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 The Roleplaying Rules and Information

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PostSubject: The Roleplaying Rules and Information    8/12/2014, 7:41 pm

The Roleplaying Rules and Information

Elysion is where all the roleplaying will take place on the site. Members can create multiple roleplays to play out in the Sailor Moon universe or magical girl universes or crossovers.

The board consists of four forums:

The Information Center: Here you will read the rules (XD) and information you need to know before you start roleplaying. Questions or feedback can be asked here as well.

Brainstorming Center: Here is where half bake ideas for roleplays can be shared. 

Planning Center: Here is where players will planned out their roleplays. Once a roleplay is ready to begin, the planning thread will become the OOC thread for the roleplay. 

Permission Center: Character Profiles will be submitted here. A list of ongoing roleplays will be kept here.

Roleplay Center: All the roleplays will be played out into here. There are five RPG sections:

  • The Past: Roleplays that take place the Silver Millennium will be placed here.
  • The Present: Roleplays that take place in the present time aka Tokyo will be placed here.
  • The Future: Roleplays  that take place in Crystal Tokyo will be placed here.
  • Alternate Universe: Roleplays that feature SM OCs or changes to the original SM storyline will be placed here.
  • Magical Girls: Roleplays for other magical girl series or crossovers will be placed here.

The Rules:

1. Rules for the General Site apply here as well.

2. Roleplays cannot begin until all characters are approved by Kousagi or Small Lady Serenity.

3. Roleplays should be kept to one thread. You cannot ask for roleplay to have its own board.

4. No OOC talk in the actual roleplays please post all OOC talk in the OOC Discussion board.

5. Each post must contain a minimum of 100 words. This help prevents one liners and allows other players to build off from your post. You are always allow to increase the minimum word count for your roleplay.

6. Please keep your posts to PG13. No 18+ roleplays are allowed.

7. Please refrain from double posting and allow other players to post first. If you want you can establish a posting order. However if no one has posted in week you may either skip someone in the posting order or post a bump to continue on the roleplay. If there is no posting order and you want to move the story along you can double post.

8.If you will be gone for awhile please let your fellow players know so that they can NPC your character or knock them out or whatever.

9. Godmodding and Metagaming are not allow!

Definitions for God modding and Meta Gaming:
God Modding: Making one's character god like. They have no limits or boundaries. Examples: Can't be harm or killed by other players' characters. Killing or injuring other players' characters without permission. Using other players' characters without permission.
Meta Gaming: Having your character know about future events that have not occurred yet. As in it's the use of out of game information.

**Please note these terms should not restrict your roleplay. Sometimes it's necessary to move a character to move the story along. Just make sure everyone in the roleplay is okay with moving other characters around.

10. Players can add more rules to their roleplays if they wish too, but they must be fair.

11. Play nice and be fair and fun!!!!!

12. This isn't really a rule, but please remember to be active! If you find yourself struggling to keep up with a roleplay don't feel bad for dropping out. 

Keep these rules in mind and you will be golden!!

If you are found breaking these rules there will be consequences.

First offence: A warning
Second offence: A week ban
Third offence: Two week ban
Fourth offence: Banned for life

If you have any questions please ask in the question thread or PM Kousagi.
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The Roleplaying Rules and Information

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