no longer wears a tiara; a gold cresent moon on her forehead takes its place. Her earrings now have a star at the bottom of each crescent moon. Her choker is red with a dark yellowish orange heart and a gold cresent moon under it, and wears the same white wing barettes in her hair. Her collar is like her old one except the color is dark blue with two gold stripes and in place of her shoulder pads she wears short solid pink bubble-like sleeves with a red band at the end. In place of her front bow she has a gold heart with a cresent moon at the bottom of it with what appears to be four angel wings growing out of it. Her gloves are the same as before except that there is a red v-shape border with a gold star. Her skirt is attached to her top in a red v-shape with a crescent in the middle of the v, and also has three layers to it. The top one is yellow, the middle one is red, and the bottom one is blue. Her back bow has been replaced with a huge set of angel wings and two very thin and long red ribbons coming down. Her boots are now knee length with v-shape borders with a a cresent moon on them.

Henshin/Transformation: Moon Prism Power Make up,(Sailor Moon) Moon Crystal Power Make Up (Sailor Moon)(( After she receives her new broach)) Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up (Sailor Moon)((Cosmic Heart Compact)) Crisis, Make Up-(used with the Holy Grail in order for Sailor Moon to transform herself into Super Sailor Moon.) Moon Crisis, Make Up (used by Usagi and Chibiusa to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon) Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up (used along with the Holy Moon Cálice to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.)Moon Eternal, Make Up (Eternal Sailor Moon (( Eternal Moon Article)) 

Moon Frisbee was Sailor Moon's first attack. Sailor Moon would remove her tiara, whereupon it became a frisbee-like disc that she would throw at an enemy.

Moon Tiara Action is the attack Sailor Moon to destroy the youma from the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon takes her tiara, turning it into what looks like a glowing white energy disk, says "Moon Tiara Action!", and throws it at the enemy. The enemy will usually be destroyed, disintegrating into moondust.

Moon Twilight Flash: Sailor Moon used the gem in her tiara to reflect moonlight at the enemy., when Sailor Moon received a new tiara (in place of the one which had burned up while attacking Jadeite) and used its powers to destroy Nephrite's shadow.

Moon Healing Escalation is a command that Sailor Moon used to heal people who had turned into a Youma. Sailor Moon held up her Moon Stick and, as it emanated a trail of glitter and mist, moved it in a wide, circular motion and drew the outline of a circle around her body. The Youma then yelled "Refresh!" as it turned back into a human. Once the Imperium Silver Crystal was revealed and attached to the Moon Stick, rays of light and balls of white energy emitted from it after the circle was formed.
This attack was also used by Queen Serenity in episode 44 to cleanse the Dark Kingdom after Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were killed.

Moon Princess Halation is the main attack Sailor Moon uses to destroy monsters. She executes the attack with the Cutie Moon Rod that she received from Queen Serenity while fighting the Cardian, Reci. She says "Moon Princess Halation" and shoots an energy beam at the enemy, who will then disintegrate.
Two types of monsters fell victim to the attack: Cardians and Droids. The Cardians would disintegrate/vanish, leaving only their card (which would go blank), not unlike the Cardians that were destroyed in any other way (even Moon Tiara Action), and the droids' outside color would shatter into pieces, turning them a light blue color and causing them to crumble into dust and vanish, leaving only a gem they had placed on some part of their body, which would turn colorless.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack is the attack that Sailor Moon used to destroy monsters. She uses the legendary Spiral Heart Moon Rod to do the attack. Whenever a monster gets hit with the attack, it will look like a giant heart crashes through them, making a hole in the heart in the same shape as the monster (who will always be in the same position), and then the monster will disintegrate/vanish (in a similar manner to Cardians), leaving only the item that they were created from. She mainly used this attack on Daimons sent by Professor Tomoe.
When transformed into Super Sailor Moon, she used an upgraded, more powerful attack called Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.
Like most attacks of the previous series, the attack was used in the sequel but to no effect. Sailor Moon attempted to use it on Hawk's Eye but he blocked it easily.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is the upgraded form of Moon Spiral Heart Attack that Sailor Moon used to destroy monsters (mainly Daimon Heart Snatchers). She can only use it while in her Super Sailor Moon form. The effect looks virtually the same when the monster is destroyed.
Sailor Moon also used this attack to destroy all of Telulu's Venus Heart Traps, plants of her invention to snatch Pure Hearts. She also defeated Byruit by damaging her bracelet, the nanocuff, with this attack, which caused it to turn on her and destroy her.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation is the attack Sailor Moon uses to destroy monsters. She uses a scepter called the Moon Kaleido Scope to use this attack. She mainly uses this attack on monsters called Lemures, of the Dark Moon Circus. She can only use the attack when Sailor Chibi Moon uses Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus.
The effect shows an image of the lemures frozen in place, then shattering to pieces, then the monster's shadow vanishing.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss was an attack used by Eternal Sailor Moon. Its counterpart is Silver Moon 
Crystal Power Therapy Kiss. It is one of Sailor Moon's most powerful attacks. She finally taps into this power when all the senshi put their power into Sailor Moon's brooch and she temporarily turns into Eternal Sailor Moon.
It was used mainly to heal a Phage back to human form. In the Nehelenia story arc of Sailor Stars, it was used offensively to destroy the Mirror Pallais Dollies sent by Queen Nehelenia, even though without a name.

Silver Moon Crystal Power was a power used by Sailor Moon.
This power was used only once, in an unsuccessful attempt to heal Sailor Galaxia and turn her back into a good Sailor Senshi. When Sailor Moon used this power, the Moon Power Tiare extended to become a staff, then released an intense golden light as she called out its name. The power seemed to affect Sailor Galaxia at first, but she eventually recovered and cut the Moon Power Tiare in half.

Weapons or Magical Items: 

Transformation Brooch: the first item that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Moon. It's transformation is Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
It was given to Usagi by Luna. Luna bribed her into transforming into Sailor Moon order to prove to Usagi that she had a destiny as a Sailor Senshi. Once she obtained it, Usagi began wearing the brooch in the center of the bow on the front of her school uniform when she was in civilian form.

Tiara: Sailor Moon's tiara served as her first weapon. Sailor Moon used her tiara for three attacks; Moon Frisbee, Moon Twilight Flash and Moon Tiara Action.

Mask: The Moon Mask(simply known as Mask or Goggles) was the mask that Sailor Moon wore earlier in the manga. She first wore this mask when she transformed. She can see who is in danger and real identites of monsters with them. 

The Disguise Pen was given to Usagi by Luna, so she could disguise herself in order to complete a mission more easily. The Disguise Pen is a pink pen with a golden ring around its middle. On the top, it has a golden base with a golden piece that resembles a crown with small red gems around it, and a large red gem in the middle.

The Communicators were special devices used by the Sailor Senshi to keep in touch with each other.

The Moon Stick was an item used by Sailor Moon . She used this item to perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack. The Moon Stick became more powerful after the Silver Crystal was attached to it. The previous owner of the Moon Stick was Queen Serenity.

The Silver Crystal: The Silver Crystal possesses tremendous power, and is possibly the single most powerful artifact in the universe. Focusing the energy of the user, it can perform spectacular feats, such as reviving an entire world from ruin, but the strain of using such a power often causes the user to lose their life, as the power actually derives from the life force of the user, a member of the Moon dynasty.
Originally, the Silver Crystal belonged to Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom; whilst using the crystal to protect the Moon and the Earth, it also allowed the people of the moon to enjoy long lives. When the Moon Kingdom was destroyed by Queen Beryl under the influence of Queen Metalia and the Queen's daughter, Princess Serenity was killed along with her guardians and Prince Endymion, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to seal away the enemy, as well as to send her daughter, the prince and all of the Sailor Senshi to be reborn in the future on Earth, so they could hopefully live happy, peaceful lives. Having used too much of the crystal's power, the Queen then died.

The Crystal Star was the second item that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Moon. It is used in the transformation Moon Crystal Power, Make Up and her healing power Moon Crystal Power.
It was created when Usagi's broken Transformation Brooch merged with the Silver Crystal.

The Cutie Moon Rod was the weapon used by Sailor Moon to perform the Moon Princess Halation attack. It was given to her by Queen Serenity.

The Cosmic Heart Compact was the third transformation brooch given to Usagi Tsukino in order to transform into Sailor Moon.

The Spiral Heart Moon Rod has a pink rod with a yellow gem on the bottom, a pink circle, then a short piece of rod with two small yellow stars on it. A gold base with a yellow cresent moon, and a gold crown-looking piece on top. A light yellow ribbon is behind the base. On top is a red heart with gold border. A silver gem is in the middle of the heart surrounded by a golden border and four red gems surround the gem. A crown with a white pearl is on top of the heart.

The Holy Grail was used by Sailor Moon to transform into Super Sailor Moon. The Holy Grail was the item that both the Death Busters and the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System were searching for, and was the item that could be used by a Messiah in order to either save the world or bring about the Silence.

Moon Kaleido Scope, or Kaleidomoon Scope, was a weapon given to Sailor Moon by Pegasus. She used it to perform the Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack.

The Crisis Moon Compact allowed Usagi to transform into Super Sailor Moon with the phrase "Moon Crisis, Make Up!"

Eternal Moon Article was the brooch given to Usagi. It was created when the senshi combined their powers. It allowed Usagi to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon with the phrase "Moon Eternal, Make Up!" The pink gem on the brooch represents Sailor Moon. The gems on the left represent the Inner Senshi, while the ones on the right represent the Outer Senshi.

The Eternal Tiare was the weapon Sailor Moon received when she became Eternal Sailor Moon. It was used to perform Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.
the Eternal Tiare was formed from the Moon Kaleido Scope when the nine other Sailor Senshi, at Sailor Saturn's request, gave their powers to Sailor Moon, allowing her to attain the Eternal Sailor Moon form. The change of appearance became permanent when Usagi learned to transform directly into Eternal Sailor Moon without going through the "Super" form first.
The Eternal Tiare became the Moon Power Tiare when the Holy Moon Cálice attached to it.
The Holy Moon Cálice(also called the Rainbow Moon Calice) was an item Sailor Moon had that appeared at the beginning of Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss attack sequence, this item appeared and attached to the bottom of the Eternal Tiare. The Tiare then extended out from the bottom of the Cálice, and the lengthened Tiare was called the Moon Power Tiare.

Guardian: Luna a talking black cat with a cresent moon on her forehead. 

RP Sample:

Usagi wasn’t paying attention again. She was off in her own little world day dreaming of the day when she and Mamo-chan would get married. He had promised after all. Oh it would be magical. She would wear a white fluffy dress and there would be flowers in her hair. She sighed. 

“Hey! Watch what you’re doing!” Some one yelled bringing her back to the present. 

“Oh sorry.” She said returning to her work. While she admitted she needed the extra cash did she really need to do this? Well there were worst things to be doing on a weekend, like homework. She didn’t mind so much but she hoped that this would be over soon, she really didn’t like hard work of anything. She would rather be reading manga or playing video games. 

“Oh well back to work.” She said and focused on her work again, and this time she kept the daydreaming to the back of her mind. That was hard for a girl like her. 
Girls were suppose to get lost in their daydreams, it was something every teenaged girl did? So why then was she always getting yelled at? Usagi would never understand that at all.
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Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino/Neo Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity

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