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 Clare Reed

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PostSubject: Clare Reed   9/5/2014, 11:54 pm

General Information:

From what series?: Cardcaptor Sakura
Is the character original?: Yes

Name: Clare Reed
Age: Five years older than Clow.  She used magic to stop her aging and looks around late 20's to early 30s.
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown

Clare has long, straight brown hair that reaches midway down her back.  She either wears it down or in a ponytail depending on her mood.  She added blonde highlights more recently.  She has hazel brown eyes and both her complexion and eye shape reflect the European side of her family.

Clare usually wears ceremonial robes which reflect her magic and her position on the council.  The council robes reach the floor, similar to Clow's while using colors and symbols that reflect the wearer's magic.  Clare's robes are black with silver accents and a full moon emblem on her back and a silver gradient up her arms.  Her undershirt is a darker gray.  There are very few instances where she doesn't wear her robes.  In these instances she usually wears formal gowns or nice tops and skirts.


Clare is very self-centered and vain.  She views herself as better than everyone else and doesn't want anyone to overshadow her.  Her need to be the best leads her to be very competitive and cold towards anyone she view as a threat, and she often uses her power to get rid of those she thinks will overshadow her.

Clare tries to keep a calm exterior, but she is easily stressed because of her constant need to be above everyone and perceives her self-worth as being connected to her power.  She's really hard on herself when others best her and can get defensive if others point out her failure.  She's not one to get close to people despite having loyal followers within the council.


As a young child, Clare was used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it before Clow was born and viewed her younger brother as a hindrance to getting her parents' attention.  Things only got worse as they grew older and both started developing their magical abilities.

As the older sibling, Clare wanted to be stronger than Clow and practiced her magic every chance she could get.  She focused on using Eastern magic, ignoring the European side of hermheritage, and mastered it by the age of fifteen.  Unbeknownst to her, Clow was creating his own brand of magic, blending Eastern and Western magic to become increasingly powerful despite taking longer to master.  She didn't see him as a threat and ignored his progress altogether.

While studying her magic, Clare learned about the Magic Council and dreamed of gaining a position in their elite ranks.  She wanted to prove that she was among the most powerful sorcerers and sorceresses in the world and to later take the top position.  

Clare created her guardian, Crystal, as part of her preparation to show off her magic to the council.  She watched with pride as Crystal's power and skill grew until Clare was ready to show off her magic and her guardian to the council, in hopes of finally getting her spot.  Her bid for the position almost worked but was overshadowed by Clow presenting both his guardians and the Clow Cards.  The council offered Clow the open seat, but he declined and they continued to hold the seat for him in case he changed his mind.

Clare blamed Clow for stealing the council seat from her and continually tried to get revenge on him, failing each time, until his death.  The council promptly offered Clare the open seat after Clow's death, and she was happy for a long time.  All was well until she notice Sakura releasing the Clow Cards and then collecting them and becoming their master.  Clare was even more alarmed when Sakura began transforming the cards to use her own type of magic, showing how powerful she was.  Now Clare wants Sakura locked up so she can destroy the cards and any threats to her position.

Magical Girl Information

Magical Name: N/A
Transformation(s): N/A
Powers: Clare uses Eastern magic similar to the Li clan.  As a master of Eastern magic, she can harness the power of the elements without the jufu that Syaoran uses.  She can also teleport and use various spells.
Weapons or Items: She has a staff similar in size to Clow's/Eriol's, but the top of her staff features an orb that reflects the current phase of the moon.  She also has a spell book that includes both spells she learned and spells she created.
Guardian: Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Clare Reed   9/6/2014, 12:58 am

Wonderful! I love her! Approved! Very Happy


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Clare Reed

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