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 Civilian Leah Katayama

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Mistress Moon
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PostSubject: Civilian Leah Katayama   10/24/2014, 12:26 pm

Magical Girl Profiles
General Information:

From what series?: N/A
Is the character original?: Yes

Name: Leah Katayama
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 22

Leah is a petite girl, standing at only 4’10’’ she is rather short. She has medium length black hair that falls slighly below her shoulders. She likes to wear her hair down. She likes to wear baggy tops and skirts with leggings or tights. She likes to wear flats. She likes to wear pastel colors and likes her clothing loose, so she can be comfortable.
2 looks leah would sport 

She is a laid back girl, an aspiring artist. She loves journaling, paining, writing, walking around the city, listening to music, animals (she has 2 cats). She loves to cook and bake. She is very eco friendly and tries her best to conserve and preserve the things on the earth. She hates spiders, big dogs, large crowds, and shopping centers. she lives alone and has a small group of friends to turn to. She is going to school to become a better artist, but is also interested in becoming a writer, although her art is where her passion is. Her strengths are she is a good artist, she can make a good cup of coffee, she is trustworthy, caring, punctual and helps those in her community. Her weaknesses are: she lacks confidence in herself, she has trust issues herself, she can be too introverted at times, she is often uninterested in pop culture or current “media” events, unless it is a new album release she doesn’t care. Her dream is to become a painter and have her art displayed and sold all over the world.

Leah is very reserved and reclused. She has a difficult time making friends and has a hard time trusting people, but also is often willing to give people the benefit of doubt. Leah also has confidence issues, which is why she spends so much time locked away in her apartment

Leah has had a rough life. She doesn’t remember much of her childhood, other than that when she was three her mom took her to this place and left her there. This was a place where people experimented on her and treated her like a lab rat. She doesn’t remember ever feeling love in the 10 years she was there. She ran away when she was 13 and has been living on her own ever since. She took a train to get to Tokyo and get a new lease on life. She also wonders if she has any other family anywhere and if they would help her out. Little does she know, she does have family, an older brother who lives not too far from her. When Leah arrived in Tokyo she tested to go to junior high, she was lucky enough to be able to get in and pursue her education. Now she is studying at the university to become an artist and for the first time in her life, she is happy, lonely but happy about the choices she has made to get her where she is and to rise from the ashes of her past.


Last edited by Mistress Moon on 10/24/2014, 12:28 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : adding photos for appearance)
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PostSubject: Re: Civilian Leah Katayama   10/25/2014, 9:29 pm

Sorry for the delay! I went out last night and forgotten about this. Approved! Very Happy


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Civilian Leah Katayama

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