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 Mamoru Chiba/Endymion

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PostSubject: Mamoru Chiba/Endymion   Mamoru Chiba/Endymion Empty9/5/2014, 4:49 pm

Character Profile

Mamoru Chiba/Endymion Endymion_zps33099637

Character Name:  Chiba Mamoru
Gender:  Male
Age and Date of Birth:  17-25 / August 3rd

Appearance: Mamoru is often taller than most of his peers, standing at a high 5'9".  His ebony hair has the rugged messy-but-kempt look, and his eyes shine a midnight blue shade. The pigment of his skin is olive-toned, and he has a warm, friendly smile.  He is rather muscular, but not to the point where you could physically see his muscles through his clothing.  He typically wears a black turtleneck, pea green jacket, and lilac slacks, but he sometimes wears a jogging outfit as well.  On rare occasions, he can be found wearing a tuxedo in the middle of the day.  His fashion sense consists of turtlenecks, collared shirts, slacks, sweatpants, pants, jackets, and tennis shoes.  

Personality: Because of his childhood at an orphanage, Mamoru is a very secluded, introverted person.  He spends most of his time studying or staying at home.  He doesn't have many friends, and is seen as a role model to underclassmen.  His only true friend is Furuhata Motoki, an employee at the Crown Arcade.  He is very polite and intelligent, and often fraternizes with people who are much older than him.  He doesn't trust many people, and likes to keep things to himself.  When there is a problem in his life, he typically dwells on it by himself.  He has raised himself to be a very respectable, disciplined young man, and dreams of becoming a doctor.  He spoils his girlfriend and daughter, and treats them with love and care.  In fact, his girlfriend (Tsukino Usagi) is the only person who has been able to bring him out of his protective shell and open him up to new things.  He likes to live by the rules and always have a set, organized plan, but that doesn't always go well with his surroundings (aka: Usagi).  He is a heavy coffee drinker (black, of course) and a runner.  He tries to stay healthy and in-shape, which helps when fighting evil.  His main weakness is Usagi, but she has also proven to be his greatest strength.  He gets very protective over her, both in battle and out, which has lead him into taking very extreme measures to ensure her safety.  He has sacrificed his life for both her and her senshi multiple times, and will never let them down when it comes to beating an enemy.  Protecting Usagi is Mamoru's number one priority, and he will do whatever it takes to do so.  As Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru is very confident and strong, and will do anything when it comes to protecting the Earth and his princess.  He's rather mysterious and often says dorky, incoherent speeches to distract an enemy.  However, while in the form of Prince Endymion, he is very bold and courageous, taking on the regal properties and qualities of your average Greek hero:  stubborn and heroic.  In the future, Mamoru takes on a much more calm, collected, and mature personality as King Endymion.  He rules with wisdom and compassion, but will not hesitate to let loose when with his friends and family.

History:  During the Silver Millenium, Mamoru was instead Prince Endymion of the Earth.  Under his command were four shittenou:  Kunzite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Jadeite, who were later turned evil.  These four men were like brothers to Endymion, and they were never separated all throughout their childhood.  They trained together and worked together to protect their kingdom from outside threats.  Endymion knew he could trust them with absolutely anything, especially Kunzite, who was the leader of the shittenou.  However, this relationship between Endymion and his men slowly diminished as his infatuation for the Princess of the Moon, Serenity, grew.  This love was forbidden, and ended up being the cause of the Silver Millenium's end.  The evil Queen Beryl turned Earth's people against the Moon, and used them to attack and destroy the Moon Kingdom.  Protecting his princess, Endymion was stabbed and killed.  Many, many years later, Endymion was reincarnated as Chiba Mamoru, whose parents were killed in a car crash on his sixth birthday.  An orphan all his life, Mamoru grew to be a very handsome, intelligent young man.  However, as he entered adulthood, he began getting excruciating headaches that would lead to his transformation into a masked hero, making himself known as Tuxedo Mask.  However, Mamoru had no idea of these transformations, and only knew that there was a strange princess calling to him in his dreams.  After lots of battles and confrontations with the Sailor Senshi, Mamoru discovered that he was the former Prince Endymion, and that he was in love with Princess Serenity, who had been reincarnated as his mortal enemy:  Tsukino Usagi.  Since this realization, Mamoru has worked together with the senshi to defeat countless enemies, such as the Dark Kingdom, the Makaiju, the Black Moon Clan, the Dead Moon Circus, and the Sailor Animamates controlled by Sailor Galaxia.  He has also discovered that he is destined to become the king of 30th century Tokyo, and that he is to marry Tsukino Usagi and have a child with her.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Tuxedo Mask
Henshin/Transformation Phrase:  During the ages of 17 and 18, Mamoru uses a red rose to transform into Tuxedo Mask, without a phrase called.  However, after defeating the Black Moon Clan, he seems to have developed a way to transform by channeling his bond with the Earth, using the wind to transform.  
Senshi Fuku:  
Tuxedo Mask -  As the name implies, the outfit on Tuxedo Mask's body is indeed a mask and a tuxedo.  The tuxedo consists of black pants, a white vest, a white bowtie, and a black jacket with golden buttons.  Black dress shoes adorn his feet, and a white mask covers his eyes.  A black top hat sits on his head, and a black cape with red on the inside hangs from his shoulders, held by two golden buttons.  White gloves are on his hands, and he carries a black cane that extends in length.
Prince Endymion -  The pants of this outfit are a deep blue shade, covered mostly by a pair of mid-thigh-length chocolate brown boots.  A navy blue jacket covers his torso, trimmed in silver.  A black cape with red on the inside is held to his shoulders by two golden buttons, covering the large lilac shoulder pads.  A brown  sheath wraps around his waist, holding his long metal sword in place. 
King Endymion -  The attire of this king takes on a lilac and white color scheme.  The dress shoes are white, while the slacks are lilac, taking on a resemblance to the lilac slacks he wore as a teenager.  A lilac waistcoat trimmed in white covers a white vest, and a dark lilac cape with white on the inside is held to his shoulders by two large white buttons.  A white bowtie wraps around the collar of his vest, and hanging from the bow tie are two golden suns with ice blue stones in the center.  Three medals hang from the right side of Endymion's chest:  a dark blue chevron, a dark golden sun with an ice blue stone in the center, and a light golden sun with an ice blue stone in the center.  The same white mask that covers his eyes as Tuxedo Mask remains as King Endymion.  He also carries a long white staff with a golden sphere at the top, and white gloves are on his hands.
Red Rose -  Tuxedo Mask is capable of summoning razor-sharp red roses out of thin air and throwing them at enemies, often causing damage and shock.  He can also throw multiple at a time, and use them to block attacks.
Cane -  Tuxedo Mask possesses a cane that extends in length, and that he often uses to block attacks and fight enemies.  It acts as a type of sword.
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber -  A blast of energy explodes from Tuxedo Mask's hands, causing potentially fatal damage to an opponent.
Weapons or Magical Items:  
Red Rose -  See "Powers."
Cane -  See "Powers."
Sword -  As Prince Endymion, a sword is in his possession that he can use to defeat enemies.  
Golden Crystal -  Mamoru's Sailor Crystal.  It gives him power and allows him to transform into Tuxedo Mask.  It works together with the Silver Crystal, giving it more power.


  Mamoru Chiba/Endymion GC3rdAnniAmi_zps99f3734d
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PostSubject: Re: Mamoru Chiba/Endymion   Mamoru Chiba/Endymion Empty9/5/2014, 11:02 pm

Looks great!!!! Approved! Very Happy


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Mamoru Chiba/Endymion

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